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Howdy! I'm new to the whole digital scrap'n thing, but I've been playing just a little bit with design. I'm all about giving everything away. I do this just for fun in my spare time. On my blog and on my FB Page, I promote free stuff, too. I try to incorporate "green" thinking in my projects as well. I have a few things I've done and would not mind sharing them. I always thought I was ok with a computer until I started digital scrapbooking. Ha! Now I feel next to useless, but I just can't give up.

Hey Lisa... could you share a link so that we could see your designs??? Thanks alot... can't wait to see what you came up with.

Hi Lisa! The process about new designers in Pixel Scrapper is detailed here. Basically, Marisa and Jordan had set up with some designers that will be announced soon, but they are still accepting submissions. Please read that topic carefully, then send an e-mail to Marisa.
And, of course, you´re invited to join our Christmas blog Train if you can!