Spring Sightings?

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Spring Sightings?

Spring has made an appearance! It's been a bit warmer and right now I'm sitting with the window open! (Although I do have the heater on the other side ready just in case.) We had an exceptionally rainy winter, so I'm looking forward to a spring full of green. For a girl who grew up in Minnesota, spring coming in February is something of a miracle.

I remember in elementary school we would always watch for the robins to return as a test of spring. What are you looking for? And what are you seeing? Please post your spring sightings!

We always have yo-yo weather here with the Chinook winds, so one day we can have a blizzard and -25C and the next day it will be +15C and melt all the snow. It has been exceptionally mild this winter though. I haven't seen any robins yet, but my strawberry plants are still green even though we did have a cold snap (about -30C). I grew up in Manitoba (Winnipeg, or Winterpeg as it is affectionately called by Canadians) so I know what real winter is like. I appreciate the mild weather here in Calgary for sure.

Marisa, as a Minnesota girl, I'm waiting on the robin.

Yeah, spring is so NOT here yet. I did see some crocuses peeking up through the snow in the neighbors garden last week, but more snow has been dumped on top of them since then. Usually spring is starting to make an appearance by now in Belgium, but we have had a nasty winter and I am starting to think it will never end! I just got a pretty new spring dress, so I really wish it would arrive!

Looking at the news and some tv (golf) and see that they are having snow in some areas in the south. I think they're getting the snow we using get. Usually the last week of February, we get a huge dumping of snow, and then we know spring will be about 6 weeks away...

My daffodils and crocus are up! And I saw a new landing page on Pixel Scrapper - that was pretty awesome!

Definitely not here either. The weather man is calling for 15cm of snow tomorrow ... I want to cry.

Spring won't be here until April - provided we don't get more snow then... Our first sign: mud season. LOL

Spring is my favorite season smiley But I´ll have to wait till the middle of August, lol. It´s the end of the Summer here now, we are going to the fall...

Sadly: all of my tulips and hyacinths blossomed early when it warmed up, then we finally got a tiny winter spell (icy sleet & freezing temps) for about two weeks and they're all dead... Now I won't have anything pretty to look at in April for Easter. smiley

Well we just got nearly a foot of snow here....so Spring seems so far away. However, I am in Colorado so I know it can snow today and be 70 degrees tomorrow! I am so ready for green trees, green plush grass, birds chirping, and all those lovely things that come w/ Spring....OHHHH and one of my favorite things about the Spring season is with the clocks move forward!!!!! Can't wait until it's lighter later!!!!!!!!!!

February and March is unpredictable. It rained for a couple of days and snowed on the mountains. Today all the snow is gone and we are able to go out without sweaters. But the mornings are still cold. Some of my bulbs are starting to pop. It will be nice to see the flowers. We are actually able to grow vegatables during the winter, but not, July and August.

@Shawna: Oh, it´s so sad. Poor flowers smiley

I´m having kind of this problem here too - In the winter my cat´s fur go longer and thicker, and they lose part of it in the warmer part of the year. We had a very gray and cold January for our standards - no sun between the first week of January and it only went back after the Carnival. So, the winter fur have grown up on my cats. But now we have our hot summer weather back - which makes me really happy, but makes the cats feel very hot - and there are cat fur everywhere, as it´s falling due to hot weather. I imagine that, if you have one or two cats its ok, but, as I have 5, you can imagine how hard is to keep everything clean!

I am also in Colorado. We just got a huge amount of snow on Sunday. Today it is snowing again, so no signs of spring yet. I do like to look at the snow but I don't like driving in it. I am just looking forward to the green grass and having my windows open to get some fresh air!

Do you miss living in Minnesota or the United States?

The daffodils are starting to come and I've noticed more birds...but spring is still a few weeks away for us!

@Lorien: You could try vacuuming them....

@Nancy: I don't really miss Minnesota, mostly because of the weather. I'm not quite sure why anyone puts up with it, since pretty much everywhere else has better weather....

I'm in Southern California so my daffodils are blooming wildly. Spring is one season we do have (winter and fall are less dramatic). The grass is beginning to grow on the brown hills. Soon enough it will be brown like the dirt but for now it's Hobbit-land.

Well, March 1st. I know spring will be here soon because I have to start my tomato plants today. smiley

Spring is near, as evidenced by the very cute calves being born at this time of year. New lambs, cows, horses, etc. Wonderful to see! It seems to happen pretty fast around the same time each year. One day I can count 3 new babies - next day maybe 9. Next day, 20! The circle of life springing up all around me. It is still too cool for the trees to blossom and flowers to sprout. I am hoping that will happen in a matter of weeks. I have great hopes for a veggie garden this year.

Spring is sorta here, well, at least is was yesterday. It was almost 70 degrees here yesterday and back in the 30's today. We even had a skooch of snow falling this morning. One of the best signs that it's almost here is our geese have returned for the third year now and are getting ready to nest on our pond island and our bees are getting really active on our warmer days. All my bedding plants that I started in late January are getting big and I'm just itching to get out and dig in the dirt! I guess I'm safe planting my parsnips, broccoli, brussel sprouts, and carrots, but the rest will just have to wait until April. I can hardly wait until Spring has sprung! smiley

Ah, baby animals! A real sign of spring. Here in Amman we only have street cats, but even they will be having some cute kittens soon. Last year a couple took up residence in our front garden. I do miss the returning of the birds and all the baby ducklings and goslings.

In my country Indonesia... there's no spring (or it's always spring?!?) i don't know exactly... we only have rainy and summer seasons... the options is will be rainy all day throughout six months or it'll be dead hot summer along the rest six months... because we're agriculture country... so sometimes it's so sad to see the farmers with their yellowing crops on summer seasons... but the nice things that we can see flowers everyday throughout the year... one day I hope I can step my feet on the snowy ground smiley wanna know how it's feel...

It's pretty unpredictable here. Last week, one day had 80-degree highs and another had 28-degree lows. Actually, the trees hadn't even lost their leaves until that cold snap!

Rain was the only sign so far hear in southwest Minnesota, but more Snow is coming tonight according to the weather guy.

The weather is finally starting to warm up a little here in the UK, which I am very glad about! We've had a couple of beautiful blue skies too, I can't wait for summer to finally appear.

My hummingbirds have come back so that means spring and the dandelions are going crazy but our weather is horrible--still cool and rainy. I finally broke out some sandals today and my pretty pedicure looked springy! But my toes were freezing!!!!

The weather here lately has been a little cool. I am impatiently awaiting the return of the sunshine so I can enjoy sitting it in.

Its officially Spring in Dallas... Bluebonnets are here

A week ago I finally thought Spring was here.... Mud season appeared to be over (roads were now passable & the road crew began to fix the roads) & the snow was almost gone. But then, out of nowhere, we had a freak storm rear it's ugly head last Friday - snow & hail - and the snow actually "stuck." Was quite shocking to say the least, though I'm sure the skiiers loved having their season extended just a bit (the mountains around here still have snow, and not just because of snow machines, but that's quickly changing). I felt bad for the poor birds though, that had come back because it was time - they were flying about & shrieking, probably didn't know what to do or where to go to get cover. Hoping that's the last snow of the season, but we shall see...

I grew up in Chicago but after moving to Florida in 2001 I forgot what its like to go through the 4 seasons.