What Browser do you use?

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I use Google chrome but I sometimes use Mozilla Firefox. Internet Explorer is still on my computer waiting for me to use it. I do sometimes, when my other browsers are buggy.

Google chrome!!!

I use Chrome. Luuuuuuv chrome smiley It works so well with everything. It takes up a little more memory, but it is so worth it. When i work making websites i also use firefox, and firefox is also a good browser.

I have not read all the answers here, so maybe someone else said this. But NEVER use IE. When i make a website i never bother to code for IE it is to much work. So many people have problems in IE, and that is because they demand certain code other browsers don`t need.

Firefox. I love all my add-ons & the ways I can customize it.

I currently use firefox and love it. I hate IE- i even avoid using it at work although its unavoidable as a number of the programs we use opens only in IE grrr!!!
I havent tried chrome yet. Whats the advantages? Pros/cons etc???