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Summer Reading List

Do you have any reading plans for the summer? I'm going to try and come up with a few books I want to read this summer. Suggestions are appreciated!

I love to read. I don't have my Goodreads current, though, so it wouldn't do much good for you to link to me. Speaking of reading. I want to re-read The Great Gatsby. Saw the movie (the imagery was amazing - I'm a sucker for anything pre-1950), but feel I need to re-read the book, as I read it way too many years ago to really remember well.

I like to read books for book club that expand my viewpoint. Recently I read So Much Pretty by Cara Hoffman - didn't like how it ended, but thought it a thought-provoking commentary on society. Also read Proof of Heaven by Dr. Eben Alexander. It had a bit too much medical jargon for my taste, but found his narrative interesting (near death experience from a previously skeptical neurosurgeon.) I'm also in the middle of American Sniper (navy seal who was recently killed in trying to help a veteran with PTSD) by Chris Kyle. It's pretty interesting. Not too heavy, but a lot of interesting info on the war oversees. On a lighter note, I'm reading The Friday Night Knitting Club and really enjoying it.

I try to keep a book at the handy everywhere I go - no sense wasting time when you could be reading. I have one in the bathroom, the car, my purse, my bedside table, and my ever-present iphone.

I loved the Friday Night Knitting Club series, Cheryl!!! I just finished reading an interesting true story, January First. I have a bunch of random books that I hope to get through this summer.

I don't know what's coming out for summer off the top of my head except the latest installment in Yasmine Galenorn's Indigo Court series which I will promptly buy. Currently reading the latest JD Robb.

I want to finish the Hitchhiker´s guide to the galaxy series, and read around 6 more books or so... Not sure about which ones yet.

I'm constantly reading but this summer I have quite the list.

1) The Great Gatsby...I read it in high school like 8 years ago but I'd like to reread it before I see the movie.
2) Bossypants by Tina Fey
3) How to be a Woman by Caitlin Moran
4) The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath

the list goes on and on!

I just reread The Great Gatsby before we saw the movie- it's truly one of my favorite novels! If you haven't read it, that's a must. I will be re-reading Catching Fire late summer to prepare for the movie's release in November. Also re-starting Insurgent since the 3rd in that series will be released in October.

I can thoroughly recommend by current book - The Last Runaway by Tracy Chevalier. It is set in 1850s Ohio and follows an English Quaker girl whoes life is not what she had pictured. Like all of T Chevalier's books, it is well written, contains detailed historical accuracy and is an easy read. She has good character portrayal so you are quickly locked into the lives of the people depicted. I was lucky enough to win a copy on the day of release - a simple drawing of names on the author's Facebook page. I would have bought it anyway - I have all her books.

@Dawn, I didn't know Chevalier had a new novel out! I will definitely have to check on that; I love all her books.

I am reading Reaper Man by Terry Prachett. It´s really fun!

Oh! There's a FNKC series? I didn't know! I'll have to look them up. Is FNKC the first? Thanks!

Thanks, Dawn, for the recommendation. Sounds like my type of book! PS you're super beautiful! Your smile is a light!

@Dawn: Thanks for the recommendation. I love historical fiction. I will check out one of her novels.

@Sharilynn: Bossypants is really a tremendous read. I'd recommend listening to it on audio book since it's read by Tina Fey and that makes it so much better.

Thanks for the tip Marisa!

Finished the Chevalier yesterday afternoon - book by the pond in the sunshine - bliss! Good ending. Lady Phillippa - I made an "interests list" of books on facebook and liked my favourite (living) authors and I check it once a week or so. Many of them let you know about new books in advance or about films of the books and some have information about signings and giveaways.

Honestly most of what I read lately is Kindle freebies. And a lot of YA stuff from the library, kinda pre-reading it before my daughter gets to that point.

I do keep my Goodreads somewhat updated, so if anyone uses it and wants to link with me, I'm here: (if that doesn't work, let me know)


I forgot to mention that this list got me started thinking about my own summer reading:

I'm trying to re read some of the books I read in high school. The House On Mango Street, The Scarlett Letter, The Crucible, The Bell Jar just to name a few. I also do searches on amazon and look for free books that may catch my interest so I have them for my kindle. I downloaded a bunch of books

I did a google search on my Great Uncle Walfred who was killed in WWII in France and while I was doing a search on him his old girlfriend. Its letter, photos the book is called An Album of Memories: Personal Histories from the Greatest Generation by Tom Brokaw. I jumped to Bettys part about my Uncle right away after I downloaded it. So since I read the few pages about him and a little more insight to my great uncle I cant wait to read the book and read about other peoples stories and how they handled the war during that tough time.

A fun series, if you haven't read it yet, was Gregory Maguire's Wicked books. There are four of them and a lot of fun.

It worked Brandi. So curious to look at other´s bookshelves smiley

@Brandi: Thanks for the suggestion. I'm going to check them out.