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Summer Plans

Is it too soon to be talking about summer plans? The weather here has turned hot and I'd say we're definitely in some sort of "summer slide," finding it harder to get work done and thinking about what the summer will bring.

What are you planning for the summer? Any trips? Goals to tackle?

Is it too soon to be talking about summer plans?

Well, if it´s soon for you, imagine for me. My summer starts around Halloween. But my winter is always a waiting for summer time, so here I go.

This summer, I plan to host a Christmas party in my house - one that looks like what a Christmas party should like, so I´ll spend lots of time making decoration and cleanin up/organizing the house - and, if it´s possible, I´d like to have a short trip with my husband. We will possibly go to our citiy´s parks to enjoy the weather...

My kids actually get out of school on May 15, so it's not too early for me! Yes... so early. It's ridiculous. And then they start back around August 15. I don't like it.

Anyway, we have no real plans. We'll take a trip to my parents' house for their annual pool party. My daughter is taking voluntary summer school (it's a cool program, she'll have a math games class, an American Girl class, and PE).

My 20-year high school reunion is this summer but I'm not going. I keep up with the people I want to keep up with on FB, plus I can't afford the travel cost or the tickets to the event!

My ultimate goal is to get my design business more organized so I can work while my son is being homeschooled this fall.

At the end of May my fiance and I are moving back to New Hampshire so that's basically the kickoff to our summer. We'll both be starting new jobs, looking for a new apartment, definitely some camping trips, I'd really like to make my way up to the mountains of NH because I haven't been in quite a few years and spending plenty of time eating good food with friends and family and taking a buttload of pictures! (:

So this year vacations are out for us. Plan is to pay off some more bills to get to the ultimate goal of no bills except for the household monthly expenses! I don't think I can make it through 2014 without a cruise though! Instead of a vacation my ultimate plan during this summer is to get all my scrapbooking files organized and to hone my skills at designing!

Haven't really thought that far ahead... My eldest got a job working with the IT dept @ the Academy, so I will probably be playing chaffeur for that, so that probably means we won't be going anywhere. He takes drivers ed in the fall (so not looking forward to that!), so I am his transportation. My youngest will be going to camp for a week this summer, like his big brother did a couple years ago. We have a pool at home, so we spend a lot of time in that - good way to cool down during the summer... We'll probably hang out at home, have family/friends visit here & there, host bbq/pool parties, put up the nets so we can play volleyball/badminton & bocce, have "sleepovers" for the kids, and maybe go somewhere here & there on the weekends (drive-in or what not). The kids will probably take off, here and there, to go bike riding.. And if we're able to get a camper again (we're looking to get a vintage camper to replace our old one that got totaled a few years back), then maybe we'll go camping. With my back I can't handle tent camping anymore...

This summer is going to be busy for us.

My son has been in and out of the hospital all year, so I had to start homeschooling him again and he will need to finish up those classes because he doesn't want to be behind all of his friends.

We are also going to be cleaning out our closets, garage and storage unit.

Very busy. The house building is almost complete - today we installed the washer and dryer. Whoo-Woo!

The rest of the summer will be busy planting a fruit orchard - lots of apple trees and cherry trees. Hope to plant a big veggie garden, as well.

Sounds like it will be a busy time! Anyone have any summer scrapping/designing goals?

I'll be doing photo a day for the summer, and also I'm planning to try doing some daily sketching.

Since the first few months of the school year are so hectic, my summer scrapping/designing goal is to create a kit for Epilepsy Awareness Month (November).

We don't have any summer vacation plans yet. I'm waiting on my brother to let me know which week(s) he's coming to visit us in August. Then I can start to plan some outings.

Other than that, I'll be working on the house (rearranging and redecorating from existing items) and trying to get the bazillion photos we have organized and some of them scrapped so I can put them into albums.

I'm going to try to do at least a photo a day, although I'd like to be even more ambitious than that. Of course, it starts to get dull because we always do the same things over and over again.

When we rented this house we chose it because I really thought it would be turning a corner for me and we'd entertain guests all the time, it's got so much potential for holding parties and smaller get togethers. Unfortunately, a new house didn't mean a new me and I just haven't been able to get brave enough to host all these parties I wanted to. So hopefully this summer I will be able to bite that bullet and host something (or hopefully lots of somethings).

We've got a pool out back and a really big backyard with a great patio. I'm going to force us to get off our computers and spend at least a few hours every day outside this year.

Scrapping wise, I'm going to continue to work on my design skills. I want to be able to see all these cute kits at the store and then go home and make my own version for free with a personalized touch. That's my main goal. I'm going to start with making patterned paper. I see so many adorable prints that I can't figure out how to replicate. So there's a lot to learn there.

I love summer and I can't wait for it to kick off.

I'm just going to try to get in all the fly fishing that I can! Didn't get to go hardly at all last summer and I'm itching to get in that cold water! Anything else that I can accomplish this summer will just be icing. smiley

To travel this summer. We are both retired now and we want to travel the States and enjoy.

Gosh Summer. havn't even thought that far! HA! I know that i will be cooking a lot to keep my food blog updated and on top of that maybe doing lots more digi scrapbooking! smiley

I am taking the summer off from temping to take care of my kids over the summer and just do activities with them and of course work on my scrap books. We live in Florida so we will be fishing, going to the beach, and all that other stuff

Well, my daughters "summer" already started. Last Sunday she "moved" home, but her bedroom here is smaller than her dorm room, so her room is still a mess. Monday she started her summer volunteer internship, after finding out that she doesn't have all summer to do it. Her professor told her last Friday that she had to have all 150 hrs in and everything completed before June 1, because she wanted to go on a 2 wk vac. Beth had to inform her that she would HAVE to have a 2 wk extension, since she'll be out of the country for over a week doing a Mission Trip through the University! She also has an accounting on-line class that is supposed to be done by June 1 as well. So after 12+ hrs a day this last week, she finally took Friday off to pack before heading to the university to meet the group that night. She arrived safely this afternoon in the city that is the Murder Capital of the World. Now she knows why this orphanage is so in need!

My son is done taking his AP testings for College Credit, and several other finals, so he knows that any final left to take will be nothing! He still has 4 days to finish his junior yr. He got a raise, finally! So he is now making what those he is training are making coming in because they are over 18 yrs. Several of his Assist Managers had told him that he was just going to have to ask the owner for a raise, because they had already expressed how valuable he was, and the owners know it cause they have been constantly sending the new workers to him to be trained. He also put in a request to work mornings and days, instead of closing, because he actually wants to be able to see his dad this summer. It shook up the owner, but we're praying that she will honor his request, and not work him to many nights, just because he's the only one that they trust to actually clean properly during closing.

I doubt that we'll be able to go and see family again this summer, as hubby doesn't get any time off, and is having to use shut-down week to do his volunteer ministry again. But that's okay, hopefully family can find time to come and see us this year.

I'm still contemplating a small garden, but not sure I want to tackle it.