what is your favorite flavor of

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Butter pecan

Pistachio. Mint chocolate. Strawberry. And more recently I've been eating a lot of Cookie Butter ice cream. I'm an ice cream person and this is really a difficult question to answer. smiley

And how can I forget Butter Pecan?

Dairy free smiley chocolate coconut ice cream

I eat only vanilla yogurt ice cream now. (With lots of chocolate sauce and strawberries)

Moose tracks!

Butter Pecan for sure

Mint Chocolate Chip for regular ice cream. Pfish food from Ben and Jerry.

I like a lot of different flavors but I do not like Mint & Chip.

Peppermint...Coffee... Caramel Waffle Cone...Home Made Vanilla

Chocolate is my favourite smiley

I'm a plain jane vanilla! And I love just plain sour frozen yogurt with lots of fruit added in!

Ben and Jerry's: Phish Food or Karamel Sutra.

Breyers vanilla bean
any decent strawberry ice cream with fruit mixed in

Plain vanilla topped with hot fudge, caramel, and cashews (with or without whipped cream and a maraschino)

So difficult to choose... probably the Karamel Sutra if I have to pick one.

My favorite from Ben & Jerry's is Chunky Monkey. I do love Rocky Road and Chocolate Brownie. Sometimes I'll have chocolate chip. I guess it just depends on the mood, the price and what is available. I do like moose tracks, where it has chocolate covered peanuts.

Oh and Thrifty ice cream is sold here in Las Vegas...they sell it here at the Shell Gas Station that is in the same parking lot as my apartment building. They have a flavor called Cotton Candy...my kids love it. I saw a post here that someone else loves Cotton Candy too. If you're ever out and see a Thrifty's Ice Cream...check into it.

i'm partial to strawberry

Triple chocolate by Breyers - white chocolate, chocolate milk and dark chocolate all in one container of deliciousness smiley

I know it's a bit boreing but my favorite is Vanilla.

Fudge Swirl is my absolute favorite flavor.

1st Vanilla. 2nd raspberry ripple. 3rd would have to be pistachio smiley

Another vote for Peanut Butter & Chocolate!

salted caramel if I'm back home in USA, but if I'm in Sweden it is Gräddkola!

coffee (bliss) or vanilla - the real vanilla ones with tiny black flecks from the vanilla seeds!

But is sold only in Sardinia, Italy ... and I live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil ...
In Brazil like Pineapple ice cream


Cookies 'N' Cream