torn ligament in wrist means no LAD for me!

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torn ligament in wrist means no LAD for me!

Well I tore a ligament in my right wrist and I have my wrist in a brace. I cannot do any designing or layouts at the moment and I am supposed to limit my online time to one hour or less a day unless I use my Kindle fire. ( he does not want me using a mouse)
I pretty much cannot do any mouse work with this blasted brace on. I am super depressed.
Worst timing EVER

I had a zillion ideas for the layout a day. I was all set to go.
this is just depressing.
I am watching tho.
I can still use my kindle fire to look at all of your designs so don't think I am going away. I just cannot design anything.
I will be back.

give me some time to recover and I shall be making layouts like crazy


That is bad timing but hope it's better soon!

So sad smiley I wish full, fast and painless recovery smiley

Oh I'm so sorry about what happened to you Kay smiley hope you feel better soon so you can continue designing! ^_^

Feel better soon!

Oh this really stinks! Hopefully your recovery will become more bearable! Can't wait to have you back. smiley