The best game EVER for color lovers!

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The best game EVER for color lovers!

I just stumbled on this game on Android Market yesterday. It´s a free game with paid expansions:

The idea is to sort colors making harmonic "palettes". There are different levels of difficulty and it uses several designing/color theory principles. I guess it will be great for those who have issues with matching different kits and realising how to create harmonic compositions with several colors - If I were you, I´d try it out! I´m hooked!

Oh, and you don´t need to be a skilled gamer. All you need to do is drag and drop.

Who else is playing?

It looks like a colour form of soduko .... cool smiley

that's fun!

This looks crazy addicting and right up my alley, as well as a lot of others on here smiley

I have this one, too!

My husband has this running tease with me that I am colourblind. He had one of those cars where the paint reflects the colours it's around. It was a grayish-silver car, but I often said it was lavender or green because those were the colours it would reflect in our driveway - where I usually saw it. He thought it was blue or gray because those are the colours it would reflect in a parking lot - where he usually saw it. Anyway, we both played Blendoku and I totally smoked his scores - so now he calls it the "Colourblind Game". Lol!! /shakes head at silly hubby ;D

Looks fun!

You can´t imagine how addicted I am on this game - and it´s already helping me with design skills smiley

Ohhhhhh, that looks horribly addicting...I bet my son would love it too!

Looks fun! I will try it smiley

Went all the way through medium #90 level and have some hard, master and winter levels done. How about you?

@Mollie: This colorbind conversation with your hubby remembered me something: We don´t have a word for "teal" in Portuguese. So people are constantly debating if teal should be considered a blue or a green. Some people can swear it´s one of them and tell that the people who sees other color don´t see colors very well, lol. When I learned the name teal (on a game, BTW, because it wasn´t taught in any of the English schools I´ve been either as a student or a teacher) my doubts ended: I use the word teal to refer to teal even if I´m speaking Portuguese! (But if you see someone from here calling teal as "green" or "blue" you know why...)

looks fun, I'll give it a whirl smiley

@ Lorien, here's your chance to invent a new Portuguese word!!
It's amazing what I learn on this site!
I'm definitely going to check out this game!

@Tiffany: LOL! I´m the kind of person who is always saying weird things or inventing "new" words. smiley

Yesterday, we discovered that a guy we knew around two months ago, who is a graphic designer (he works almost in the same "field" as my hubby) has a heavy OCD about colors - they need to be organised. Then we showed him Blendoku - and he really had mixed feelings about it, LOL. For the one hand, he couldn´t stand the mixed colors on the top. for other, he loved how cool is that and how pretty and inspiring the color palettes are. smiley

That sounds like fun! TY for sharing it smiley

Looks like an interesting game! Downloading now!

Its great just downloaded!! thanks

Who else is playing?

I did all till Hard #48 for now - Can you tell I´m addicted, right?

I've got a couple boards left on the medium level, and have done some of the hard level, too. My son is about 15 boards in one the simple level and he's 4!

It looks really good. I think I will try it. smiley

I might try this if I can get it for my phone.

Downloaded this and Bendoku for both my phone and tablet. My 4 1/2 year old son plays this game and he has become a whiz at it. Often getting around the world average!! Was very surprised, especially after hearing that kids in general can only see basic colours at this age. Love love love this game, thanks for letting us know!!

I'm still playing every now & then, I still love it!

Just downloaded.... soooo addictive!!!

Oh wow, others who know and love this stupidly addicting game!! Makes sense, but everyone I mention it too looks at me like I'm crazy. Well, crazier than they already thought I was smiley

I haven't been able to get very far in it because I have to have really good lighting, but I love the challenge of it. MS has affected the sight in my left eye, so doing anything with subtle colors makes me feel accomplished smiley

I´m almost finishing hard, yay!

I´m downloading right now sounds like fun! thanks for the info and congrats on your score!

Awesome! Thanks so much for the heads up about this - I'm downloading it right now. smiley

Mine somehow stopped working after last Android update, snif smiley

thanks for the info and link. i'm definately going to try it.

Great find, thank you for sharing!

Looks good! Thanks for the link smiley