What are your Xmas Eve plans?

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What are your Xmas Eve plans?

Just thought it'd be nice to share some of our Xmas Eve plans! My brothers are home, one of whom I haven't seen for three and a half months. We'll be moving presents under the tree this afternoon and just spending time together with festive music. Mum has already cooked a turkey and ham for tomorrow, even though we're going out for lunch. LOL.

Merry Christmas!

We have not gone to look at Christmas lights. So I think tonight we are going to Christmas in the Park and look at neighborhood lights on our way there and back. Hoping the car ride will put them to sleep early smiley. We also, give our girls one present on Christmas eve.

Enjoy your time with family. It's always nice to see family you haven't seen for awhile.

Christmas Eve, we listen to music and we let the kids open 1 present, which is always NEW pjs and then they wear them for Christmas morn.

We'll probably also Skype with my mom-in-law and his sister and nieces and nephews, they always go over to mom-in-laws house for Christmas Eve and open presents, so we'll watch them open the ones we sent.

I am at my husband's family's house for the holiday...we will have everyone including my whole family (mom + sibs) and all the cousins to open presents tonight and eat yummy German food (my husband is part German).

We had our turkey and big dinner last night at my parents home, brothers family was here as well. The plan was to have the big meal yesterday so we could eat leftovers today as well, but we didn't have very much left over. We cooked about the same amount as Thanksgiving Dinner at my house but without my brothers family, which is 6 this year! We also had to add a card table this year, as my folks house is the smallest, also the smallest table. I guess the card table was their early gift, just can't fit 12 around it.

We also went to a Christmas Eve Candlelight service, it was a joy to also have the Lords Supper as a Large family there, many tears of joy, as we worshipped with a potentially growing family. All the grandchildren are now adults, my 18yo being the youngest, and my brothers oldest having probably the first future Fiancée there. We have alwas gathered together some time during this season, but had miss the last two years, because of my hubbies new work schedule. It also was the possible the last large family gathering for the next couple years, as my two will add to the scattering across North America the next few years with getting their Masters, and beyond. We're already scattered over 2 countries, but it will just make it more difficult.

Also heading out today to my grandmothers, for a while...a very rare occurrence to get to spend Christmas with her! Twice in my 46 years, qs we've alwas tried to travel to see her and the other 9 childrens families in the summertime, if possible.

Praying everyone has the chance to visit and celebrate His birth with family and loved ones. Stay safe in your travels!

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas eve and Christmas day! I spent Christmas eve with some of my 'new' family (the husband's aunt & uncle + family) and it was great. We played games, pigged out and just spent quality time together.

Also, I think I totally forgot to post but I got married on 12/9! Nothing big, just a small thing at city hall. So this was our first Christmas as husband and wife. smiley

We usually go to a Christmas Eve service, but we had been running around all day & since they don't hold it at midnight we were too pooped to go... Instead we stayed home, had some soup for dinner & at midnight we had a birthday party for Jesus (cake & all). Then we ushered the kids off to bed so we could take care of Christmas... We were up until 3 am, I think. Christmas Day was a bit more relaxed - had gingerbread coffee & cannolis for breakfast, opened our gifts, spoke to family far away & what not. Most of the family gave the boys "wii" games for Christmas, so they were glued to the tv most of the day playing their new games.