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Thank you

Just wanted to say a big thank you for all being so friendly. It's so nice to share something like this and meet people from all over the globe. I feel very accepted already! If you're interested, I shared my first layout in the gallery last night:

So, hope you're enjoying the holiday season, and can't wait to chat more smiley


Aww you're welcome!!! I'm off to check it out!!!

I saw your layout last night, it's really good!

Nice work!!!

Beautifully done Sarah!

I left a comment on your layout.

I'm sure your Nan will love it! smiley

Great job and awesome photos!

it's beautiful, thanks for sharing!!

Its beautiful you did a great job! ty

Thanks for sharing this layout and the story behind it. (I've left a comment in the gallery.)

awesome pics to scrap, and a beautiful LO smiley