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T o every season...

What is your favorite season?

Autumn/Fall -- I love the crisp air, the colors of the foliage, fall sports (football!), bonfires, hay rides, fall holidays (Halloween, Thanksgiving), pretty much everything about fall.

If you're asking about holidays, I'd say Thanksgiving is the top favorite for me, partly because it's a fall holiday.

Spring is my favorite. I love it when the forest turns green and everywhere flowers are coming. And the weather is getting better and better and its warm.. Sadly this year was really cold and weather like in winter, there were only a few spring days..

But I also like fall. The colors are beautiful. When it's good weather it is often warm and you can go outside and enjoy the sun without wearing a lot of clothes like in winter smiley

Spring. I have seasonal depression, so, spring is when I feel alive again. I also love the blooming. Speciallly when the yellow ipês bçloom and then make a bed of yellow flowers through the sidewalks. It starts in August, and in some years go till October or November.

I don´t have a picture now, but I found this one on flickr.

hi i love spring and fav holiday christmas. smiley

Autumn/Fall - the colors, the smells, the foods, the crisp air, the holidays (Halloween and Thanksgiving)...every little detail! Autumn is when I'm at my happiest every single year. From like September to the beginning of December I'm fully alive and you bet I'm counting down the days until September hits smiley

I have to choose?! Where I live, it's known for four seasons in a day anyway, but I love each one for different reasons. In summer, I love how the place comes alive, how the days are so long - people are more free and relaxed. In autumn, I love the light... summer light is really harsh but Autumn is warm and golden. Spring - it's time to dig in the garden and Winter is the perfect excuse to wear big vintage jackets, my favourite woolies, drink a glass of red wine, light a fire and eat comfort food!

Love them all - winter snow and Christmas, spring flowers and fresh breezy days, summer sunshine and autumn leaves. I guess if I had to pick one it might be spring as I do not like to be too hot and I like the longer day length. What I hate is when they get blurred together - a mild winter, a wet summer, snow and hard frosts in spring.

Summer is my least favorite. Winter can be nice if it's not too extreme for too long. I'd probably have to say Fall or Spring is my favorite, although I'm not sure which one would be my most favorite.

I love different parts of all 4 seasons, but I admit I love Fall the best. Something about the cooler temps, beautiful foliage (love all those colors!), the festivals, craft shows, apples, breezes, etc. The part I like least about it, though, is when all the leaves are gone though - then I get sad.

@Fran, LOL! Michigan has "all four seasons", well kinda. Our seasons are definetly dysfunctional.

@Elouise, by any chance do you live in Michigan? Or maybe Michigan's twin, LOL!

According to Scott Haltzman, MD, medical research is looking at seasonal preferences and psychologists do notice some tendencies among individuals who prefer certain seasons."

Fall: You could be a risk taker, a bit of a wild child even. "The inconsistency of fall, and the dramatic colors and weather of the season tends to appeal to risk takers. For instance, when people choose what color clothes appeal to them, they are often unconsciously reflecting the colors in nature that appeal to them. In my clinical experience, individuals who wear bright colors or die their hair in off-beat shades often prefer fall as their favorite season."

Winter: Break out the hot cocoa and a good book! Sound like your thing? "In my experience, people who say they favor winter are those who are less adventurous," he says. "They tend to be homebodies, and feel less comfortable when they are out of their element."

Spring: If your favorite season involves waiting for the tulips to pop out of the ground, you're likely to be patient and easy going. "I think that individuals who are drawn to spring are less prone to seek immediate gratification," he says. "Like waiting for summer to unfold, they seem to enjoy a pace of life more low key than those who prefer summer or fall."

Summer: You're likely to be the life of the party--fun and lively. "People who are drawn to toward the sun, surf and open space of summer, for example, tend to be more outgoing," notes Haltzman.


The season that makes me happiest is spring. But I have seasonal depression also.
The season I look forward to is fall. It goes by too quickly though.

I'm with Penny....love fall...well, what "fall" we get! I live in Texas, so it's usually a really short "season"...maybe a few days, literally! we usually go from really HOT to really COLD quick! smiley

And I love Thanksgiving, too...because of FOOTBALL (which officially starts in 43 days, by the way! LOL!)!!!

Those are some interesting personality profiles. I'm not sure what it says about me if I can't decide...

I think what they say about people who like fall is pretty true. Fall is my favorite season and I'm a wee bit of a risk taker...though much less of a risk taker than I used to be. I've also dyed my hair all the colors of the rainbow...orange, pink, red, blue, green, etc etc so I think that's pretty amusing! smiley

It's a toss up between spring and fall! As a kid I used to like summer . Isn't
it interesting how our tastes change as we get older. LOL!!

I love spring because everything is fresh and new and feels hopeful and exciting. I also love fall because it is back-to-school time and the air gets all crisp and the state fair and other fun things start.

@J.ajabad No, not Michigan but it does start with M! I'm in the other hemisphere in Melbourne.

The personality profiles are quiter fascinating... it's funny that the season I feel least drawn to (Spring) is the one thing that I'm defnitely not ha

I'm a summer girls. 80 degrees is my perfect temp.


I also live in a town where there are four seasons in a day, but it doesn´t start with M - If we aren´t in the middle of a season, the variation of temperature is huge! For example, yesterday, started cold as the last days (this was the coldest week of this year - who is feeling hot and want to change places?) and a mist fell down some hours later... As my mom used to say... mist means sun - so, around 3am it became a yellowish summer day, and was possible to go outside, wear only a jacket and a pair of pants... till the twilight. At 6 and something it was cold and dry...

But our usual 4-seasons-in-a-day days start warm, than get hot, then rain, then weather drops down... or the rain sometimes is before the hot part of the day...

@Marie Ann, very interesting data! "People who are drawn to toward the sun, surf and open space of summer, for example, tend to be more outgoing," remembers a lot my friends from Rio de Janeiro, known for its 40C summer weather smiley

@Susan: For me, it´s rare to find someone else who has seasonal depression, as I live close to the tropics. They say here it´s a "first world thing",lol.

Ha, we only have two seasons here - wet and dry.

The wet season is my favourite, I love the sound of rain on the roof and all the gardens are lovely and green.

Here in the UK it is difficult to work out which season is which! Even nature gets confused at times. For temperature, late Spring and early Autumn are my favourites. The pleasures of Christmas outweigh partly the cold, wet season. I just love the longer of days of summer! It is extremes I don't like - too hot or too cold!