What Else Can You Make?

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What Else Can You Make?

I like all sorts of creative and crafty stuff, which got me thinking about the many different things you can make with a digital scrapbook kit (aside from scrapbooking pages.) I've only been a member here a short while, but I know a creative bunch when I see 'em! What other projects do you make with your digital scrapbook kits?

Here's a few of my own:

Artist Trading Cards
Art Journals

Would love to hear more! Thanks! smiley

I use digital scrapbook stuff for :
-building elements of websites design (blogs, forums etc...)
- digital or printed cards (for example B-day card)
-wallpapers i make for my friends

samples of my "creations" (click to enlarge) :
header for a forum :
a card for fun (twas my friend "peanut"'s bday)
a wallpaper for Damian Lewis 'fansite

I use my digital scrapbook supplies to create Facebook covers and profile pictures, among other things.

In my previous post Ive started making decorated blank picture frames to give away.

Lately I was introduced to the concept of making stationery sets (which includes a letter set as well as cards.)

I'm not sure this counts exactly, but I always make desktop backgrounds for family and myself. Everyone loves having a fancy background. I've also made iPhone backgrounds.

Oooh, I love these ideas! I knew there were ideas I hadn't even thought about. I want to make a special gift for my Sweetie's mother, so I think the desktop background would be a great idea, Marisa! Thanks. smiley The decorative blank picture frames is such a cute idea, A.D. smiley Nat, I love your ideas. The devil peanut made me laugh. smiley Penny, I need to update my FB timeline - It's a bit flat and not very scrappy. lol smiley

Type what kind of theme you want into SEARCH and then pick the gallery tab.

I sometimes do my own facebook covers. sometimes. it takes a while and it's time consuming, i also do greeting card layouts for my own zazzle account.

i believe these are timeline cover ideas in the gallery ?? http://www.pixelscrapper.com/search/gallery/FB%20timeline

I'd love the desktop backgrounds that change (pictures) automatically. smiley

I do desktop and laptop backgrounds for my daughter and myself.
Facebook covers for the two of us.
Flashcards for the boys.

That about covers it for me so far. Though I plan on making our holiday cards this year.

Hi, great ideas everyone here's a few more for the mix...

You can create digital art/ altered photos etc and print onto iron on transfers for tee-shirts, cotton bags etc
Make gift tags and wrap or bags that all match. Design your own Christmas cards/toppers stickers.

I use PSE10 and also Serif Craft Artist 2 which has templates for lots of party crafts i.e.
cup cake wrappers, boxes, little pillow boxes etc

Also placemats for the table, which you could laminate and pretty covers to attach to inexpensive notebooks for personalised gifts.

There really are so many possibilities x

I do all kinds of stuff with my digital supplies. I make wallpapers, fb covers, email stationery, digital cards & atc's. I also print my digital supplies and use them as I would regular scrapbooking supplies to make all kinds of altered crafts, but mostly scrapbook pages/mini albums and cards.

I went through a tutorial to make covers for my phone, but I didn't like the pattern I used, so I'll be redoing it at some point.

I'm hoping to make calendars for the grandparents - thought they might like that.

Sometimes, I print my LOs in 45x45 cm banners to use for wall decoration. Did you know I have a banner featuring my black cat called Messy on my craft room door? The title of the LO is "I´m proud to be Messy"... Do you wonder why it´s on that door?

Lorien, I wish there was a like button so I could LIKE your comment smiley

Lorien- I think I would need a banner on my craft door with the word messy in the title, too! smiley Creativity requires a mess, which is why I prefer the computer - I've been organizing files and folders and my Mac the last few days, so the computer can get messy, too.

I love everyone's ideas! I haven't made calendars, yet, but I think this might be the year I can get one done before December rolls around, Lizanne. Laminate placemats is a great idea, Heather. I can see making different ones for the holidays - and even a few to put the kitty for the kitty plates on the floor.

Susan, I like the flashcard idea. When I taught college, even my adult students liked something visual with their English lessons. I taught online and have to confess I spent a bit too much time making things look pretty.

Cat, it is amazing how many things we can do with the supplies. I have too many paper packs taking up space and I'm happy to be moving to a more digital format.

Sara, do you like selling on Zazzle? I've been thinking about other places to sell aside from eBay and Etsy.

Thanks for the info, Kendra!

Thanks everyone for all of the inspiration!

WOW, there are all kinds of great ideas here... I need to start getting more creative and use all the digital things I have been download for years, but had no idea on how to use them. Have I said how much I like this site??? Since I found it I'm just loving all the things I'm learning and having a grand time playing with PS.

This is going to sound so EW to so many people but I love to make cute discount codes for my Facebook pages. The discount code looking coupons from corporate companies look so impersonal so I love to make cutesy ones that look more personable. smiley

My Son makes calendars for "The Nana's" every Christmas he uses pictures of the Grandchildren depicting the activities they have been involved in throughout the year. Be sure to include special dates, ie: local holidays and family anniversaries, birthdays, school holidays etc:

He also laminates his pages.

It is the only calendar I use, it is a nice present for the grandchildren to give their Grandparents

I use the papers and on occasion elements to make pretty things to act as frame-fillers. I also use the paper-collages / art in frames places where "personalised" stuff might be weird- guest rooms, mostly. Nice "neutral" stuff that has personality, but isn't MY family photos (or my dogs, because dogs are my other option in those cases).

I do all kinds of things with the digi kits!

I love to decoupage with them.
Some things I've made that were huge hits!

For someone with a new baby:

A neice was doing the baby room with a sun, moon and stars theme.
I made a wood step stool (bought at Michael's Craft Store), sanded it down and
mixed craft paint to get the colors I needed. I painted the whole stool white, the
did a sponge effect over it with my mixed paint. Once dried completely, I added the
printed out suns, moons with faces and stars and decoupaged them on. Then applied
several light coats of a spray polyurethane to protect everything.

I made 3 wood boxes for the dresser or changing table to match and added some
diaper pins on the the side and a tiny box of diapers to the top for a handle to open
the top! (Found the little boxes of diapers at Michaels too!) The boxes can be used for
cotton balls, etc.

For someone that's just moved, I make return address labels for their new house and
make stationary to go with it! What's so nice about doing this, is that you can customize
the labels for them by making several different sheets...like snowflakes for winter,
dogs, sports...whatever they like. I also do a sheet with just their monogram for more
professional correspondence they might need to do.

For family, especially those that don't live close...I do calendars and make each month to
go with some holiday or event for that month with photos to match. You can either print
them yourself or take a CD with your completed calendar on it to somewhere like Staples and
they can print and spiral bind them for you!

A tip for this one:
I do them on 8 1/2" x 11" sheets with the calendar on one page and the photos on their own
page and make sure there is enough room on the top, bottom and sides to trim away enough so
they can fit into an 8 x 10 frame for later without cutting into the photos. By doing it this way,
the photos can be kept and framed or put into scrapbooks for them to keep once that year is over.

Hi Everyone!
I enjoy using the elements for FB timeline and Blog Banners, headers for my online shops, cards, chore lists for my 5 yr old daughter, iPhone wallpapers etc smiley

Okay, so when I first read your question I was thinking outside of the digital/paper crafts...which I do many of the items folks listed above. Though I've not done placemats recently, not since going digital. And the kids grew up, which is who I'd make them for.

Anyways, I thought I'd go ahead and throw out what I was first thinking about, even though everyone else stayed close to the scrapbooking/art paper design.

1) I've done just a few sculptures. First in HS with the kiln, and later making ornaments for the Christmas trees.
2) I've made boxes, small ones to set in the Christmas tree, also personal boxes for baby showers. I stitch a bonnet for them to bring the child home from the hospital with, and a Poem I wrote on how the bonnet was made and ways to use the handkerchief later...the box keeps it safe through the years.
3) Right now I'm into quilting again...but it can be a very expensive hobby, unlike all the money I've been saving on scrapbooking since I went digital...(I love it cause digital you can make stuff but wait until a later time to have them printed.)
4) I've also done several formal dress alterations, in the last 4 years, as my daughter is always the Maid of Honor, and not yet the Bride. Don't think I'll make her wedding dress though. She and I would never survive...she's not patient enough to let me have several fittings, even though she loves to sketch designs! She's not got enough sewing know-how to do it herself, and her style is so much different than mine, that if I comment on something, mainly because of a sewing necessity, she thinks it because of style, and she's ready for a fight. Mom & I made my dress, which was a God send! Who knows my daughter may want us to design something, and have someone else sew it up. smiley
5) I've also Cross-stitched, as a hobby and also for a designer, and a store so they would have a model of some of the new kits. It got my worked matted and framed for free...so after about a month in the store as a display I then got it back!
6) I also knit. Have done several sweaters, but need to do some for my brother's family as they still live in the Toronto area,

Plavnick Wellinghoff Studios

My Blog with several different creations.

Wow, so many great ideas! I also find that reading other people's ideas help me to think of my own. I like upcycling and recycling, too, so I am always looking at different ways to use something. I don't know about you all, but when I can come up with a number of different ways to use something, it makes me all sorts of happy! smiley

I used to knit and crochet years ago and last winter took up crochet again. Mostly scarves. But I also like trying my hand at some flower patterns then taking photos extracting and using on scrapbook pages. I want to try my hand at those cute little animals that are popular now.

I use my digi scrap stash to make cards as well as all sorts of hybrid projects for the house, and to give as gifts. I also use my supplies to make play and learning time activities for my in home preschool kids.

I haven't yet tried printing my digiscrap stuff. Lol. It's mainly because I have yet to find a printer that satisfies me, or I have been too busy or too lazy to print anything from a print service place (like the-store-formerly-known-as-Kinkos, or Staples). But I do love to get scrapbooking paper and some Mod Podge and découpage stuff... I have an Avery Heavy Duty binder that I decoupaged, and I decoupaged a cardboard box. My Granny asked me where I bought the box because she wanted one, lol!

As for other crafty, designy things... I am willing to try just about anything artsy once. I have beaded jewelry from time to time. I doodle comics about my very blonde best friend. I paint with watercolours and acrylics when the mood strikes. For a bit, I braided UV beads into hemp choker necklaces. I paint and sketch digitally with my Wacom. I make web graphics for my blogs and Facebook, and just for the fun of it. I love to colour with coloured pencils. I just got into the 365 scrapbooking thing... I recently lost virtually all my electronics, so a lot of digi stuff isn't an option right now... so I have been rediscovering a lot of physical crafting.

Someday, I want to get into polymer clay. I want to sculpt and bead and make jewelry pendants, etc. Looks like fun. Lol.

I´ve made cards for special occations,jewellry, bookmarks, nice looking boxes out of plain boring ones, stationary for my grandmother who´s not in the digital sphere, covers for notebooks

I use my creativity to make facebook covers and profile pictures, scrap kits also i create birthday/baby shower/wedding invitations along with birthday/babyshower/wedding & sweet 16 banners, and many other things!! smiley

Besides creating scrap kits, and all the freebies along with the (add-ons, clusters, clusters frames, page borders, quick pages, word art, etc..) I also design custom Facebook covers smiley, Glitter-Graphics too (animated), a little bit of everything!!