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I've used IE, then Firefox, then Chrome .... I switched back to Firefox. IE just gets targeted too much and leave you open to more infection even with the best protection software out there. Chrome is supposed to be so fast but not on my DSL ... it stalled all the time and that's when I went back to my favourite, Firefox. It is a bit different than IE but very worth getting to know it and there are lots of tutorials supplied as well.

FIREFOX. I got too many viruses with IE....

I've always used Firefox and I love it though it does crash every now and then. Every time I've tried Chrome, I find some reason to get rid of it, lol. I don't know what it is. And IE, well...it's horrible! smiley

I use a combination of Safari, Chrome, and Firefox. I may actually download dolphin as I really loved it on my Android. I'm a huge multitasker and three browwsers keeps everything tidy!

I've become a steady user of Chrome lately because I love love love the session manager and the Fresh Start Cross Browser apps... omg they are absolutely fantastic. I can save anything session wise I'm working on and reload it from my PC, tablet, or laptop. I can create a session for DD tabs, social media tabs, even one for tabs I have open before going to bed to finish perusing tomorrow, etc and load only what I need at that time. It's mainly why I've become hooked on Chrome. It has been extremely useful to me!

Here's some info on it for anyone interested in learning more.

That app looks pretty cool Shawna! Thanks for sharing!

I cant have the ability of saving tabs. Or I open too many texts I wanted to read and they end up sitting for a long time without being read. I disabled this in both of my browsers o.O

i use firefox mostly. sometimes i will use chrome. just not too keen on google recording everything you do. IE has to many bugs. when i surf...i tend to have 5-6 windows open (i see something interesting, i open a new window/tab but continu looking at the one i'm on then go check it out). Firefox doesn't seem to slow down or crash when i'm doing that.


Firefox about years. Every other brother makes me crazy!

Chrome, can be unstable occasionally but still my favorite.

I used Firefox for years at my IT manager husband's suggestion because it was safer if used with the FireFox extension called No-Script which gave me control over which sites and/or which portions of site pages were allowed to display their javascript, java, flash and other plugins based data.

However, a number of months ago, I switched to Google Chrome as it was recommended as safest by the anti-virus software I use (Avast). I think it runs faster too. Additionally, I often had errors when I tried to use blogger with Firefox. Have had none with Google Chrome.

Trivia for you old Netscape users: Firefox was born from Netscape code.

I switched to firefox along while back, and now only use it or Chrome. Only use IE if these two dont work on a site, but really dont like using it.

I use Google Chrome. I used to use Mozilla, but in my opinion Chrome is just easier to work with and faster for my computer!

I use firebox...tried and true. Used chrome when it first came, but it caused too many problems then and I never went back. Maybe it's time to take another look...

I was an Explorer fan for the longest time. Then I found most of my internet sites did not work well with it so I switched to Chrome but have found some things do not work well with it as well. Tried Firefox but did not like it as well. So I have found that I use both. Today I am getting a new computer so we will see how well they work on Windows 8. I have stayed with Windows XP but they are not supporting it after the 8th of April. We will see how the new operating system works with both.

I use Firefox.

Chrome....at home, work, wherever. I like that all of my "stuff" is there no matter where I am.

I use Firefox, for many years now and I have tried a few others and somehow I just can't used to it. Guess I'm a bit slow to change in some ways smiley

I use Firefox but after reading this thread it looks like I should investigate Chrome!

I use firefox and google chrome

I used Opera for years, especially for reading text-only mailing groups because of the integrated mail program (it coloured every quote in a different colour - very nice to read!).

Now I use Google Chrome. But I have IE and Firefox installed on my pc - sometimes there are these websites... smiley

I use Chrome, but on my mobile devices I use dolphin.

I use Google Chrome, it's faster than IE for me, and sometimes it is easier to get my downloads. smiley

I use Chrome and i like it a lot smiley , for me, it's a long time ago i used something different.

I am so fully integrated into Google it's almost scary. lol. (It's probably gonna be even more scary once Google Fiber finally goes live in my neighborhood!) So, I use Chrome. I LOVE that it logs into my Google account, because it makes it SO much more convenient to manage my blogs, email, drive, pictures through Google+ (the-service-formerly-known-as-picasa), etc. And I find it relatively easy to log in and out of my various accounts. (But having another browser as backup for side-by-side viewing IS nice!)

I used to use IE, but it went through a REALLY bad time where it had a LOT of security issues, so I dumped it and never went back. (Sure, it's on my computer, but that's 'cause it comes with Windows. lol) I used Opera for a bit (and still do occasionally on my Nexus 7 and my Wii. my hubby loves it as a backup browser) - it was one of the first to implement tabs and saving sessions. I remember Netscape quite well. They had a really nice web hosting/designing service back in the day when having your own Sailor Moon fan site was the IN thing! LOL!!

I love Google a lot, but sometimes I step back and think that if there were to ever be an Umbrella Corporation-style company that accidentally unleashed the zombie apocalypse or a SkyNet-style wave of sentient robots, then it would probably be Google - they dabble in SO many things and get access to SO much simply because they have some really altruistic intentions. (I highlight "accidentally", because if a company were to do it on purpose, IMHO, it would probably be Apple! ;D LOL)

Chrome always. I gave up IE many years ago. I actually don't like IE. We use it at work and there are times when I cannot get my work done because IE is so picky.

I use Chrome and IE.

I use Google Chrome. I have found it crashes way less than firefox or IE.

I find I use Chrome more and more - exclusively on my desktop running Windows XP, as it's much faster for me than IE & cleaner-looking too. I HAVE to use IE on my tablet because it's a Microsoft Surface running Windows 8.1 & Microsoft won't let you use anything but their own browser. I use the tablet for checking emails and a lot of my digital scrapping downloads, but I can't download anything from Mediafire with either version of IE, so I have to wait until I have time to go on the desktop computer to do them. No idea why IE & Mediafire won't play nicely together for me - but it's annoying! So, if I had a choice, I would use Chrome exclusively. It's a good idea to have a backup browser, though.