What are you listening to?

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What are you listening to?

Anyone listening to some cool, new music? Or what do you usually listen to when scrapping?

I confess that I think better when I'm singing. I actually used to have trouble in school because I would be humming under my breath during tests...Jordan likes the quiet, so we have to compromise.

In the morning I love to listen to these albums by a friend from college. (Album on Amazon)

I'm also enjoying the new album from Tegan and Sara

Almost every day listening to radio 538, a dutch radiostation: http://www.538.nl/

I usually have something playing on Netflix in the background, though I don't pay much attention to it. I recently 'listened' to most of the show Lost, and right now I'm working my way through Star Trek: Voyager.

I usually have BBC Radio 2 in the background and sing along when something grabs my attention or the ipod where we have a massive collection of all sorts of music. At the moment, on the pc, I am playing the new album from the American Country/Rock group Big & Rich called Hillbilly Jedi which I got for Mother's Day - love it. Brandi - you made me laugh. If i have a lot of cutting-out ot do I sometimes do that in the living room while "listening" to my TV soap program backlog LOL

While I'm scrapping I'm usually watching some sort of movie or TV. I am finding that I tend to like to listen to conversation. I have tried listening to lectures or books and they are just not as fun for me as a show of some sort. I have a very crazy brain. lol
However, I am loving The Lumineers and Needtobreathe right now.

My current favorite from Needtobreathe is:

And one I really like from The Lunineers

I'm also super excited about She and Him coming out with a new album in May.

I am enjoying a mixture of music at the moment, depending on my mood and on what I grab first in the morning. Radio, CD's or my re-discovered vinyls collection. Nothing like the music of the 80ths and 90ths to get me dreaming! smiley
Right now on my desk there are Train, Alan Parsons Project, Robbie Williams, Coldplay, Naturally 7, Joe Cocker, Mika, Reamonn, Pablo Alborán, Phil Collins, Gustav Mahler, Pavarotti...etc. My recipe to turn a bad day into a good one: ABBA - Soundtrack of Mamma Mia or The best of. smiley

Hey Heather, I didn't know needtobreathe. Thank you for sharing. Their music is awesome!

The only time I listen to music is either when my husband is playing music or he's playing the guitar. I love music and wanted to be a music teacher until I realized I would be poor if I did (I'm still poor), but I find it too distracting since I want to stop and sing and listen to all the little nuances of the music. I need quiet to concentrate.

Today we are listening radio! A classic rock station of our town. If you wanna hear its www.kissfm.com.br

I've been listening to a little bit of Enya, and yesterday I pulled out my Irish pub music in honor of St. Patty's Day. smiley

Heather I love hearing new bands so I shall research need to breathe and she and him (already got some lumineers smiley )
Jasmine I love most of yours (some I don't know) but Alan Parsons!!! I love Alan Parsons Project but so rarely meet anyone who's heard of them.
Lizanne - you can never go wrong with a bit of Enya smiley

I'm a hard-rock kinda girl, especially from the 80's! they don't make music any more like then :p
I listen online to chronixradio.com

Dana, what bands do you like? We listen to a lot of 80s hard rock around here but we often debate whether or not a band is hard rock or another genre.

I am listening to a didgeridoo cd right now.

I smiley didgeridoo

Heather, of many bands I don't know which genre they are. there are too many! Metallica, nirvana, acdc, pink floyd... is my style.
my favorite band is Disturbed

Dana, I think a lot of those bands cross genres like Pink Floyd is kind of heavy metal, kind of alternative yet is classic rock. And maybe the same is true for AC/DC but I wouldn't put Metallica in alternative or classic and Nirvana in classic yet they are all the same sort of style. This is what we do for fun at our house... name the genre! lol I have never heard of Disturbed... I'm not a huge fan of this genre overall but I love a lot of the songs. Another crazy thing is that the bands of this weird genre that my husband likes are not the ones I like and my son like neither of those. It's really kind of funny to me. But we tend to own most of the albums and listen to them a lot. smiley There is a Christian band that is sort of in the same genre called Skillet that I adore! They were my favorite for awhile but I got bored because they're too new and not enough new music coming out. I also like Theory of a Deadman's songs but I have a hard time with a lot of the cussing, it's harsh for me to listen to but they have great style and sound. On of my sons favorite in the genre is Soundgarden. He loves Chris Cornell's voice. And my brother really likes System of a Down.

Heather and Dana - Deep Purple!! Can't go wrong there if you like heavy rock. I adore theory of a deadman (prefer without so much cussing too) but have to import the cds as they are relatively unknown in the UK. Try Black Country Communion which is a band made up of members on lease from other great bands with the fabulous voice of Joe Bonamassa.

Heather: I'm not good in guessing the genre, you can add S.O.A.D. to my list. I used to listen to King Diamond, Queensrÿche, Rammstein and so many others when I was a teenager. As long it isn't music of the 90's.
Dawn: I do love Deep purple, I also love the voice of Phil Collins (genesis), REM and Live
My husbands favorite band is Depeche Mode

I like rock from the 60's-80's (some 90's), and I loved the crazy, electic stuff from the 80's (it was loads of fun to sing & dance to)... Today's music, not so much. Also like stuff by Alison Krauss (bluegrass), new age music, reggae, Carribean, Hawaiian, some country (not into the hillbilly stuff), and Christian rock/pop (but not the gospel stuff). Oh, and a little throwback here - big band music. I like all kinds of stuff!

@Dana: You have just inspired me to listen to some Phil Collins.

I listen to music all day, my kids always are saying: our mother can't live without music and I think I love all kinds of genres.
At this moment I like the new song of the script very much, called: if you could see me now
It also has to do with my mood, when I am a bit of sad, I listen to slow music, when I'm a bit angry I listen to hard rock LOL

I'm either usually listening to my favorite talk radio station or I have the ear buds in listening to ZZ, Lynard, Janis, Aerosmith...yep, I'm a conservative, redneck, hippy, hardrocker! I like to take my ZTR mower out in the orchard and mow to the same tunes. Anyone who drives by while I'm mowing and sees me "boppin'" probably thinks I'm a lunatic, but it sure makes the mowing go faster! smiley

Elizabeth, YAY for conservative, redneck, hippy, HARDrocker! smiley

Nothing wrong with that, Elizabeth! smiley

Hum... We have been listening a lot of Hadiohead these weeks...

Just watching a documentary about 70s glam rock band Slade - love their stuff!

I'm a big fan of folk/bluegrass, so this surge in popularity of folk-infused bands has made me happy! Mumford & Sons leading the way, obviously.

So, currently on my most-played playlist...Mumford & Sons, Punch Brothers, Of Monsters & Men. I'm also stuck on Fun.'s album Some Nights.

Although whenever I scrap, I like to listen to showtunes. Stuff I can sing along to mindlessly, I guess! haha

Heather, I have spent the last week listening to Needtobreathe - thank you Youtube - and even my husband likes them. He usually is more into AC/DC, Iron Maiden and electronical stuff lol. You really have discovered a treasure to me smiley. Maybe I will get a couple of CD's for my birthday next month smiley - thanks to Amazon - and to you!

Dawn, I had the chance to see Alan Parsons Project live here in Spain in an open air concert some years ago. It was an amazing experience after being a fan for so many years. Actually I think I listened to him the first time when I was about 12. Gosh, time flies. I better stop to think about my current age right away haha. smiley

@Lady Philippa - I´ll google on the bands you said. It´s hard to know nice folk groups here in Brazil, as almost no one like them smiley

I've been listening to a high school friend's band this evening. Apparently they are currently #1 on the Reverbnation's Rockabilly charts! I enjoyed what I heard: http://www.reverbnation.com/petewitham