Wanna Meet Chef Sam Talbot?

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Wanna Meet Chef Sam Talbot?

So funny to see the thread about meeting famous people when I was popping in to post a chance to meet Chef Sam Talbot. Sam is a Type 1 diabetic, cookbook author and chef who won fan favorite on Season 2 of Top Chef. He is my celebrity crush and a terrific guy. We talk on Facebook but I haven't yet met him in person. Rue La La, a shopping site, is sponsoring a contest to spend the day with him in New York. They won't pick a winner until they have 50 entries and there are only about 14 now. So.....

Watch this video: http://www.ruelala.com/blog/2013/07/14/sunday-supper-pro-chef-style/

Answer this trivia question: https://twitter.com/RueLaLa/status/356839271337955330

And hey, why you are at it, cook those recipes. The demo recipe is getting cooked at my house tonight. The other one has been eaten here many times- delish! (Although I like it best cold and without cooking the strawberries.)

If you win, just remember what good friends we are! smiley

(And, yes, mollycooks is me- 1st one to answer!)