What do you serve for Easter?

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What do you serve for Easter?

We have turkey....if I didn't serve my turkey and gravy I'd be run out of town smiley .... we don't eat ham anymore because of the nitrates and nitrites in it ... even the so called 'natural' hams have nitrites ... a chemical is a chemical, I don't care where you get it from ... the celery extract is a nitrite. I would like to cook something else once in awhile but the family want turkey so turkey it is.

my husband always has ham for Easter dinner, but in my family it's always something different. This year we went to the beach and just had a picnic after church. Later that evening we had chinese! lol

Morgan ... I think that is perfect .... family is what's important and not a lot of cooking .... which means the cooks get some time off too

Susan, my hubby prefers baked chicken and dressing - it's what his mom cooked on Easter and it's what he wants! A good thing that I like it too!!

We have ham, swedish meatballs, chipolata, potatoes, herring, eggs with mayo and prawns and much much more smiley

Jessica ... very different but very good ... not familiar with chipolata ... what is is? ... are peppers involved?

It's a small sausage smiley

We always have a honey ham, scalloped potatoes, mac and cheese, green bean casserole, pinto beans, corn, dressing, rolls, and apple pie

My grandmaman always made lamb with mint jelly.

Easter is the only holiday I get to entertain. It is also the only holiday when mine and hubby's families get together. So I enjoy this time a lot. We usually have ham, homemade sweet potatoes, and all kinds of other goodies we just shouldn't have. I like to serve "meat candy" as well. That is those hilshire farm mini sausages wrapped in bacon. Yes, once a year is plenty for that one!