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Weekend Plans

What are your weekend plans? Anything fun? Boring? Or otherwise?

Tomorrow morning I'm going to a Stamp a Stack which is a class put on by my Stampin' Up demonstrator friend where for $23 you create 15 cards, 3 of 5 different designs, that my friend has precut and counted all the materials for. There is limited creativity with this activity but it is still nice to get 15 homemade cards. She does this ever 3 months. It is so much fun and I hate missing one.

Sunday I'm off to church.

Other than that, now that hockey is over, I have no real plans maybe clean and scrap. We'll see.

All the next weekends are pretty full here!

Tomorrow I´ll go to our Tolkien Society meeting, and maybe (It´s more a no than a yes) to a birthday party of a husband´s friends. It´s mosto probable that he will go alone and I´ll stay home doing something else. And Sunday we will go together to a city more or less close to ours (about 2 hours by subway and then train) to visit old friends in the morning, and go to other friend birthday at noon. Hope I can take lots of photos to scrap later smiley

We're car shopping for my hubby.... Need to find a replacement vehicle (used) that's affordable & gets at least 30 mpg since his commute is 2 hrs a day.... Wish me luck!

@Lorien, what is the Tolkien Society? What do you do there and what do you like about it?

@Lizanne, what kind of car are you in the market for? Within the year we are going to be buying our daughter a VW Beetle. She is so excited. smiley

Every Friday we go to the weekend flea market. The sell mostly used clothes and it's fantastic. I arrived here with just the clothes on my back, as they say, so being able to find affordable clothing has been super. I am intending to make a blog post about it, but we keep forgetting the camera....

I'm going to have the most DELIGHTFUL weekend. My brother notified me just yesterday that his pathology report on his cancer surgery this past week shows that they got all of the tumors and his prognosis is good. HEAVY sigh of relief. I've been worried and preoccupied with it all this past week, so after the good news, we can thank the Universe for sweet and tender mercies. I am hoping for a day filled with sunshine tomorrow so that I can sit under the trees and write in my journal. I might even watercolor a tree full of blue birds in my journal.

@Marisa I would love to see a blog post. I adore reading about your adventures.

@Sunny, that's phenomenal news! YAY! I'm very happy to hear that amazing news. It sounds sweet to journal and paint under a tree full of bluebirds; almost like something you'd see only in Fairy tails. smiley

@Heather: So far we've narrowed it down to the Ford Focus, Honda Civic & Toyota Corolla. They all seem to have good reviews for repair records & good gas mileage (over 30 mpg Highway).

The sad thing is my hubby rented a 2012 Ford Focus SEL this week that's loaded (all the bells & whistles you could think of and more, plus the most comfortable seats I've ever sat on in a vehicle) and we love smiley it - none of the other cars compare to it IOHO - unfortunately we can't afford it right now (being on a single income & all). Today we headed out to test drive a few older Focus', but they don't hold a candle to the 2012 - it really set the bar high. For example, the control layout is much nicer, they use liquid crystal displays with graphics (where the old model had digital letters & numbers scrolling across the screen), it has on-screen menus (which makes it easier to find options & not have to pull out the manual and read... who reads that anyhow?! lol), the climate control now adjusts for passenger & driver at separate temperatures AND you can set that to be "automatic" so the fans automatically increase & decrease to hold that temperature (my husband even noticed it switches to go to defrosting when the windshield began to fog - talk about impressive!), they added a USB interface in addition to having the AUX adapter (for your mp3 player, for instance) so now you can plug your laptop into the USB interface & run it there, it also has voice activation so you can tell the car what device you want to hook up to (USB, Bluetooth, phone or what not) and it will hook up and connect to those devices on your command (for a techie it's a dream - you should have seen my kids eyes light up!), and the seats are SOoooo comfortable (hug your body, are leather, sporty in design & heated), the adjustable power mirrors have a "fish eye lens" that gives you a broad sweep of everything beside you, the rear view mirror automatically dims when there's glare from cars behind you, the headlights will automatically turn on when it gets dark enough to need lights.....and I'm probably forgetting some things! We learned Ford redesigned the Focus in 2012, so that's probably why we aren't as happy with the older models. Plus the older models drive differently from the 2012s - they don't grab the road as well & don't feel as solid.

It's too bad we weren't looking for a car a couple years from now - we'd buy the 2012 in a heartbeat.

@Lizanne... that Focus SEL sounds awesome! I love all the bells and whistles in my cars. I don't always get them, obviously, but I like to test drive them and pretend. lol We often go to the autoshow in town and I will even get into a Jag or Bentley (my two dream cars) and just dream. It's fun to dream sometimes. My husband does a lot of travel for his job and is getting a lot of rentals that are very amazing. It's hard for him to come back and drive something that isn't as fun. I the USB sounds awesome! And voice activation... it reminds me of the new Google car I saw on the news a couple days ago that drove it's self. CRAZY! Pretty spectacular but Crazy! smiley Just think in a couple of years, that 2012 will also be used and maybe then you can get a slightly used amazing car. smiley Let know what you get and maybe add pictures of your favorite parts. I love car shopping and all things cars. Actually, my whole family (except maybe my daughter) is pretty car crazy. My boys watch the British and American versions of Top Gear, pretty much non-stop! smiley Thanks so much for sharing.

@Heather: No problem! smiley Speaking of cars... We weren't shopping for me, but I saw a few cars on different lots that I was absolutely drooling over. I don't know why, but I absolutely loved 2 different convertibles I saw - one was a Mini Cooper and the other was one of the newer VW Bugs (have always loved the bugs - old & new).

My youngest son LOVES cars & loves racing - he's only 9, but he loves watching racing & he loves racing go-karts. A few times we've taken him to antique car shows & he just loves it (which warms my heart - I had a friend in college that really got me hooked on those Model-T's.... shh, don't tell him!). Oh, and he LOVES Top Gear!

@ Heather The original Tolkien Society is an English group dedicated to study the works of JRR Tolkien , author of Lord of The Rings, The Hobbit, and many other books. Here we have a community that´s based on the English group, although we are very different of them.

In my town we have 1 or 2 meetings every month (which is probably the group of this kind that has more meetings every year all over the world, according to what our members report from international events) and we join various kinds of the events as guests. I am a member of this group since 2004, and I first met my husband there - later we discovered lots of things in common and got married, and there are more 4 or 5 couples that met there and are engaged/married.

In our meetings we use to study for a while, but also do other kinds of activities, like storyteller and play games together. Last Saturday we started the meeting reading The Hobbit to learn/remember things that are different between the movie and the book, then we had lunch and presentations for the people that were first comming to a meeting (as there are lots of newcomers due to The Hobbit movie). Then, we had a fun and games afternoon, to get everybody to know each other. First we played a guessing game, and then a card game.

You all can´t imagine how I´m feeling tired today due to my busy weekend - I feel really exausted, and I´m feeling pain on my bad ankle (the one that has a degeneration on the nerve). I´m so exhausted that I can´t think very well, and I am taking so long to progress in the stuff I´m designing. But it was great fun smiley.

Well, not much happened here this weekend. I got my tomatoes, peppers, and zucchini plants started and that's it. Hopefully, it will stay warm now and no more snow.

@Lorien: that group sounds like a lot of fun! smiley I imagine if I lived down your way I probably would have joined it myself!

@Heather: Still haven't found the right car yet. As much as we liked the Ford Focus, the car didn't get great mileage.... After burning through a full tank, we discovered that the advertised city mpg is what we got for highway! (not good) So back to the drawing board... It's looking more & more like we're leaning toward a Toyota Corolla (1st choice) or Honda Civic (2nd choice). I only hope we can find the right one before the week rental's up!

this weekend i am going to Art in the Park. my sister Patsy is going to sell some of her paintings! i planned to join also but didn't get to paint enough this past year to want to sell some.

@Marisa: I love weekend flea markets!

Sounds like everyone had a good weekend.

What will you do in this weekend?

Tomorrow I´ll probably have lunch on my mother´s. I´ll maybe have to go to a comercial center to look for a gift for a birthday I´m going on Sunday, but I´m still not sure about it.

On Sunday, as I said, I have a birthday to go in the noon. Is from the son of a good friend, who is turning 4. In early morning I need to go to the fruits and veggies market that happens only on Sundays in my neighborhood, to buy food for the week, and, If I can find a vase of a cat grass I need to buy it for Éowyn. But they are always all sold early in the morning, so it depends on me and my hubby waking up early.

Saturday is up in the for us, I have laundry to be done. A bathroom and bedrooms screaming to be cleaned. And of course vacuuming and moping to be done. The husband and kids might be thrown out of the house for the day depending on the weather. Its the first Saturday of the month and county residents get in the zoo for free.

Sunday is my sons 9th birthday! So baking a cake and making his birthday dinner! And of course taking pictures of the occasion!

@Lorien: What is cat grass? Is that like cat nip? http://www.fabcats.org/behaviour/other/catnip.html

@Marisa, not really. I am not sure now if "cat grass" is the name in English. If I´m not mistaken I saw it in Must Love Cats, but can´t remember for sure. It´s a grass perfecly safe for the cats to eat, and, when they do, it can help to expell the fur they accumulate in stomach. Although all mines are shorthair, Éowyn who is smaller and with the most fragile health, sometimes has problems with fur balls.

They are very different in apperance from catnip: http://me-adota.blogspot.com.br/2011/04/bolas-de-pelos.html#axzz2PfjOThFM

In the market I go it´s sold in little flower pots - and is the first thing to run out.

My weekend plans... well, it's half over but yesterday (Friday) we went out to dinner with my sister and her family. We went to a place that I normally love but yesterday it just didn't sit right. I have been really eating healthy lately and to have greasy fried food was not nice on my tummy. Maybe I'll not go there again. It is a buffalo wing place that's also like a sports part. Not really high class but yet kind of fun. I always see people I know there, especially on a Friday.

Today was the first time I slept more than 4-5 hrs ins months. I have been having terrible insomnia but last night I finally slept. OH, IT WAS DEVINE! We my husband and I did some shopping. It was nice to spend time with him.

Tonight I'm going to request we watch a movie... not sure which one, probably something cheesy... those tend to be my favorite. Maybe we'll have some yummy popcorn. I love our popcorn. We make it on the stove with coconut oil and put real butter and some salt on top. Couldn't be better!

Tomorrow though... is the pièce de résistance!!!!! It's my birthday!!! YAY!!! Ok, so the wacka-doo in me gets super excited when my birthday falls on a Sunday. I was born on a Sunday so it seems like I come full circle or something goofy like that. I don't think I'm getting any gifts which is super sad to me because I LOVE gifts. It's dumb, I know but I am pretty sure that's my love language so... yeah... I just love surprise and opening wrapped gifts. IT's not like it even really matters what's inside.

Happy b-day Heather! Wow, lots of birthdays tomorrow! XD Hope you have a fun day with less pain possible smiley

Can you share your popcorn recipie? I got interested on it.

@Lorien: Hmmm. Interesting! Our cats don't really seem to struggle with hair balls, but I like the image of a cat eating grass.

I have a wall to paint and have been procrastinating for weeks, I really should get off my lazy bum and do it this weekend. That of course doesn't necessarily mean it'll get done smiley