What is your favorite color?

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My favorite color is green. It is a renewing color, like in spring.


it's a toss up between blue and green. in the end, i decided it's green because of the number of clothes i have in that color

I love green! But also purple I like quite a bit.

I really love black because it's so mysterious, but I'm also a bit of a pink freak. smiley

I have to say my favorite color is red, because that is the color I am most drawn to when buying clothes. I also like some shades of blue or yellow too.

Pink! I love pink!


Purple, soft shades, first and foremost! Then it's on to Tuscan colors ... smiley

I'm a teal girl myself but I like pink and purple too!

I Like Purple, but I also like Royal blue and Hunter Green along with any pastel or neon pinks!!

blue. also my little angels favorite smiley


(I got an error when I tried to answer the poll.)

I got an error and voted for purple too. When I tried to vote again, it said I had already voted so I guess it took.

pink & mint smiley

PURPLE. I absolutely love Purple, although i do love Red too. Oh oh oh and Aqua and Teal. Ok just about any colour (except pink, I really don't like pink). But mainly purple. It always comes back to purple lol

Adriana: Thanks for answer this question for me. Ha Ha... I feel exactly the same way.
I used to be a totally gray, blacks, brown (because of my old job) in my wardrobe but my hubby kept saying I needed color and now I see how much I really do love it. smiley

Purple and Lavenders mostly which is odd as my furniture and "stuff" is neutral colors (browns and blues)

Purple with a hint of blue!

Purple - really any shade though plum seems to be my favorite shade!!!

Pink is my signature color smiley

Red always

Coral and turquoise

I love green. Partly cause my eyes are hazel green and I never like them when they are brown which is most of the time but when I am crying which is the only time they change to a pretty green mean while no one can see cause my face is all scrunched up so I can drop some tears LOL smiley Another reason I like it is it was my foster moms favorite color. And I lived with them for 5 years when I was a kid and its the closest I ever came to having a real Mom and Dad green reminds me of her!

I like two colors, blue and green...but i just can vote for only one smiley

Purple!! it used to be pink, and then everyone liked pink, so it became purple one day a long time ago.

My favorite color is purple followed closely by orange

I voted Red since Peach/Coral wasn't an option... but I am in love with the Coral colors

Green! It's always been my favorite.

Purple - but dark purple; I'm not so fond of the lighter shades.