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The night owl club

Are you awake way tooooo late and deceided to post on Pixel Scrapper forums? Drop some lines on this topic saying what time is it, and why you aren´t on bed.

Well... I went to bed at 8pm today, because I was exhausted. Then, started to sleep-wake-sleep again... When I was tired of this process, I thought: "Well, it is probably around 5am already so I´ll wake up, make an early breakfast and do something till the time when my hubby wakes up" - When I checked the time, however, it was still 1am -and I´m here, awake. Now, it´s 2am and the weather is dropping down - So I need to deceide if I´ll go to bed or if I´ll get another pair of pants, put under this one, and go make something at the craft room...

Ah, your post was four hours ago and it was 3pm for me. I was at work doing tax returns (for something different).

I was up till about 4am this morning working on my website. I just got up about 45 minutes ago (about 11:45am my time). I'm so tired of looking at CSS, HTML & PHP. But I'm done for now. I have to work on making a theme to make my site more homogenous, but that is for another day...

I'm not a night owl, so I'll say hello now even thought it's noon smiley

I'm a bit of a night owl, but we have a 3-year old in the house who hates to sleep, so I can't stay up too late or I'll be sorry. But if I do stay up, I'm usually reading because that is the only time I can sneak in a few chapters.

Ooooh. Where's the sign up sheet?! I totally want to join this club smiley It's just after 9:30 est and my night is just getting started... I'm usually looking at posts until the wee hours these days.

so here we are for another meeting of the night owl club, lol. I know I must wake up early today to go to my friend´s house where we plan to lunch, but I was stuck on a LO and couldn´t think on sleepping before finishing - just left shadows for tomorrow, as I like my hubby to see it before shadowing... It´s 1:16 am and I´ll still check forums, e-mails and read before sleep. Should I start the book club book?

Can't wait to see the new page!
I'm not starting anything new until I get some sleep.
I'm stalling by organizing the files right now, yay, that's fun.
Although I do like looking at all the pretty things.

Definitely start the book! It's a good one!

See you in the morning hours again.

Definitely. I'm a graphic designer and between contracts right now. I'm looking for a full-time job with benefits and having a hard time. Nobody seems to want to hire full-time or permanent employees.

As a result of not having a 9 to 5 schedule, I'm all turned around and now live in league with the vampires. I usually end up going to sleep at 4:00 and waking at 11.

I really need to get a job. And a life.

It's nice to know I'm not alone. Good evening, fellow night birds.

Thanks for the topic.

I love it late at night when the house is quiet and I am the only one up! Sometimes I get carried away and stay up too long! If I can't sleep I come downstairs and go on my laptop, then I realise the time go back to bed before my husband wakes up!

I don't sleep - never have, even as a toddler. I am NEVER asleep before 2am and rarely before 3am or even 4am. I am generally up again at 8am or 8.30am. Definitely a night owl. I generally go through to bed at around 12 or 1am but then I read. I am often on here at 1am. If I really can't sleep I get up and do housework but I am banned from the vacuum cleaning at that time of the night LOL It was the same when I was at school and later when I was at work and when my son was a baby (he's now 23) and even now - when I don't need to get up most days - it is just the same. I get a lot of hours in the day smiley

What is hot for the night owl club today, you ask?

YouTube is broadcasting Chicago Lolapalooza edition, live! If you are up, and likes rock´n´roll, you can´t miss it! The Killers are playing now smiley The show is awesome!

Well, its just after 10pm and I'm just now starting my newsletter that I wanted to send out yesterday! I'll be up till the wee hours getting it done.

Have fun watching Lolla. I lived in Chicago for too long. All it means to me anymore is stoned stinky sweaty teenagers. It's probably a better experience watching it on youtube. It's almost 1a here and I need to call it a day. It took me most of the day just sort all the Digiscrap Forum goodies the way I wanted, then I started brush hunting on DA. I am done.

It's almost 10:30 here in California... I suppose that's not too late yet, but I'll be up for a few more hours, feeding my new addiction to digital scrapbooking. smiley

I'm generally a night owl, often stay up past 2 am, but the last several weeks I've been having major insomnia... I try not to stay on the pc when I'm like that or I literally have no chance whatsoever of getting any sleep. Not sure why (not like anything is bothering me at the moment), but it is what it is... Just keep hoping & praying I don't get rundown & sick (which is often the case when I have these spells). Usually I just try to watch a feel-good-movie that I've seen before in bed - sometimes that will put me to sleep & I won't care if I miss part of it. smiley What do ya'll do when you have those kind of spells?

Read a book that I've already read before.
If it's a new book that I like I just get sucked in until I'm done.
But if I already know the end, I can take breaks.
I'm starting to think the light from the computer monitor makes my brain think it's daytime 24 hrs a day!

It's 12:48am in Virginia. Where are all the night owls??

Well, as I´m usually a 9-hours-sleeper, I usually don´t bother when I´m on my night owl weeks - they are so few - but what I do when I really want to sleep but somehow can´t is either watch something (whathever it is, I am not a good TV/animation/movies watcher - 8 out of 10 movies I watch I fell asleep) or put new age-y or pagan folk songs (usually the same CDs - somehow listen a CD over and over and over make me feels confortable; my favorite bedtime cds are Celtic Woman - a New Journey; an Enya compilation that I don´t know the name, but starts with Orinocco Flow, and then Caribbean Blues, Faunn - Renaissance and Omnia - pagan folk (but on this one I only sleep after track 3, because I just LOVE their version of "The well" and I NEED to sing it everytime I listen!

I tried the tv thing last night - didn't help... Between forgetting to take my allergy medicine, body pain & my hubby snoring I didn't get any sleep until sometime after he left for work... LOL And then when my youngest got up - well, bye-bye sleep. I wish I could learn to fall asleep when my head hits the pillow like my hubby...

I know the Enya cd you're talking about, Lorien - I have that too, but forget the name (I have quite a few of her cd's).

I usually don't fall asleep until 1-2am but lately I've been able to sleep...I've just been waking up at like 3am which I think is worse than not being able to go to bed at a reasonable time haha.

I don't know what exactly you would call me. I get up at 3 AM and we go to sleep about 8-9 PM but I am on the computer within 15 min. after I get up as I am always in lots of pain and reading the forums or searching on google usually helps me get my mind off the pain some until meds kick in a little. I do consider 3 AM a bit of a night owl or should it be morning owl I don't know but this is kind of cool knowing there may still be some of you still up.

@Liz: Well... that CD, lol

@Brenda: Humm... Maybe a very early bird, and not a Night Owl? Sometimes I´m just a very early nird too - Today I was full rested at 5 am!

Woke up at 3am, and couldn't go back to sleep. So I gave up and just finished Lauds. Anyone else awake?

I used to be a night owl and could easily stay up until 3 or 4 am, sometimes an all nighter. Then went on a med (not for sleep) that put me to sleep at night and woke me up by 3 am or earlier. Was on it for a year and finally got so I could roll over again and sometimes go back to sleep for an hour or two. Am now off the med but still waking by 5 or 6 am. I love it. There is so much more time in the day now. We turn in shortly after 11 pm and I seem to do fine on six or seven hours of sleep.

On the now infrequent times when I can't sleep at night, or after 2 am, I'll check out this board and see what's up!

I don't go to bed before 2 AM but can easily be distracted online until I hear the birds start to sing or see the sunrise. Then it's: OMG.. and off I am.
I can usually function on just a few hours sleep, though I have scared myself by nodding off in front of my computer at the office (you know when your head starts falling and you suddenly wake up, looking around - embarrassed - to check if anyone saw it smiley )
It's 8 PM now, so I'm safe, still a few hours of online life left smiley