what is your favorite flavor of

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what is your favorite flavor of

what is your favorite favor of Ice Cream?

Hmmm, that's hard to say...I do love peanut butter and chocolate.

Mint Chocolate Chip!!!!!!!

Yummy, love chocolate and peanut butter.

I would have to say Cookies and Cream

Dulche de leche

peppermint stick

Jamoca Almond Fudge

Coconut Pecan

chocolate, peanut butter (usually together) and lemon!

Depends on my mood...my usual go-to's are cookies and cream, butter pecan, and mint chocolate chip. Has to be Blue Bell (Texas brand)!

@ Lisa, I agree with you on that one completely, has to be Blue Bell

Bunny Tracks! I think it is a regional thing here in the Midwest. It's vanilla ice cream with big swirls of chocolate and caramel and then it has little chocolate bunnies filled with peanut butter sprinkled throughout. It has everything I love in it.

Black Walnut! smiley

2nd favorite - coconut ice cream (made it homemade last summer & it was YUMMY)

Bubble Gum (this farm near where I live (Macray's)makes the best Bubble Gum Ice Cream) and I like Cotton Candy Ice Cream (I had that once at a little shop on the pier at Point Judith in Rhode Island... it was so good I look for other places that have it, but I haven't found it anywhere else...)

Anything Ben & Jerry's is pretty divine, but I think my favourite is Caramel Chew Chew.

moose tracks or mint chocolate chip.

I love May Field turtle tracks

anything chocolate & peanut butter!!! smiley chocolate moose tracks is really good - best you can get at the grocery store IMHO smiley but the ultimate is chocolate & peanut butter at Baskin Robbins - mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm smiley

hi cherry vanilla. smiley

Not real crazy about ice cream, but I do like a little vanilla on my chocolate sauce!

Mint chocolate usually, but depends on the flavours available to tempt me!!

Mint, moose tracks, cookie dough, blue moon, green tea, Starbucks mocha frap. What can I say.... Lol. I love ice cream!

Mint chocolate chip!

Chocolate, Double Ductch, Cookies and Cream and Rocky Road! smiley

Mocha with chocolate chips

For all of you Ben & Jerry fanatics (I'm one).... Cherry Garcia & Coffee Heathbar Crunch. Mmm They also used to have a coconut based ice cream with chocolate chunks & nuts that was to die for, but I forget what it was called. I'm spoiled - I live in the state where they are from & when I had my tonsils out a friend of mine (who happened to work there at the time) let me have all his freebie ice cream while I was recovering! He told me he actually was sick of it after working there for a while! (it was a p/t college job for him) They used to offer "seconds" for $1.50 a pint up here, but that stopped after they sold the business. "Seconds" were created from any batch of ice cream that didn't meet it's high standards - it usually meant the goodies in the ice cream were either bigger or smaller than they would like. Didn't bother us a bit - was still the same, yummy ice cream as always... smiley

Don't even get me started on Ben & Jerry's! smiley

strawberry (esp. if they have the actual fruit mixed in)
vanilla or double dutch

Normally I am a Vanilla or Butter Pecan kinda girl, but lately I am in love with Pistachio Almond!!!