Tip that might help with installing Styles, Fonts, Etc.

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Tip that might help with installing Styles, Fonts, Etc.

I've noticed a couple of times in the forum people are concerned about how difficult it is to install and I am sure each software is different but this works so good for me and thought I would share. I did see the tip somewhere else but I don't remember where and it is where I learned how to do. It may have been here on pixelscrapper and I am sorry if I am repeating but so hard to find something you have seen on here before.
When you see any Free additions I just 1st Download and save the Zip file or asl, csh, abr, atn, ttf, etc. to my desktop and then go to the location where you normally take the file to and right click, there will be a drop down list so from there pick create a folder to your desk top and then all you have to do the next time is drag the file to that folder. Be sure and name the folder appropriately.

I have Windows 7 and Photoshop Elements 10. If you have any questions please ask and I will be glad to try and help you. This is such a time saver.

Like so...

thanks for the tip...

I will move it to digital scrapbooking discussion because there are people that don´t look at chit chat, so it´s more probable that it will be read. Thanks for helping, this is what I do too.