What is on your Wishlist This Year?

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What is on your Wishlist This Year?

What do you want to get for Christmas this year?

I already have everything I want, the health of my family and fur family. smiley Speaking of material things though, I'd like a telescope, a new popcorn popper, and maybe my first Keurig. smiley Not all of those, any one will do. smiley Ooh, and nail polish! lol

I already have everything i wish for.. the health of my family, nothing can beat that!!

I have everything I want as far as my health and family and pretty much for all the material things too. But I guess if I had to wish for something, I might as well go big and wish to win the lottery! smiley

Yes! I love my Keurig! So convenient! smiley

I would REALLY love a camera. At the moment all my photos are taken on my phone. Which is fine, but it sure would be nice to have a nice digital.

We have grown so much as a family that we don't really care about the material things anymore, we just want to be happy and have health, If we have that nothing else matters, of course the kids are still learning about the importance of family, they still expect presents for Christmas and they will get them but we are teaching them the values of family vs. material things smiley

Things are pretty tight this year, so the gifts will only be for the kids... It doesn't matter to me though - I'd rather just have a special day, hanging out with family...

I would like a decent sleep lol ...and breakfast in bed after that!

Peace on Earth BLA BLA BLA but you all know what I mean.

How sad is it that I'm asking Santa for a new vacuum cleaner?!?

I hope that we have a better year than this. We had a year full of health issues, that finally all got resolved in August, so with that said I want a Lomo Camera!

I'm getting married at city hall on 12/9 so we probably won't end up buying each other Christmas gifts. My parent's asked what I wanted for Christmas so I requested a Batman snuggie LOL!

Just spending time with family is enough for me.

Personally my family and I have been struggling for the past year and even more so in the past couple of months. It seems like everything in the home is breaking down at once lmao and not small stuff. Things like the furnace hot water tank stove and the fridge all at once! So I suppose my Christmas wish for this year would be that we will be able to celebrate Christmas with out any worries.

We are keeping Christmas low key this year. We will have a nice meal the day of and an advent calendar with scriptures. Our gifts will be purchased between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we both have electronics on our wish list this year. smiley

I would love to have my own house with a craft room and some of Martha Stuart's craft items!
But ultimately I want to see joy on my children's faces. I have a pre-teen who sometimes gets so sulky that I wonder if I've lost my 'baby'! He has always been such a loving, pleasant child.

Sharilynn~ Congratulations on your marriage smiley

My wishlist this year is just a new digital camera. I have a budding photographer in the home, and he accidentally broke mine, so it's back to the camera phone for now lol.

I really don't want anything special and I kind of doubt if there will be anything anyway as financially this is the worst year ever for our finances. My husband is self employed and his work has almost come to a complete stop. December is usually kind of slow but this is the worst ever. Anyway if I could have something I guess it would be an external/portable hard drive. I don't see that happening because they are pretty expensive. My wish is that you all get everything you wish for and have a wonderful Christmas.