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Hey guys. It's a been a really tough few months for me and my family, but things are getting back to normal now. I've done bits and pieces of designing but I'm looking forward to making kits again! Gonna get started on July bt!

I'm the awkward person standing on the outskirts of the party, so anyone wanna be my friend? I'm nice, I promise smiley


Sure Sarah, come on in - we are a friendly group here and would love to have you join in!

Hi, Sarah! Nice to meet you! You'll find that Pixel Scrapper is a great place to hang out - everyone is very friendly, welcoming and supportive. smiley

Thanks for the welcome guys!

Don't you just love the feeling of accomplishment when something you've spent so long on comes together?? That's me right now smiley

I'm totally the awkward person on the outskirts of the party too, usually with a cat or dog lol! smiley

Haha, I opened the chit chat forum and recognized your avatar by the tumbnail. Then I thought "oh, so cool, Sarah is back". Well, welcome home, as I use to say...

lol! Me too, but make that 3 cats smiley

Thanks Lorien! Nice to see you again!

Lorien, I absolutely love how you say "welcome home".

@Moolie: What else someone should say? Isn´t it home? LOL

Love you girls, you brighten my day!

Yes, it IS home. My home on the internet. Which is why I love it so much that you say it! smiley

I'm a bit late to the conversation but *waving madly* hi Sarah! Can't wait to see some more of your work!

I'm always a bit late to the party but that's me. Hi Sarah, waves back!!

I'm totally late to the party as I was off celebrating my anniversary upon your return Sarah. Good to see you back. Hope to see some lovely designs flowing out of that beautiful mind soon. smiley

Hey girls! Sorry, hectic weekend. It's very nice to meet you all. For the first time my own website is so close to launching! *squeal*

Hey Sarah! Be sure to post a link to your site in the forum or on your profile.

Hey guys, just thought I'd let you know my graphic design site has launched... eek. Please go check it out and hopefully like it on its Facebook page.


Much love xx

Oh Sarah: I love your vintage templates for the old time photos!!! Stunning! I also liked your FB and went through all of your pins. smiley

Thank you so much Shawna! I was going through a very self-conscious period as soon as I published the site and my work on fb, and seeing your likes and comment this morning has really boosted my confidence smiley

Hiya Sarah,

Haven't met ya yet but hoping all is going well your way.
Doing something you enjoy is relaxing and calming to me.
Looking forward to looking at your creations.


It is very nice to meet you! You have a lovely site, and your portfolio is gorgeous smiley