What is your favorite color?

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Blue (any shade) and bright red are my favourite colours.


I like black and pink the best.

Can't just stick to one, have to go with Teal and Maroon!!

I love blues and yellows but tend not to scrapbook with them. I am more neutrals with some colour accents.

I love green... smiley

Pixie Pink & Lime!!!

Blue. It has been for a long time.

I tend to use a lot of teal in all shades, pairing it up with pink or yellow and even brown.

Purple or pink

I love any all pastel colors. smiley Baby blue, purple, yellow.

My favorites seem to change but right now green is for me

Purple of course! LOL

Purple has been my favorite color since I was little.

Purples and Blues smiley

I love white. I think not everyone likes that color, but I do..maybe bcos from the place where I belong white is not encouraged much as a "happy colour" and hence that led me to like it even more...I always dreamt of wearing white for my wedding bcos at our place people wear bright colours. but for me white means 'serene', 'pure' and 'elegant'.

the other colours tht i prefer r mostly pastel ones like pink and blue.

I love jewel tones for my clothes but I'm a lot more toned down in household things. For scrapbooking I'm all over the map. To narrow it down to one colour is hard but I would have to say purple is now my number 1 choice (it used to be deep red when I was younger).

I love blue

Burgundy is my favorite and I love most any shade of red.

I enjoy all colors but blue is my favorite.

Teal/aqua but it changes

Purple and green. Can't decide between the two!



The dark ends of Periwinkle Blues and the dark ends of Burgandys. smiley

If you would ask my friend they would say purple and I have a lot of clothes in that color.

But I love colors in itself. Only green or brown are not my favorites.

Favourite : Red
Least Favourite : Yellow

Purple is my favourite colour, followed by a close love for all shades of Aqua and Teal.


Really interesting thoughts! I think most people think of white as a non-color, but you've made me realize how important it is in regards to playing off of other colors especially in design concepts! It definitely is elegant and serene!