What is the best way to showcase your family's portraits?

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What is the best way to showcase your family's portraits?

Think about it! Everyone has family portraits, so what is the best way to showcase them? How would you take a trip down memory lane? Would you do a digital scrapbook, a scrapbook in print, put your family photos on t-shirts, coffee mugs, or other printed accessories?

I had a collection of my children's school and professional portraits. I never got around to dating or labeling them. I arranged them in a book using Picaboo. I couldn't do it chronologically, so I grouped them by color or theme. It came out very nice. I got copies for my kids and even my ex!

i have tons of pictures of my kids and family, normally i placed them in frames around the house and change them when i think the pictures are too old, most likely every time i get bored of the same pictures, or when we have new ones, but i do have one album for each of my kids since they were born until now..

I have never used the program you mentioned "Picaboo." I am sure it works well with your creative passions!

Arranging them in albums takes plenty of work and dedication, I think it's a great way to pinpoint that great memory of you and your family's life.

@Monica: it does takes plenty of time and dedication but i enjoy doing it and my kids are always willing to help.. smiley

It's good that you have great helpers along the way, it makes it much easier!

Hanging picture frames on the wall is one, when it gets time to change old pictures for new ones, they go to their respective album, I have one for each of my kids, and one for my husband & I, we are preserving memories smiley