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Wedding Scrapping

So I am making a scrapbook for both my sisters and my brother of their weddings. I can not bring myself to scrap my wedding due to the fact that my cake was the wrong color and when I say wrong I mean wrong. The first cake they dropped, the second cake they again ruined on me! My colors were silver and purple. My cake was suppose to be white and purple. I wound up getting a awful neon pink cake. And my photographer made a huge no no in my book. I just moved to Florida and did not get to see my brothers two kids as much as I did when I lived in Illinois and a half hour away from me. I said take as much pictures of my niece and nephew, he winds up taking a ton of pictures of someone I dont even know who was at the wedding kid and I have pictures of this child and his huge head! Every time I look at my photos I get upset and I dont even know how to scrap them with out getting mad. Granted it was 11 years ago but still. I wish I had a do over!!!!!

Well you don't. Have you tried to get pictures from others that have taken pictures from your wedding? There may be some great shots or shots that with Photoshop you can make great. Sometimes the shots others took capture a lot more than what a photographer does.

As to the cake color. Recolor it in Photoshop to the colors you want. You will than have the shot you wanted.

Oh dear. My suggestion would to try and find the humor in it -- you could try a cakewreck blog-type layout with a This is what I asked for; This is what I got!" Similarly, have a page with pictures of that kid asking "Who IS this?" and explain the story. Maybe easier said than done, I know.

Bren had some great ideas - getting photos from other people that might have taken pictures @ your wedding, and "photo-shopping" the cake. (I never would have thought of that!) And just think about all the fun you can have journaling about all the "oops." smiley

If it makes you feel any better, my wedding had a few glitches or "oops" too...

  • The guy who did the catering for our reception put garlic potatoes in the same fridge my wedding cake was in - the cake had a garlic taste to it smiley (I kid you not, my mom wouldn't stop talking about it).

  • Because we had to "up" our marriage date so we could get married by our pastor (he was relocating) we had trouble getting a reception hall & had to have ours in the church basement (dark, yucky paneling and not much room so we had to limit the number of people we invited). smiley

  • The only date the pastor had available to marry us was the Saturday of Mother's Day weekend, so we had problems getting a florist... No one would talk to me when I told them what weekend it was - they'd quickly tell me, "no," and hang up. smiley

  • The florist I was finally able to get (one just starting out, who was desperate for work & references) - she botched my bridesmaids bouquets... The bouquets were supposed to be fresh or dried lilacs in a variety of colors (to match their dresses) - she did silks, despite my telling her from the beginning (very strongly, I might add) that I did NOT want to use silks at all. Why she did this I have no idea... smiley Lilacs WERE in full bloom at that time I got married - my wedding photos outside the church were in front of lilac bushes that were in full bloom.

  • My mother got mad at me because I wouldn't let her invite HER friends to my wedding (due to the space issue I mentioned earlier) and almost didn't make my wedding dress. smiley (I didn't buy one because she made such a big stink about wanting to make me one, so that could have been colossal)

  • And even funnier (don't know how this happened).... about 30 minutes after we left for part 1 of our honeymoon destination we realized that we forgot my suitcase! And my hubby didn't want to go back for it! So here we are, on our honeymoon, shopping for clothes & toiletries and what not... (a guy's nightmare & not exactly what you want to be doing on your honeymoon) Thankfully we weren't flying out anywhere for a few days (we started our honeymoon at a remote B+B in Rockport, MA which was only a few hours away from us) - it just meant checking in very late & eating very late (we ended up eating at a bar because most of the restaurants weren't open for the season yet & the few that had were already closed for the night - just our luck, eh?! LOL).

I sit back & laugh at it all now... Hopefully someday you will too. smiley

ahhhh y'alls stories are NOTHING... LoL

Just THREE things I'll share about my wedding: and these aren't even some of the worst... aggghhh.

1) My car caught fire driving to get my hair done the morning of the wedding!
2) A storm (with tornado warnings/sightings everywhere around us) took out the power at our "borrowed" church (similar to a reason Lizanne mentions above) for four hours and barely came back on 15 minutes before guests arrived at the church.
3) And our all-time Favorite, which we found out a month after the wedding... when going to pick them up. Our photographer FORGOT to take even ONE single photo of me and the hubby together ALONE at our wedding, and this was an experienced photographer we paid almost $3500 (1/3 of our wedding budget!) To his credit though we both come from families of 7 siblings and spouses and I guess he got so side-tracked getting all the family shots he forgot to tell us for everyone to leave and take just OURS????

There are some more crazy bad ones, but I don't feel comfortable sharing them online... LoL (if that gives you any indication) smiley

BUT, we still have the BEST laughs about our wedding day coming up on 13 years later. It was the best day of our life, and one we will never forget, ever! smiley We were told when it started to rain that morning by a wise older friend that they say if it rains on your wedding day, you will have a wonderful, strong, lasting marriage. That night, we looked over everything that happened to us before passing out, and said "Well, at least we know when the trials come at us, we can make it through them!" We've had some major doozies in our lives and laughing even in the sad or hard times has helped us through some wicked crazy junk!

I had a friend who got married in a very low budget because she had extra family expenses and nedded to used the wedding money; an aquientance that was a photographer told her she could take the pictures for free... Well, the wedding was at a park and it had a delay because of a traffic jam... It happened exactly in the dusk and... they dind´t have lights for it at the park...
Then, the photographer didn´t took all the family pictures and almost all the reception photos were from the photographer´s table, the people who were nearby and the photographer food (it was before instagam, lol). This friend will do a wedding remake at the 9th anniversary.
I didn´t have a very big formal wedding, so don´t have the formal photos... well, it´s life :p

I love the stories. My wedding was very low-key and quickly arranged. Back in 1971, if you wanted to live together, you had better be married! So with 6 weeks to plan, we wound up with a small (some would say "intimate") wedding ceremony in the living room at the parsonage. I was away at college and the wedding was held in my home town. My sister was an accomplished seamstress and she made my dress. I had bought ivory linen for my dress and yellow linen for "bridesmaid" dresses for my two sisters. So I mailed the fabric and patterns to her. When I got to town for the wedding, she had made my dress from the pattern I selected, but she had picked a different one for the bridesmaids. She didn't like the pattern I had picked and she wouldn't want to wear the dress afterward if she had used my pattern!

I haven't scrapped my wedding at all -- all we have a snapshots which hubby's father took.

However, I scrapped my niece's wedding in 2005. (Pictures here.) Tomorrow, her younger sister is getting married and I plan to put together a pocket album for her using the 6x8 size like the Sn@p ones.

My wedding was planned in a bit of a rush, after my teacher said she'd help so much I made her our maid of honour. her daughter was the flower girl and she was directing a full choir and playing piano at the wedding, and making the cake. She was meant to organise the hens night, the venue and therefore date, and help me go dress shopping, and do hair and makeup on the day. A few months went by and the date we wanted came and went. She didn't help with much of the planning at all, as i suspect she took on more than she could handle.

We decided to hire our own church and organise everything ourselves, despite her saying she'd help, and now only had about 2 months to plan it all. I got my dress online as it was cheaper and i could get what i wanted for only $200. We got fake flowers from cheap as chips and made the food ourselves. we had some really kind friends who offered to film and photograph for free as their gift. We did the whole wedding for under $3000. The maid of honour didnt help with much, didnt even come to the hens night, and then turned up 2 hours late for the rehearsal dinner, and told us all the table settings we'd done were "wrong" and tried to tell my dad how to walk down the aisle, and told me how to wear the veil etc etc, and told us our choice of wedding glasses were terrible. My then fiance was so upset he fired her 3 hours before the wedding, so all the was meant to do had to be replaced!!! She did leave her cake though, so it was bittersweet. The rest of the day went well.

@ Laura - I am so sorry about your wedding, but I can definitely relate about wanting a do-over.

I had my wedding dress custom made. She made a muslin (mock-up in cheap/muslin material) of my dress and it fit wonderful, everything was perfect. A few days before the wedding I went to my fitting and the dress was about 4-5 sizes too small. Neither one of us could figure out what happened, since the final was made from the muslin specifications. The only way to fix it was to add panels, which made the fit WAY off. It was horrible.

We had a beach wedding, nothing fancy, tropical attire. The venue came with a sound system and the lady that owned/ran the venue was supposed to set-up and run the sound system, but the morning of the wedding she ended up with severe pneumonia. Her backup was on vacation, so we had to scramble to set up and the music for our entire ceremony was played on a "boombox" that one of my guests was holding and had to keep pressing play and stop when we told her to. Not to mention, there was a tropical storm off the coast, so the wind was pretty bad. The ceremony was supposed to be on the beach, but due to the storm there was no beach, the water was right up to the deck.

When we got our professional photos, well, the disk with them, about 75% of them were corrupted, so we had to rely on photo's that the guests took.

But if I did a do-over I would only change the dress, it was beyond horrible and so one of my guests wouldn't have to do the music.

woah dawn! sounds pretty bad, but at least you don't dwell on it. by the way, if anyone needs inspiration on wedding layouts, I've just uploaded a whole bunch of mine in the gallery.