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Teen Celebrity Crushes

Caught a show the other day about teen idols from different decades. So who was your teen celebrity crush? I always had a thing for older men don't know why but I have my husband is 8 years older than me. Anyways I had two and I still crush on them to this day. Billy Corgan of The Smashing Pumpkins and Bret Michaels of Poison. What is yours?

I was totally in love with David Cassidy (yes, I just aged myself and I see virtual eyebrows furling and everyone saying "who the heck is David Cassidy"??!).


Oh, I loved Davy Jones from the Monkees! I too am dating myself!!!

Davy Jones, for sure! I also have to admit (reluctantly) that Shaun Cassidy was another one...

I adore Kirk Cameron. I have loved him the day I laid eyes on him! I have never really stopped following him or adoring him. I'm a total FAN girl! I have this weird 6 degrees of separation from him. My good friend, Julie, is good friends with Joel who is good friends with Todd who is good friends with Kirk. Julie has met Todd on several occasions and I harass her for not putting in a good word with Todd to get me to meet Kirk. LOL! I did "meet" him once at a book signing. It only made my heart fonder. Kind of weird and awkward but I'll embrase it. smiley

You all have mentioned boys that I would have totally adored. My heart broke a little with Davy Jones died. I loved the Monkees and Davy was the best.

Mine was Brad Pitt. He was so sexy when he was younger... At Legends of the fall and Seven years on Tibet he is just awesome smiley

For me it was band members from Good Charlotte and My Chemical Romance.

Seth Green is the only one I still have a crush on.

I also loved Jonathan Brandis and Edward Furlong.

Wren my friend adored Jonathan Brandis, she was so upset when she found out he killed himself. You mention it to her she still tears up over it.

@Heather: Yeah, Kirk was/is a cutie... Hey, did you see the movie he was in - Fireproof? It was good...

Davy Jones - Monkees
Paul - Beatles

@Lizanne... I have seen all his movies. LOL! smiley The crush is bad and I'm glad I have an adoring husband who isn't jealous. He just thinks I'm crazy.

I never had a teenage crush on anybody, however I have an all time crush on Jensen Ackles (Supernatural)

I had a crush on Heath Ledger. My college roommate and I even had his poster in our dorm room. I was quite sad when he died, and I still am since you can't easily replace those feelings/memories from your crazy teenage brain.

When I was in middle school my teenage crushes were Jonathan Taylor Thomas (from Home Improvement) and Devon Sawa (Final Destination, Casper). Then it was Taylor from the band Hanson. Gosh, I loved them. Haha. Those are the earliest ones that I can remember. Although, I do remember having a crush on a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle when I was in grade school, but I don't think that one counts. Haha. smiley

I am so glad to see some other David Cassidy and Davy Jones fans! I almost died the day my mother told me she went to school with David Cassidy's Mom!

As an older teen I had crushes on a couple of the guys in Duran Duran (blushing) & the drummer in the Police (Stewart Copeland).

hi oh gosh this is hard classic of course elvis, jerry lee lewis, nowadays taylor lautner. smiley

I have always had a thing for Julia Roberts.

My freshman dorm room wall was plastered with magazine cutouts of Drew Barrymore. She's such a cutie! I still have fondness for her to this day. And of course Leonardo diCaprio was just the dreamiest in Romeo + Juliet and Titanic, although when I look at him now he looks like nothing special. It's funny how context can influence our tastes and preferences.

Brian Jones from the Rolling Stones.

I've always been a Johnny Depp girl. Probably my longest standing crush haha. He ages like wine. In my early teens I would probably have gone with Justin Timberlake (he's still got it) and in my late teens I think I probably would have gone with Justin Bieber (even though I'm older than him), the guys of Linkin Park or Hayley Williams of Paramore (another one of my longest standing crushes). Funny how tastes change through the years.

@Angela - I love love love Jensen Ackles. Supernatural is one of my most favorite shows. =P

@Sharilynn - Johnny Depp for the win!! And you said it perfectyl...he does age like wine. He gets better looking the older that he gets. =P Him and Robert Downey, Jr. =P

I can't believe I forgot to put RDJ!

My teen crush was probably Jon Bon Jovi. I still love him. Johnny Depp is an always Crush and oddly Chris LeDeoux

Hmm, I would have to say Mark Hamill and Davy Jones, though I crushed on both of them from before I was a teenager. When I was a little older it was Patrick Swayze smiley

I also used to love Patrick Swayze Dawn!

When I was 10 it was David Cassidy (more popular here than you expected Elizabeth A.). As I got older it was David Essex but I met my husband when I was just 19. I am totally feeling the Patrick Swayze vibe though LOL

My crushes were pretty geeky really; "Devon Sawa" (in Casper), "Adam Lamberg" (Lizzie McGuire Show), "Elijah Wood" (North), "Aaron Carter", "Gregory Smith" (Krippendorf's Tribe, Small Soldiers.)"Joshua Jackson" (Dawson's Creek), "Chad Michael Murray," "David Schwimmer" for his character "Ross" on friends, oh, and "Scott Cain", a one hit wonder.

For females I admired; Hilary Duff, Lindsay Lohan, Alexis Bledel, katie Holmes, Shannen Doherty, Hayden Panettiere, and Christina Ricci.

I was so broken up when I found out that both Jonathan Brandis and Cory Haim committed suicide. I loved them both as a kid. I especially liked to watch Brandis in the Chuck Norris film "Sidekicks" and also in "The Neverending Story II". And Haim I watched in "Lucas" and "License to Drive" and "The Lost Boys"!! I even had imaginary friends as a kid named "Lucas" and "Maggie". (I really couldn't wrap my head around the fact that he was in "Crank 2" - I didn't even recognize him and then he died...) smiley

As a kid, I loved Michael J. Fox. One of my mom's friends was pretty close to him. Once, my mom's friend sent me a picture of the two of them and a VHS tape of Back to the Future II before it was released to theaters. I had the snapshot on my bulletin board for YEARS!

As a teenager, I crushed through Ewan McGreggor and Billy Joe Armstrong (singer from Green Day). I wasn't allowed to hang up posters of handsome actors or boy bands or even admit that I was crushing on anyone as a tween/teen because my mom thought it was vapid. So, I hid Star Wars trading cards of Ewan in my locker at school and collected album art of Green Day. - My mum reasoned that it was ok to hang up band art and follow a "real" band because she used to be a groupie of The Cowsills (the group that inspired the Partridge Family) and went to all their concerts and used to hang out with them and whatnot. Though, I did crush on Brendan Fraser for quite a while and my mum was ok with that because she liked his movies... /rolls eyes

I loved as a teenager and still do love Billy Corgan, Val Kilmer, and Dave Gahan (singer from Depeche Mode) - they could read/sing the phone book and I would be happy; they have such nice voices. I also crushed on David Hyde Pierce (Niles from the tv show Frasier) and David Spade as a teenager. And, I have always and probably will always be very fond of Seth Green.

As an adult, I crush BIG TIME over Adrian Brody and David Tennant. (lol, I have an affinity for skinny guys, gingers, and "Davids"... which is why, I suppose, I ended up marrying one.) And there was a short time that I was pretty fond of Michael Weatherly (now is Tony DiNozzo in NCIS) and Jensen Ackles - who were both absolutely adorable in Dark Angel!

@Bradley - who can resist Julia Roberts? She is so darn cute and charming. smiley

I've always found Jessica Alba, Geena Davis, and Sigourney Weaver to be absolutely smashing and gorgeous.

#1 all time has to be Ricky Nelson!!!! My mom, sister and I all loved him. Got to see him sing live and get his autograph shortly before he died in the plane crash. I still love him and by extension his sons (his oldest boys had a band The Nelsons) and his brother-in-law, Mark Harmon.

I also crushed on Davy Jones though I loved all the Monkees!!! When MTV first started they would run Monkees marathons and I would video tape as many hours as I could because I loved them so much and DVDs didn't exist yet!!!! I'm a HUGE Shaun Cassidy and Parker Stevenson fan!!! I loved watching the Hardy Boys episodes every weekend. To this day I can't decide which Hardy Boy I like better. Shaun's cuter but Parker was smarter!!! *Sigh* I'm also a big Gidget fan so I was in love with James Darren who played Moondoggie.

Once I hit my teen years it was C. Thomas Howell and Rob Lowe. Really it was all the boys from The Outsiders but they were my favorites. I also had posters of ice skaters and gymnasts because I loved the Olympics. Mitch Gaylord was my number one guy. I was also in love with Rowdy Gaines (US Swimmer). I actually got to meet him last year for the first time and cried because it was a 30 year dream come true. I was just around him again this week at a national meet, still gives me that same feeling though I managed not to cry this time!!!

While I liked a lot of music, I never really crushed on any of them. I do that more now than I did back then. I'm totally in love with Joshua Radin (solo artist), Damien Rice (solo artist), Gary Lightbody from Snow Patrol, Mikel Jollet from The Airborne Toxic Event and Jason Wade from Lifehouse. So far I've met everyone except Jason and Damien.

My biggest crush now is Rob Pattinson even though I'm *almost* old enough to be his Mom!!!