Teacher Appreciation Gifts

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Teacher Appreciation Gifts

My eldest child is only in preschool so I'm only just now starting to need think about this kind of thing. What kinds of things have you given, or if you are a teacher, what's some of your favorite gifts to receive?

I teach college. So what is the nicest gift is card or note thanking me for a good semester. My daughter teaches grade school. She has gotten flowers, candy, cards, and a gift certificate for some place to have a meal.

I'm a homeschool mom who teaches a drama class and I love when the students want to give me things and it's something they made or a record of a memory. I would bet in the public schools there would be appreciation for gift cards - everything from Joann's or Amazon where they might by things for the classroom or themselves, or Starbucks because they just need it smiley

Long time ago I used to teach English as second language, for preschool. I used to get awesome gifts! Chocolates, body creams/soaps/etc from good brands that you don´t buy everyday, cute small decoration stuff like decorated boxes, keychains, decorative plates, etc, cans of cookies from expensive bakeries I never went, stuff bought on places the students traveled to... I loved once when I got a gift certificate for a bookstore too! It doesn´t need to be expensive: To have some hand made cookies is so adorable!

Love this thread...we were just discussing gift ideas for Sunday school teachers and youth pastors as my oldest daughter moves from the elementary area to middle school. Lots of great ideas here - thanks!

My third grader's teacher is getting a photo book of photos I took during their field day last week. But Pinterest is FULL of ideas, too!

For my children's teachers, we have given coffee cups, christmas ornaments, a nice engraved pen, bath sets, and homemade treats.