The Sky Is The Limit

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The Sky Is The Limit

I made it to finalist in a contest on Singular Creation Art Show. The topic was The Sky is the Limit. A Sunset in Nebraska came to mind, I named Amazing Sky.. Please Consider Voting for My Photo. Fourth from the left in the top row. All Images are quiet Wonderful. Choose your favorite.
All the Best,

The Sky Is The Limit
A Singular Creation Showdown

great picture Beverly! You have my vote, I even chose you over the sunrise in NH (I'm a total NH gal!) Good luck dear!

Sharilynn, I saw the most beautiful sunsets in Nebraska, More than beautiful than any other State I have visited and lived in. Thank you very much for your vote.

Voted. I smiley your picture smiley

Thank you very much Lorien.

Great photo....definitely my got my vote!

Hey Beverly,

Gorgeous picture! I voted top marks!

Thank you very much Janet!

Magdalena, Thank you very much!

So pretty! Got my vote and I wish ya luck!

I voted loved your image

I voted for you - they are all fabulous but I honestly liked yours most - love the reflections. Fingers crossed for you! Let us know how you get on.

Thank you very much, Dae!

Sharron, Thank you very much!

Thank you so much, Dawn!