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Summer TIME

For a lot of us summer is on the way (it was 100F/40C here the other day). I was just curious what people thought about their time over the summer. Will you have more of it, or will you be more busy than usual? I was imagining having lots of time, but it's seeming now like I may have overestimated the number of things I could get done while on "vacation." I know commitments often change during the seasons; how will this change your scrapping time?

Mine will not be so exciting! I will be going to visit my niece and family with their brand new baby-she is at the hospital now being induced, so he should be welcomed into this world by tomorrow! I will visit in a couple of weeks! Then we have a family BBQ in August. Other than that, since we decided not to go on a cruise this year, I will be staying at home and trying to get my digi files more organized! Not to exciting but if I get a lot accomplished in the next couple of months it will work out to be a fabulous summer! I am not really a "sun" and outdoor person (it's all about the fair skin) so I get to enjoy the indoors.

We have not decided what to do yet. We might take a couple of weeks and go camping.

We, my hubby and me are working, we take a vacation in the off-season but recently, i have an allotment, so i'll be busy there in my free time.

Summer vacation doesn't start for me until July 2, which is the end of the quarter I am currently teaching. Then I'll have lots of time to scrap, although I do have a number of other projects that should probably take priority smiley

Gonna try to recreate my post if I can... (think it was one of the ones lost)

Summertime is slow time for us... Go to bed later (maybe cause we've watched a movie) & get up later - no set bed times... Swim, swim, swim (one of the benefits of having a pool - something I never had as a kid), a lot of outdoor activities (volleyball, badminton, bike rides, picnics, bbqs, etc.), people coming to visit, kid sleepovers, etc. And now that we're about to have a vintage camper again (we'll be getting it in 8-10 days or so - I'm gonna visit Amish country for a few days!), I foresee a bit of camping in the near future as well... Maybe even go on one of the vintage camper "meets" once our restoration work is done (the leak was repaired, but we'd like to replace the water-stained wood; and we plan to undo some of the modern renovations to bring it back to its former glory).

Scrapping time for me just has to be a personal decision (which I have stunk at recently!) because regardless of the time of year, my schedule gets filled with my pipedreams and projects! LOL!

We took this year's vacation in February. Unfortunately for us, it wasn't much of a vacation at all. We were on that Carnival Triumph ship that was stranded out in the Gulf of Mexico for several days. It was more work than vacation. Thankfully, we returned home safe. But, I sure could use a REAL vacation! We go to Lake Murray in Ardmore OK and stay in the lodge for the 4th of July weekend. Lots of family comes and camps, so that's fun! Seen some really cute camp kits so will be sure to take lots of pics so I can use the cute kits! Crazy scrapper's way of thinking, right?!

LOL, I sometimes do the same "Well, I´m going to this and that place, so I need to take good photos because I want to scrap with this and that kit" and I sometimes become upset when I have nice pics that don´t match my kits, lol. Scrapping changes your life in many ways.

That's why I make my own...

sometimes become upset when I have nice pics that don´t match my kits

We are off to Scotland with the caravan. I take my drawing stuff, my laptop and my camera. My husband is usually away for a few hours walking the dogs each day, leaving me with my laptop!! Apart from that I often have less time for creating on holiday as my husband gets annoyed if I spend too much time on it smiley

our summer this year will be largely spent at home. My sister and my mom in law both have surgeries this month. Guess I can scrap the days away

Well we had planned a trip of the southern United States but when the dog had her second stroke at Christmas we decided to shelve it - she just needs too much care - so we shall be at home but I don't expect to have much free time. The village has lots of events on over the summer and several family and friends will come to stay (penalties/benefits of spare rooms) plus I love the garden so I shall be out photographing the bees smiley

I love how you call it the penalties/benefits of a spare rooms Dawn! I on the other hand am just rude about it I guess - I only have a spare room for certain people - for everyone else there is a hotel within walking distance!

We are going to Las Vegas for the 4th of July/a New Kids on the Block concert and camping in the Uinta mountains in August for better viewing of a meteor shower. It should be great. We would like to do more but just don't have the time as we are moving again in September (though just 45 minutes away - much more agreeable than last years Atlanta, Georgia to South Ogden, Utah move).

@Marisa: Well, expect to see some stuff in dark red and dark blue from me, lol. Only last month I happened to find a kit that more-or-less is good for my wedding pictures, and We´re doing our 6th anniversary this September.

@Dawn @Kaleena: I used to be happier with people using my house as a B&B before the cats. But as with 5 cats people can´t just sleep in my living room and I needed to transform my spare bedroom in the craft room/the place I store everything I don´t want cats to reaching, and my guest bedroom is in there too, I can only accomodate guests that are very careful with the cats. Or they end up letting cats play with my phyisical scrapbook papers and ribbons, closing the cat´s access to the bathroom (it´s where they dring water) or, what is worse, leaving the toilet seat opened. One of the rules of my house is "If you forget the toilet seat open, you are responsible to bath the cat that fall into it." :p

I'm pretty envious of everyone's summer. I'm glad to be home but we have no plans really. My fiance transferred up here to a Hannaford for full time and I just got hired at a Mediterranean restaurant that just opened up in town that I'm really excited about. But other than that we won't really be doing much I think. We'll be moving to our own place in the next few weeks and there may be a camping trip or two in the future but nothing too big or exciting.

I love the toilet rule Lorien!!

The most people we've had to stay was 14!! Fortunately they were my son's uni friends and they slept wherever they could. They were here 3 nights though so I think I should have had some sort of medal!

Kaleena - would love to see a meteor shower from a mountain top! We are very interested astronomy in my house.

Ya'll might have noticed I've been missing for the last week or so... I just got back from a trip to Pennsylvania the other day. We picked up our vintage camper (our 1969 Bee Line!) & then spent a few days visiting with my in-laws & SIL down in the Lancaster area (first time visiting that area). Hit a couple Amish restaurants while we were there & a few shops. I had hoped to do a buggy tour of the Amish countryside, and come home with an 8-point star wall quilt, but that didn't happen - maybe next time I hope...

Welcome back Lizanne! Sounds like you had a fun trip. On Saturday we looked at an apartment and Wednesday we signed the lease for it. We started moving in stuff yesterday and constantly cleaning and unpacking and going up and down 2 flights of stairs is exhausting haha.

For me summer in the northern hemisphere always spells an open air theatre that I take part of in the Botanical garden in Gothenburg, Sweden. During five of the lightest summer nights surrounding summer solstice, we have a show which starts out as a regular guided walk into the botanical garden and ends up as a magical love story crossing space and time (1600's to 1800's to today) and all the creatures of scandinavian mythology. I play a forest nymph and absolutely adore this time during summer.

In the southern hemisphere, summer is in december and I spend it in southern Africa with close and extended family and friends.
Summer is when I gather lots and lots of inspiration and photos to use for scrapbooking and traveling journals later.
Such a wonderful time of year!

Congratulations on the apartment, Sharilynn! Yeah, the trip was fun. smiley Wish I could have taken more pictures, but it rained most of the trip. I did manage to get a few at Hogback Mountain though (it's near Bennington, VT) before the rain kicked in. Just hope those pictures turned out good!

@Sharilynn: Wow, you found the apartment very fast. So, you´re moving 2 floors up? Still dont beat my record of 1 floor up, lol.

@Lizanne: Hope you can do the bug tour next time.

@Magdalena: I´d love to be wherever the summer solstice is, lol. Do they have more information about this play in Sweden botanical garden at the web? Me and my friends would probably love it and is something I would definitelly put on my bucket list smiley

Yesterday I spent my day selling geek craft stuff at a Doctor Who convention. My crafter friends and I got an invitation to be in the SteamCon in one year! I´m so happy smiley

@Lizanne : I smiley Hogback Mountain, I was just there a few weeks ago before I got into NH!

@Lorien: yeah we definitely got lucky! It turns out the apartment has all new flooring, new toilet, bathroom sink and counter, fridge, dishwasher and stove so we really got lucky with this place! It's the 3rd floor but technically we only have to go up to floors because the 1st floor is below the entrances. I think I've lost about 5-6lbs this week from going up and down the stairs and cleaning so much but I'm definitely not complaining!

@Sharilynn: It was very nice! So pretty, with the various mountain vistas all around us... Sounds like you got a nice apartment - congrats! smiley

@Lorien: thanks... smiley I hope so, too!

We go camping a lot all summer, 4 day weekends about every three weeks or so. We just camp locally, so there isn't much expense involved - you have to eat at the park or if you are home. Gas is so expensive that we stay in parks within about a 60 to 80 mile radius from our home. I don't get nearly as much scrapping done in the summer as I do in the winter, although I do have a little laptop I take and occasionally get a rainy day at the park, so I stay in a scrap then.

@Sharilynn: Wow, really, really lucky! the bad part of this kind of moving is that it sometimes take longer than when we go to other completely different places. And I envy you for the pounds lost. I need to loose around 10 of them, lol.

Sadly, our only difference is the kids are out of school. Hubby and I both work full-time, so no changes in our schedules! The youngest (age 8 ) is in day care and they keep him pretty busy and the oldest two stay busy with their, mission trips, etc. Hubby took off this week and I took a few days off, too, so maybe we'll just veg out!

Dawn - you are like me. When my dad died 5 years ago, we could not fly to Michigan for the memorial because of our ailing dog. He would not eat or drink if we were not home and he felt bad and would growl at others. On a whim, we purchased a used RV - from a military family needing to sell cheap and fast! - and drove from AZ to MI, taking our dog. We had had RV experience in the past, but never in the dead of winter! It turned out to be a very nice trip and our dog was happy. He loved to travel when young, and this was his last trip with us.

I do not work, have several auto-immune diseases. I keep 4 grandkids, 11+ hours a day so it is never boring. Frustrating many times, but never boring. We are barely scrapping by fiancially, so we look for free things to do. We don't eat out. We cook quite a bit, and attend free concerts, and shows at the library. It has been 112 degrees and I can not be in sun or heat, so we stay in mostly, during the day. Pinterest has supplied me with a lot of fodder for crafts and summer fun for the kiddos. I save EVERYHING for crafts: toilet paper rolls, plastic bottles and containers, paper bags (paper bag scrap albums for kids to make), cans, magazines, etc. We craft something everyday!

Yes Crabcakes (?? would love to hear the story behind that name!) - we feel so lucky to still have her with us. She has come on all our UK holidays with us but she has never been abroad - she stays with my Mum and Dad if we leave the country. Your days sound lovely and the kiddies are fortunate to have such a creative granny.