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What attracts you to...

What attracts you to a book or movie?

It is said that we should not judge a book by it's cover. But come on, if I were to buy a real book the first thing I do is look at the cover!

For books I think the title is what ultimately catches me. If it's something poetic or mysterious like "The Runaway Jury", I would totally buy it as opposed to "Flirting with Pete." However, if it's an author I like I might go past an unappealing title:) Of course, this is all subjective.

For movies, titles like "Mean Girls" or "White Chicks" just don't appeal to me. I won't watch a movie just for the title alone!

So what attracts you? The title, cover picture/poster, blurb/ trailer, author/ actors, genre, nothing really, anything?

What really attracts me to a movie is the cover picture, tittle and the actors, and if I saw a trailer before even better, I'll know for sure that the movie will be good smiley

For movies, probably a lot of sway goes to who's acting and/or directing. I'll watch something that doesn't immediately strike me as great if it has an actor or director I like. Otherwise, I guess the trailer is key. I love getting some previews before the movie starts when I make it to the theater. Movie posters and tag lines are always completely useless in trying to figure anything out about the movie.

As for books, I read mostly ebooks now, and it does make it more challenging to find something to read because there's no easy way to browse. So I don't actually see a lot of covers. I'm not really even sure how I choose the books I start reading...

For movies I'd say who's in it or word of mouth. There are some good movies I can't watch because I can't get past my dislike for an actor.

Books . . .genre (fantasy) all the way or author I'd read or see anything to do with Stephen King. I also look for sets as apposed to 1 book 1 story. I feel really sad when a sage ends like I'm losing a friend, am I weird??

Movies, I usually go by who is playing in them.... Or the name might sopund interesting I might give it a try.... Books I check the front of the book and read the little discription about it, and then decide if it sounds like something I would like... Also by word of mouth, every now and then my kids or friends will let me know if they think I might like something... smiley

For me it's the book or movie description... If it intrigues me I'll give it a shot. If not, it doesn't matter who wrote it or starred in it (famous or not).

I agree with you Lizanne, Its usually the description or preview about what it is supposed to be about. That said sometimes if I am in a hurry I will pick a book at the library based on the author or watch a movie based on the actor, director or recommendations.

Movies its so who is in it and who is directing it (hello Joss Whedon's Much Ado!!!!)

Books first its author, then genre, then description, if I am really not sure I look it up on amazon and read reviews....but right now I am busy enough reading the books I have that I haven't looked at whats new in over a year.

i also agree with Lizanne if the description doesn't sound interesting or intrigues me i won't buy the book or watch the movie, but if it sounds interesting doesn't matter who starred in it or wrote the book i would give it a try without a doubt smiley

Books are all about who writes them, and then what's the topic. I'll take epic adventure and faeries every day of the week!
Movies are similar. It depends on who the director is mostly. If you hand me anything by Joss Whedon, I'll watch it. I don't care what it's about.

Like Samantha, the description gets me. I don't care who wrote the book or stars in the movie if the description is interesting I'll at least check it out.