Scrapbooking used by Law enforcement

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Scrapbooking used by Law enforcement

The Scrapbooking Lawman Who Documented 19th-Century Colorado

I thought you might be interested to read about the Colorado Lawman who scrapped as many criminals as possible, so that he could follow their crime sprees and pick up clues. This comes from The Atlas Obscura website - one of my favourites for interesting items of nature, geography and history!!

Wow! That is a very interesting read. Thanks for sharing it.


It's like an encyclopedia of that is really cool! I love history and love reading about crime cases. This would be really cool to see. I'm cursed with an extreme fascination with history, no matter what the topic is. Ancient civilizations, crimes, food, agriculture, fashion, etc. Everything about the past is so fascinating to me.

This reminds me of the first doctor in history to ever begin to document illness, symptoms, cause and effect of specific treatments, etc. , which was actually near the end of the bubonic plague in Europe.

What a great find Robynne. It seems Howe is the Godfather of scrapbooking. Not only was this a creative idea but his books were almost like an early version of a computer database. I wish I could find a real purpose for my scrapbooking too. Because I don't have kids and don't get out often at all I find myself as someone who wants to scrapbook but I don't know what to record! That is why I am mainly a cardmaker.

I guess it would make sense to scrapbook my Genealogy although I don't have many photos, hopefully if I share what I make online with my tree distant relatives who find my research may email me photos. I think Howe's books have given me some inspiration!

Susan, I am currently doing the 100 Days project - which is to make a page a day.

Currently I am doing my life - pretty much a year of my life every day. But since I am nowhere near 100 years old, I do plan to scrap my family history and genealogy after I have done my own years. So yes, genealogy is a great idea!!!

You can also do your hobbies and interests as well.

And of course other things that happen around you.

How cool!