tutorial request... hope I am in the correct section.

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tutorial request... hope I am in the correct section.

I read tutorial request, but I can't seem to find it to post there. So I will ask here, hope that is ok.
How do I make a border, out line around an element like so...


Not the castle, but the out line. I see so many cute elements here with border. Any tips on how that is done?

Thank you so much, Jill

It is best to tell what program you use and then someone can explain how to do.

Creating this border is very easy if you have PS or PSE .... it is a stroke and can be found in the effects ... double click and you have created it .... then go back and click on the effects symbol in your layer to open the dialog box, click on the colour box and use the eye dropper to choose your colour ... Gimp will do this in a similar manner. If you are using PSP or another piece of software I don't know but there are lots of people here who will or you can search out strokes in the software you are using online.

I have a tutorial for it on my blog on Portuguese. When I made it I was going to translate and post here, but I forgot o.O If my cats allow me, I´ll do it still today - It´s basically what Susan is saying, but with some pics on where things are...

Of course, I am using Photoshop C6, thanks

Thank you Susan, I will give that a try! smiley

Awesome, pictures would help tremendously! I am visual learner. Thanks! smiley

When I went to see my tutorial I realised two things: One is that I made it more than one year ago o.O and other is that I thought I just included the stroke technique, but I had, indeed, a bit more. Anyway, the tut is tanslated now, you can see it here. What really matters to you is from step 5 and below.

Please let me know when you see these answers, so I can change the title of your topic and move it to the digital scrapbook discussion forum.

Do you add a stroke to all your elements? I am curious as to when do you use this?

No, I use it only sometimes, to give either a sticker or a die-cut look.

I see, it seems you prefer a sharp edge over a drop shadow look for the cut look. Thanks

Thank you girls for all the info!!! smiley

sorry, I have to go off topic for a quick comment…LOVE your photo, Jill Myers…lol…Hyacinth Bucket is the best!!!