True or False? How clean is your home?

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True or False? How clean is your home?

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This saying is so true, With 3 kids and a husband is hard to keep the house clean, my house is not clean all the time, it's a never ending job, we prefer to enjoy quality time together, the cleaning will came after smiley

I agree.. with my husband and three kids is impossible to have a clean house, it seems like they're making memories or something, but i do manage myself to clean the house with the help of my husband, he enjoys helping me clean the house, and he is a good helper! smiley

There's always cleaning to do when I want, so I prefer to do things that may not happen again, like sharing a nice dinner with my husband or going for a walk with my dog. And of course doing something crafty. smiley

Oh boy this is a good one. I love a clean house but... fur babies running amuck makes it difficult to keep up. I would say it depends on the day. It would seem as the week wears on it gets a bit dirty-er. Sigh.

My house will never be spotless.... I tend to have a lot of clutter around, but it isn't filthy dirty. I don't think I'm at the hoarder level yet, but my boyfriend may disagree with that. I do tend to hoard craft supplies and will put them where ever I have room for them, although I do try to keep them in just two rooms. With working full time, plus a lot of overtime, when I get home from work I'm too tired to clean daily. My boyfriend does help with the cleaning, so I don't have to do it all, but there are a lot of other things I would rather be doing than cleaning house. And since we rarely get visitors, I don't feel like I need to have a house that can be on the cover of House Beautiful.

I have a touch of OCD when it comes to cleaning so my house is always spotless at some point in the day. But I also don't have children or an out of home job so I have the extra time to do the cleaning every day haha smiley

I think "clean" is different to "tidy". I would rather make sure the house is clean, but my house is never tidy!

I used to have a refrigerator magnet that read "Show me a clean house and I'll show you an older female relative coming to visit". I agree with Angela, my house is clean, but will never be tidy.

Love that quote, Penny! smiley My house is not nearly as neat as I would like it. I've been trying to figure out how to give my cats chores so they can help out, but they simply refuse. smiley My Sweetie helps a lot when I'm sick, but I would much rather do it myself.

I keep up fairly well with the daily cleaning but have a hard time with weekly chores with all the pain I suffer daily so my husband finally hired a girl to do the weekly cleaning and she just cleaned this week so it is pretty clean right now but only every two weeks. We don't get the house really dirty since it is just my husband and I.

Dear God I hope so.
I love your quote too Penny. It might as well read "mother-in-law" though. smiley
People that stop by always comment to me that my house is so clean and organized for a house w/three young kids, but I just try to keep it a bit above what grosses me out. I never considered myself to be OCD or anything, but I think having three kids so quickly together must have pushed me over the edge.

Clean, but not tidy. When my kids we "little", it was clean and tidy...then came home schooling, and I'd have to say that the tidy wasn't there anymore. With a business office in the home, and most the everyone else home, well the younger they were the less tidy. Middle school and HS was tidy. Now no ones home during the day or most evenings but me and the dog, and with my Fibromyalgia, I'd have to say most times it's not to clean even. Kids and hubby used to help a lot, but now neither my son nor hubby have much time or energy when home to help, so it's not filthy but there's dust, a few dishes in the sick, and my projects still out around the house, especially near my chair.

So a call before company comes is always best. smiley But I had to answer false because most of the time find it hard to find things, and I hate that we are spending time looking for things...but that might just be because we downsized and at my age I've not really settled in well enough yet to remember where that items set place is supposed to be.

I admit it - my house is a mess most of the time. I've learned to live with it, but I admit I don't like it... It used to be easy to keep my place clean when I was single, but my hubby is such a clutter bug & I had no idea until after we got married. His roommate/best man made a speech at our wedding about passing the "cleaning gauntlet" to me.....I had no idea what he was talking about at the time, so the joke was on me literally & figuratively! LOL And, well, my boys take after their dad. (darn, rats, oye) I don't feel peaceful in a messy environment. So I've claimed one room in the house to be mine that I try to keep clutter-free & clean - it's my escape. Only sometimes they come in there & mess up that room, too. LOL I can't win. smiley

I guess I'm the opposite as most of you. I feel when I walk in and I've left the house in shambles (granted I agree with there is definitely a difference between clean & tidy) so I am referring to a mess, not really dirty. But it makes me feel like I'm slacking when I don't have things in their proper place. It makes me feel out of "control". LoL To me there's NOTHING better than coming home from a vacation to a clean house with everything just so! smiley I am a tad neurotic that way... cleaning it spic and span before going on vacation especially. Other times I do tend to be a little easier on myself in that there's always tomorrow to play "catch up", but that's because the hubby is rubbing off on me a little after 15 years. smiley

Both me and my hubby are somewhat like packrats in certain areas... I have a craft room (out of control), he's got his sitting room that he does his woodwork in (out of control), but we keep the general living areas cleaned up until the kids come home smiley

Well, I can think on two or three times when we had spotless house since we got married, lol. Here it´s very hard to balance work, fun and cleaning/organizing... We didn´t find the perfect balance yet. The fact that my mom is a totally OCD which didn´t even let me help with any chore when I was single (she only thinks a house chore is ok if she does it herself to be quality-proof) don´t really help, as I didn´t learn to do them at the age teens generally do, so I´m still slow to most of them.

But I have to say something on my defense: People use to say that my hose don´t smell as a house with five cats. I even heard once that "Someone else´s, who has two cats only, has a house which stinks to cats, I´m impressed that your house, even being super messy, don´t smell so"...

There is an old poem I have always loved..."Cleaning and scrubbing can wait for tomorrow. For babies grow up much to our sorrow." My life has been about kids for the past 22 years. I became a stay at home mom with the birth of my first child and opened a in-home preschool shortly afterward. I keep my home clean enough that it is safe for the kids and that is about it. smiley)

Fun answers everyone!

I was raised in a borderline obsessively clean house, however I tend naturally towards chaos, so that now leaves me feeling uncomfortable about my natural inclination towards clutter. I guess that's what happens when nature and nurture collide.

LOL Marissa... I had the opposite problem - my mom's house is so cluttered it's like a war zone! I don't enjoy going there because sometimes you can't even find a spot on the couch to sit! (covered with books, magazines, newspapers, coats, knitting stuff, bills - you name it) Every single room in her house is like that. She even has clothes hanging from her bedpost, draped over her bed, on top of her dresser, on the floor.

I just couldn't stand living that way. Not to mention my allergies - how can you dust & clean when a house is so cluttered like that? And it used to be embarrassing to bring over friends/boyfriends. But they wouldn't say anything, and they always wanted to visit there... She has a ton of parrots in her kitchen which was a big draw (not for me so much.....they're loud & there would be bird seed & feathers everywhere), and my mom's very lively and entertaining so I'm sure that had something to do with it.

Anyhow, as a result of that, I tend to be more like Shawna... I like things to be in their place (which also makes it easier to clean), but my hubby & kids makes that almost impossible & I get sick of picking up after them all the time so I've tried to let it go... But when it gets to me too much I will pile everything up in one big pile on the dining room table - then they know Mum has had enough & it's time to pick up and put things away or she'll be mad. Besides, they have to do it or they can't eat - table's covered... smiley LOL

I grew up in a messy house and now I am a NEAT FREAK! Can't have a speck of dirt! But having said that I have developed amazing systems over the years that keeps the house spotless and the housework to the absolute bare minimum smiley

This is a funny post in which... to realize how much our upbringing had an impact on each of us probably. I too, like Lizanne and Janae grew up in a somewhat chaotic family home... which I don't blame my mother really. I mean raising 7 children alone while working 3 jobs and no child support from a dead beat dad... She did the best she could manage with the 15 minutes of free time she had each day. LoL ...but I know it is what made me the neat freak I am today. smiley I remember the first time my MIL came to my home she just said wait until you have kids, your house will never look like this. I tried to take it as a compliment. LoL

Feeling uncomfortable in the overly neat or messy home: one of the things I figured out when kids were little and I realized thing were getting on my nerves was that if my silverware drawer in the kitchen was clean, I could live with the rest! Don't ask me why that silverware drawer, but that's what it was. And the funny thing is the silverware always was the first chore the kids got. At 7-8months old when they wanted to help, they first loaded them into the dishwasher. Then at about 3-4 then started unloading it. Guess thats why when they started doing that i realized they better learn to do it right...and to this day, the only one I trust to do it correct is my youngest who spent the most time doing it!

When we do pre-marriage counseling or crisis counseling we always ask which. One is the cleaner, and than ask then to think about what item is their " kitchen drawer", and then we make sure each of them realizes it and offers to help make sure it's set and kept just right. For many men it's the garage.

I grew up in a hoarder household. I didn't realize this until I was grown-up and moved away, though. But because of that childhood, I never learned basic cleaning techniques. I've had to learn as I go, in adulthood. Luckily, my husband grew up in a house where having a tidy household was not a major concern, so he's very understanding. I visited my mom's apartment right after I got engaged, and it was disgusting. After being away from it for a couple years, I finally realized how sad it was, and I was ashamed to take my husband there. Instead of running away, though, he rolled up his sleeves and helped clean her place.
I do like *having* a clean house, but my own health concerns sometimes make it so I don't have energy to clean every day. I'd much rather be exhausted from taking my kid to soccer practice, than have no energy to do so because I cleaned the house. smiley

Totally true!

I have 3 boys. Ages 14, 11, and 7. They are masters of junking up rooms like the kitchen and living room. I've decided that I'm never going to have a spotless house until they grow up and move out, so I settle for lived in. For the most part, things are clean, but if there's socks in the living room, I'm not going to immediately spring up and take them to the washer. If they sit there for a day or two, oh well. smiley

Penny I LOVE your quote and it is sooooo true!! I disagree with the statement "a clean house is the sign of a wasted life" purely because it's too judgemental. I hate cleaning but there are others that take great pleasure in it and if it makes them happy then go for it - just don't expect me to follow suit. My house is mostly clean and reasonably tidy - if you stay out of my son's room, my craft room and hubby's study. The only time they are tidy is if ... an older female relative is coming to visit!! smiley

My house is always cluttered and in disarray, just like my brain lol

I am a hoarder according to my hubby, but I would call it being sentimental I can get rid of rubbish but find it hard to part with some items, some of the kids artwork, craft items and a few special items of clothing or things that have nothing wrong with them but I haven't used them for awhile or items for projects I want to do but haven't got to yet. I tend to attach sentimental value to things my hubby thinks are useless, however when I think his old computer bits or games are rubbish I am wrong and they apparently have great value. LOL Our house is defintely cluttered and not tidy because even though most things have a home they don't always end up back where the came from. While I like to have a clean and tidy house with working, looking after the kids, taking them to their activities I have learnt that sometimes you have to priortise me or family time over having a spotless house. In saying that if the mother in law is expected I become a clean freak.

Love your first sentence Cat!!!

My house is obsessively clean... and I feel like it is a total waste of my life effort to keep it that way. My husband feels that anything other than model-home housing is unacceptable. Yet he won't do the cleaning himself. s: It's something I really dislike, though I do try to keep my Scrapcrap, Quiltmess, Dog clothing, and everything else in respective boxes in my office. I want to be able to access all my 'stuff' easily, but I have no problem leaving an unfinished project out for weeks until it's done.

I only have myself and I can't seem to keep my house tidy, it's clean but if there's a flat surface I've got it stacked up with paper or beads or wool or Swedish weaving projects. I can't put anything away cause then I'll never find it.
I keep moving stuff around so I can clean but it never gets uncluttered.