What is your favorite color?

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I have loved colorful things all my life but in my teens and for many years after, blue was my most favorite (I loved all things denim) but I hated both purple & orange and wasn't very fond of pink; however, once I started designing with digital scrapbook designing, I acquired a new appreciation for ALL colors, including purple, orange & pink. Now I can honestly say that I just plain love color. However, there are certain colors that I would not wear due to my complexion. I look best in colors from the winter palette (mostly,blues).

My favorite color is purple, it looks really good against my skintone smiley Though I am a huge lover of most colors, I love vibrant things!

My favorite color is purple. I love playing with all colors though. Some of my favorite purple combinations are purple and black, purple and silver, purple and gold, purple and green....I guess purple looks good with everything (depending on the tint). Lol

Blue for sure. I'm surprised purple beat out blue. Hahaha

My favorite color is orange.


Second choice would be greens and blues.

Dee! How wonderful to have everything in the house purple coloured!!! I love purple, all shades of it!!!

I'm always attracted to orange and lime green, which is also the colors I look best in. But truth be told, I like pretty much all colors.

Rainbow. Seriously. Rainbow - I had my whole room decorated in rainbows as a teen, even convinced my dad, who HATED wallpaper, to let me put rainbow wallpaper up. I still love the ROYGBIV combination.

That is tough my 2 favorite colors are purple and green. If I had to choose one I would pick purple.

Number one has to be purple especially lilac shades followed by aqua, lime and pink tying for second place.


I love all colors but I am drawn to blues the most


black, white and red

my favourite colours are different shades around blue. from purple to teal smiley

White. smiley

greens or teals - love a nice blush pink too. And charcoal grey. And white & black.