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Totally Lost!

Hi all, I'm totally lost at the moment, giggles! It's been a while since I've been here and I'm trying to figure out what everyone is into right now...what's the latest thing everyone is creating and/or using?

I felt I had got off to a great start, creating and sharing, learning so much, then boom!, was hit with health issues so that's really set me back. But trying to get back to somewhat of a normal life again and of course my luv for graphics is one of the tops on my list. I would very much appreciate any input as I tried to look around but seeing soooo many wonderful goodies...I get too distracted! smiley

Hi Libby, welcome here! I too have been away for quite sometime now, so I won´t be very helpful with the new trends and all, but why don´t you take a look at the gallery? People here are so amazingly talented! I guess you are going to be back on track in no time at all!! Congrats on your health improvement and all the best to you!

Welcome back, Libby & Cintia!

Thank you Robin!

Welcome Back Ladies!

I, too, am so eclectic in my scrapping and/or creating that I'm not really up on what's in style right now. I mean when I go to IRL stamp and scrap shows, I haven't seen a whole lot change per 'se. I also haven't been to many other websites in the last YEAR, so as far as digital I don't know either if that much has "changed". smiley

I do know like some of the stamps I "collect" smiley lol at the shows, a lot of cute little critters are "IN" like Owls and Unicorns, and the sort especially!!! Kind of stuff stemming from newer social media, memes, or social lingo. Although, I don't have children, so I'm not sure what the "lingo" even is now. LoL

I just don't worry about what style is "in" or "popular" or "new" right now; instead I scrap what feels right for the photos I'm using. Sometimes that's a simple layout with very few elements, and other layouts end up with elaborate clustering.

@Libby, welcome back! You're far from the first scrapper to have to take a break due to health issues; I know of several members here who've had to as well. In fact, I came to digital scrapbooking as a budget- and energy-friendly hobby to keep myself busy after ending up on disability. Do what works for you, when it works for you! smiley

I thank you all ladies, greatly appreciated! smiley smiley

Welcome back, I am pretty new here and I am lost as well smiley

Welcome back, Libby! smiley

As to new trends in scrapbooking I reckon there are graphic design trends that also reflect in scrapbooking: typography, asymmetry, open designs, cute illustrations, mid century modern to mention a few.

Thanks ladies. Bina I hadn't thought of it in those terms, but so very true. And what a lovely name you have. smiley

welcome back Libby

hope you are feeling better I have not been here either for a long time due to health .. but I am for sure Marisa and the team can help you .. many hugs

Hi! IDK, but I think trends are subject to areas/regions... Here in the part of Missouri where I live, anything farmhouse, distressed wood, antlers, and stuff like that is on trend I guess. I work at a ranch that has a huge white barn chapel on it. Brides are using this style a lot. I see many wedding invitations/stationary that are strongly influenced by a rustic country theme.

I think it is quite beautiful!