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What is a blog

ok really dumb question but what is a blog?
Have used comps for years now but the internet is still a mystery to me, and blogs I don't understand what they are
Can some explain in very simple words what they are, do etc

A blog is like an online journal. Blog means web-log.
BUT it can be so much more then that. Your blog can be all pictures, poems, recipes, etc..
You can have a blog about gardening, shopping, crafts, scrap booking, cars, birds, all of those combined, etc..
It might help you to understand if you google "what is a blog?" and look around the web at different blogs.

Bree´s explanation is great.

When I was a teen I used to have "secret notebooks" to write about daily life - blogs started like a way to register about life in the same way we used to do at these notebooks, with two big differences: 1)They´re not secret 2)People can coment on it.

Later on, people discovered that they were good not only to talk about yourself and what you like, but also to talk about the subjects that interest you. Do you remember your grandma´s notebook full of recipies? These days she would probably have a blog about recipies. Do you remember that big folder that your aunt, who loves to sew, had with patterns of the clothes she made? It would probably be a sewing blog today. Some designers and photographers have blogs to show their work to possible costumers. And brands have blogs to advertise.

A blog is like a website. The difference between them are the levels of complexity. Also some social networks, can have blog functions. For example, twitter, is considered a microblog networking.

Hope I haven´t confused you even more smiley

I just have to share a silly little "pet peeve" I have about when people talk about blogs. IMO I find it humorous when people say I did a blog today, read it! In my mind and/or understanding, a blog is the "whole" created unit (webpage, journal, entries, photos, etc). And when you make an "entry" that is a blog post... For you more experienced "bloggers" am I wrong about this? Are they both considered "blogs"? It just drives me nuts kind of like nails scratching a chalk board or someone not using their blinker to turn. Silly, I know... but... what can I say, I tend to be a little neurotic myself. LoL

No shawna, you´re right. Blog, as a noun is the kind of website where you write posts, or entries. You can´t write about posting at a blog using blog at a noun. But "to blog" is also a verb. You can say:

I use to blog about my family
I can´t clean the dog´s poo now, I´m blogging.
I blogged about my favorite scrapbook designer yesterday, go check on my scrapping blog.

"I did a blog today" means you are a webmaster or designer and your job for today was to create a blog.

@Lorien: Thanks! That's what I thought... I've just heard or seen people on FB pages, radio stations, even our local news, etc. say "I did a blog today" and it was driving me nuts thinking I must NOT understand what the word means. LoL

A blog can be for you to share anything you want online...u could have a recipe blog, a designer blog, a fashion blog...anything that you are passionate about...having a blog helps you build an audience that have interest in what you are blogging about. Blogging is so much fun!

A good way to think of a blog is a journal. Instead of historians reading paper journals as we do with previous generations, they will be reading our digital journals.