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The Pixel Scrapper Manifesto

I agree with the Manifesto and signed it. BUT I also believe that everyone no matter who they are deserves to be treated with the same respect as everyone else. I was in groups for many many years and the one thing that always got under my skin was when someone took the time to go out of their way to say something it could be a hi, a creation they had made, anything, to me that person is reaching out trying to connect and feel like they belong. We do not know what someone maybe struggling with and a kind word could be the only thing that is said to that person that day. I think this is a nice little gig you have going here but I also know that in order to get people to want to participate we have to learn to treat them as they are part of something. I am sorry but I do not feel that here. I feel there is a certain way of creating things that is king here and everyone else is just not included. I posted a Welcome and a Good Morning days ago not one single comment from a single person in this community. Which brings me back to the Manifesto I am starting to feel that is just not what this community is really about. There are some very talented people in here too bad because I do not know any of them not that I haven't tried so I believe before I invest money into something that is clearly not what it is cracked up to be a community building each other up, working together. Which some of you do just not newbies I suppose..... If you want to kick me out then that is your right. But if not I will continue to download my 5 little pieces a day and share with others that appreciate and want to get to know me..... I have watched and paid attention to what goes on in this forum and thought about it. I do not feel welcome nor do I feel as part of a team..... God bless and have a very wonderful night.

Thanks Nae

Hi Nae. I'm really sorry you feel this way. We have spent years building Pixel Scrapper and have worked hard to create a space that is open and welcoming to everyone. We have people from all around the world who come here and take part in what they can. Obviously we are limited by English, but luckily with Google Translate we can at least get to know each other a little bit. I do like your idea of including inclusion into the Manifesto. It is currently focused on the creating side of things, and less on the people side of things. Maybe it's time to revisit it.

I am not a natural community leader, being an extreme introvert who is honestly not that social. Sometimes life plays a good joke on you with the things you end up doing. So I do my best, but I am always open to suggestions as well as practical help. If you're interested in becoming a moderator to help create the change you'd like to see, please let me know.

I'm sorry you feel like your creations are not welcome here. We've done our best over the years to make people feel included. However, we have a very small team running this site which means that we've had to create a focus for what we do in order to get anything done. Our focus has always been digital scrapbooking, which means that the site is geared towards people who work within that framework. It's not because we don't value other art forms, but out of necessity for making the site the best it can be for what we've currently decided it's here to do. Of course, if there were a big swelling of support from the community for some sort of change, we always consider making changes.

Hi Nae, I'm also very sorry that you are feeling excluded here. It's always hard to read things like this, as we have worked hard to try to foster a generous, open, and friendly space here at Pixel Scrapper. In terms of our manifesto, we have really tried to structure our entire site and the way it operates around the idea of open generosity, from our terms of use down to making so many items available for individual download (we give away thousands of free downloads every single week).

But it's always good to get feedback on how we are doing, and we are certainly open to doing anything we can to help foster a more generous, more welcoming space.

Can you please let us know some more details in terms of specifically what is making you feel this way? Is it particular things that are being said, or done? Is it specifically the fact that you didn't receive any replies to the forum post you made a few days ago saying hi?

If you have practical ideas for how we can better live into our Manifesto and make Pixel Scrapper a more supportive place, please let us know.

I really just do not have any other input on this matter. Thanks for the polite reply from both of you it is appreciated..... smiley

Well thanks again for your thoughts. Also feel free to contact us privately if you have any additional thoughts/suggestions using our contact form if that makes you more comfortable.

I can see how the fact that your forum post didn't receive any replies might make you feel less than welcome. I didn't see that particular forum post, but speaking for myself I know that I sometimes have a hard time knowing how to reply to super general posts like that--and sometimes will just like/heart the post instead--and I imagine that might be true for some other members. But I can understand how a simple "hi, and welcome!" goes a long way!

One thing we have though about is having a team of people on the forums that would be dedicated to making sure new members feel welcome, are getting replies to their posts, comments on their layouts, etc. Would you be interested in being part of an initiative like that?

Like Marisa said, we are a small team running Pixel Scrapper, and always in need of people to come along side us and help make our vision a reality!

Thanks I will sure give it some thought. Thanks Nae