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touchscreen computers

I am back! I had to get a new computer, and go on a business trip, but the Minions came with me, so stay tuned for their next adventure. Question - does anyone else have a touchscreen laptop? Is there any photo editing software for it? Or have you heard rumors of any coming? I use Lightroom and Elements, but have the space now to branch out!


I have a touchscreen laptop & use Photoshop. There is a add-on that was listed in the creative cloud manager. I can use the touchscreen in PS but I don't.. or haven't yet. I'm probably not much help but wanted to let you know it is there as an option.

I opted for more RAM (10GB) and an i7 for the price and saved a little not getting the touch screen when I had to buy a new laptop in November. Now, I'm a little bummed knowing I could have maybe used PS that way... ummm??? I wonder if they will come out with affordable touch screen monitors for our PCs that I can eventually afford? Maybe a gift for next Christmas in the works... LoL

I have a touchscreen but I must admit I don't use it for much. I am very comfortable with my mouse. Not too long ago I got a new HP laptop (husband got one too) that has Windows 8 and a Touchscreen. My biggest determining factor was a 17 inch screen - I am spoiled. I cannot tell you how many times I have gone to shut the power down and hit Restart instead of Shut Down when using the touchscreen.

It's nice having the ability but I don't always use it. I am not sure I would be very good at using the touchscreen with PS....instead I should just learn to use my Wacom!

My husband has a touch screen laptop and I absolutely hate windows 8! I thought I would love the touch screen part of it, but I don't like that either, so I'm always doing stuff in desktop mode - with a mouse. I guess I've hit my wall. smiley I'm just too "old school" now for the new computers. I don't know what I'm going to do when its time for me to get a new computer. My computer at home is running Windows Vista, I use XP at work (soon to upgade to win7).

Cat, on Windows 8 you can still use a Desktop...that is what I do. Somtimes I have to look for the icons for my programs to put them on my desktop but it isn't that hard. So don't be too concerned, at least for now you can still have a desktop.

I went with a touchscreen because of Windows 8. My laptop had Windows 7 & I loved it. But then it died smiley I read all the horrible reviews about Windows 8 when looking for a replacement and almost went with an older model laptop just to not have to upgrade to 8.
But then thinking about it.. with the next Windows upgrade it will most likely be touchscreen as well so I figured I may as well just get it rather then be stuck with a computer that's really out of date with the future versions of Windows capabilities.
What bothers me most is with the new laptop not having a right click button with the track pad. I think there is someway to do it but I am used to designing a certain way and it seemed like a pain in the butt..
Anyways.. I rarely use the touchscreen & have been using an external mouse with the desktop mode as well.

My hubby tells me that with the new update that just came out in October 2013 that you should be able to use Windows 8 similar to the old fashioned way (well pretty closely) I too use 8.1 with the desktop feature and a wireless mouse but my PC has been on windows 8 for a while now, so maybe I'm used to it?
As far as the laptop being touch screen for me that was a waste of money as I already had a 10" tablet, so the laptop was a way for me to have something portable with some u'mph (more power, larger HD, more ram and faster)... similar to a smaller, portable version of my PC. smiley My tablet works fine for the things I need it like internet access for classes, social media, email, book reading, etc to be touch screen but I'm good with it being the only touch screen I own right now. I like my 22" monitors way too much on my PC to sacrifice how small it would have to be to afford a touch screen one. smiley At $300-600 for one 22" I'm not sacrificing size for the latest johnny-on-the-spot tech thing here and now. I got awesome deals on my PC and laptops and didn't pay that much for them so the monitor costing as much as the unit is ridiculous to me.
Hubby tells me that if I really am dying to have a touchscreen laptop it's fairly cheap to upgrade (but we wouldn't be paying labor like the average person).

Thanks! I don't use the touch screen much either and am not a fan of Windows 8, but am slowly getting used to it. I will look for the add on for PS and see if it also for Elements...

@Bre I don't have a right or left click "button" on my track pad but you should be able to go to the lower left or right corner of the track pad and "click" there? You also might want to research your model because I believe with Windows 8 and toouchscreen you can "program" your track pad.

I don't have the actual buttons on my track pad, but I do have the ability to click on the lower right and the lower left of the pad and it acts like the separate buttons. One weird thing is that somehow I keep turning my trackpad off and I then have to use the touch screen to turn it back on. It is weird and annoying!

I don´t know what I´ll do when Windows 7 become obsolet... I think I don´t want to think on it! And I also guess I won´t really like a touchscreen computer... I like the way they are now...

Well, that touch screen laptop my husband has that I said I don't like - I'll be inheriting it. I guess I better learn to come to terms with Windows 8 smiley

I'm an anti touch screen. I would have to clean it too much as finger prints on monitors bother me so bad. The phone makes me crazy enough!

I am still REALLY old fashioned! I am still using XP! My work computer will be "upgraded" to Windows 7 on the first. I am going to have to upgrade my home computer pretty soon, too. I am really dreading having to learn all this new stuff...I am so very comfortable with XP, and I have finally just gotten back into the grove with scrapbooking. ARGH! Oh well adapt or die I guess! smiley

I have a touchscreen Dell I got a year ago, I have photoshop installed on it, yet I still have yet to really use the touch screen feature lol.