What is your favorite color?

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Teal for me! With purple as a close second.

I know this is an old thread, but thought I'd vote anyway.

When I was younger (up until I was about 30ish!) my favourite colour was blue. When I was 18 I was given a pink jumper and almost barfed lol.

In the past 5 or so years my favourite has been pink, and pink camo ... *drool*! smiley

Just one?! Well, my favorite color overall is red. But my favorite color to wear is black. Or blue. But to decorate - blue & purple together. Or to paint a kitchen - yellow. LOL

I'm not sure why, but I don't really have a favorite color. I definitely have colors I like better than others, but not a favorite. That is true with many things. Maybe I'm just indecisive. But whenever someone asks me what my favorite color is, I just say the first color that pops into my head. It's easier than explaining that I don't have one.

Neona, I love it! Different favorite colors for different things. I can get on board with that!

I like black, because it looks so elegant and it goes well with every other colour.

I love red smiley

I really like the deep purples from plums to the almost black ones.

teal teal teal...

I like the pretty turquoisey blue like the Caribbean Sea best. I always thought the videos they showed in middle school Spanish class were photo-shopped until I went on a cruise and saw the vivid colors for myself.

This one is very hard because all colours have their own uniqueness! Personally I love brown and pink together, however if I had to pick one it would be PINK!!

Red, red, glorious red! I also like greens and browns, but they simply don't exude vibrant emotions; they're calming, whereas red is passionate and exhilarating.

My favorite color is pink, but I also love shades of it and green and blue ones too.

I like wearing red best, but I like crafting and decorating with blue.

Teal! and i love teal and chocolate together

That's a good combo, Vicki!

Aguamarina, lo adoro c:

Purple, especially orchid.

Teal, aqua, ... in all shades smiley

As soon as all our Christmas deco has been put away (yes, we started, but there is still some left. The tree is still up and so are the lights but lots of deco has been removed from it already. I hope to finish it by this weekend. LOL) my new beautiful teal vases/bottles will come out of hiding and will go on display in the living room.
In a couple of months, our living room will be redone and the accent color will be teal. Sorry hubby, that's whether you like it or not ! ROFL.

Spiced Marmalade
Salty Ocean
Mustard Seed
Iced Spruce
Crushed Olive

lols. smiley

AD: I was missing you! How have you been? smiley

AD: That's funny... only us IRL Stampin' Up inkaholics know exactly what your talking about... LoL

I've got 72 and almost all the refills and still don't have every color they made. smiley Had to buy a 2nd caddy.

Mi color favorito por mucho tiempo fue el azul marino me encantaban las telas de este color,pero para diseñar me gustan muchisimos colores como el aguamarina,coral,rojo y naranja,etc

My favorite color is purple, in all it's many shades, tones and hues.

@Lorien Sorry I missed your reply here. Missed you too. smiley
Lately Ive realized that you were right, scrapbooking is sort of a wealthy person's hobby. smiley Every scrapper I know collects die cuts or pl cards.

@Shawna And here I was thinking every digiscrapper went through a Tim Holtz phase. smiley

Sorry I havent visited here in a long while. My interests tend to diverge and then return. smiley

@Shawna I was advised to get reinkers, and like an idiot only bought the mini inks, which is like two thirds of the price but with only a tenth of the mileage. I just realized I could have used them as mists. Gah.

@AD: that is exactly why I bought all the reinkers. I bought 18 mini misters not his name brand (just a cheap version for about $8USD) so I could make the mists and even refilling stamp pads (regular sized) I still have over 1/2 bottle for most. I also have Stampin' Ups original set with reinkers in addition to TH's so I have about 80 colors. LoL

@Shawna Envy! smiley

Red, definitely red for me! If you could see my lounge and kitchen you would get the idea! smiley

Purple, red and black!!! smiley