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I'm not sure I could pick just one but for all our special occasions we go to Matsuzaka which is japanese teppanyaki - yummo!

I'd honestly like to be able to sit here and say that I have a favorite. But I can't. To tell you the truth, money has been tight for several years now, and the only types of places I get to out to anymore are the fast food restaurants. We go to Burger King ALOT because the girls love chicken nuggets and fries...McDonalds is too far to walk to and Burger King is just across the street. I'd much rather go to Carls Jr. (Hardees) or Jack In The Box.

Next Saturday I'm planning on going with my boyfriend to Carmines. The kids and I were at McDonald's family night put on by my oldest childs school last month. My daughter won one of the raffles and got some In N Out coupons. I was so THRILLED to see that for her. But then a few short minutes later, I WON a $50 GC to Carmines! After I heard my daughters name called, I started to think "Ok well she won...and that's good enough...but I'm not going to win." But when I heard my name called I started looking around the room and then I did a double take and was like "Wait...what?" And then what made it even more special was that the guy who was doing the announcing, is one of the teachers that I go to his class and volunteer for...and he said that I am one of the parent volunteers that does a lot for the school.

So...maybe I'll come back here on Saturday night or Sunday morning and say that I found a favorite sit down, slow paced, non fast food restaurant that has potential to being my favorite.


Our favourite restaurant is a Chinese restaurant in our old neighborhood called King's Palace. It looks out onto a busy street and is usually fairly quiet, so it's pleasant to sit there for a while. They will do dim sum anytime of day all week. We all love dim sum! My husband's mother is Chinese and they went there when he was kid. We've been going there since we started dating 11 years ago and now our daughter likes going there.

really do not have a favorite restaurant name if I go out to eat .. that big treat .. but love Mexican food the best

Popeyes smiley

do buffet restaurants count? if so, it's Dads where they have a section for Philippine dishes, another section for Japanese, and a third section for other countries' dishes. and, yes, I do love to eat. smiley

Tough one! In my little corner of Kentucky, it's difficult! For Italian, Ray's Macaroni Grill or Olive Garden. For General dining out, we have a nice little Mom and Pop restaurant here called Little Taste of Texas that is a little bit of everything, Southern Style. Our Local BBQ joint Rib Lickers for Ribs, BBQ, and Blues music! Our local Garcia's is excellent authentic Mexican style.We don't have good Thai or Vietnamese here. I would LOVE some good Pho Ca Dao right about now! I'm starving!

My favorite restaurant is about an hour away, but so worth the drive. It is a Korean restaurant called Korea House. It is run by a lovely Korean family who use to live in the same community outside Seoul that my husband's step-mother comes from. It's like visiting with family, we eat, we talk, we laugh. They are like family to all their regulars, and once you eat there you are sure to become a regular. The food is great, and you always leave with a light heart.

I'm not sure I have a favorite, but I tend to like the small mom and pop restaurants.

One of my favorites is Outback Steakhouse. Love their bloomin' onion.

My picture is of me and my husband. We were sitting in a Swedish airport, right before I was about to leave for 3 months to spend time with my family and ailing mother. Thankfully my Mom got much better smiley It's one of few pictures of him and I together, we are both incredibly camera shy!

I think for the most part I enjoy places or times when it's not terribly busy/chaotic. So many times we stay local/simple. My favorite food choice would have to be BBQ Ribs that are done so that the meat falls off the bone.

I could never pick just one! My favorite food is seafood, but I love other cultures as well. We tend to go to specific restaurants when we have a longing for a specific thing that this particular restaurant serves. In other words, we don't decide we want to go to a specific restaurant today, we decide we want a specific food, and that determines the restaurant that we'll be going to today.

I don´t have a favorite place either, As Angela we don´t go out a lot, the place we hit most often is Mcdonalds because our kids like playing there and like burguers. In special ocassions we try to go to more fancy places but never the same one. I like chinese dimsum, we went to a really good place, when we lived in Canada, very authentic, I haven´t found one like that nearby...

I can honestly say there aren't any restaurants where I live that I would say is my fave. When I was out in Colorado, I went to this place called the Ghenghis Grill...that place was freaking awesome! I'd say that's probably my fave.

I do have to say that there's a place not far from here that makes a special pizza a couple times a week. They have this special recipe...way better than anything else I've tasted.

My favorite restaurant. .. this is where a good cook and delicious, with a varied menu, a pleasant atmosphere, soft music and good service. smiley

It's more of a fast food thing and I more often get delivered even if I live at 2 minutes by foot of it (after 10 deliveries you get a free pizza. I'm using this chance as often as I can smiley). The prices are great (always 2 for 1!) and their pizzas are just to good to be real.

Does Chick fila count? smiley

I love my local Prince Lebanese Grill

I don't have any favourite restaurant instead I prefer to prepare the food by my own, although I calculate cooking as a way of art. Definitely my favourite food are salmon (or what ever another fish), blue cheese, dark bread, red wine and figs smiley

My friends and family make fun of me a bit because I don't really eat at any chain restaurants anymore. We have the restaurants that we go to and we circulate through them each month. My absolute favorite though is a locally owned bar. Their steak salads are amazing and huge. I normally get the lunch portion and take part of it home. The only problem with this restaurant is that is in an old re-purposed house and they only have about 14 tables, and really truly only have room for 10. They really cram you in like sardines, and kick you out quickly after you've finished eating.

@Christianne: The best yakissoba in town used to be served at a tiny restaurant like this one (with grumpy chinese immigrants telling you that there were more people to sit, lol). But the owner sold the restaurant and now it´s not the same thing. I miss that restaurant, lol. I´m also in a vibe of not-eating in chain restaurants - specially because they don´t have vegetarian food and I´m avoiding meat smiley

I love the little hole-in-the-wall places like that, too--many of them serve food that's actually made from scratch, and it usually tastes way better than any chain restaurant. That said, small local/regional chains sometimes haven't grown so big that they've lost that advantage yet, so there are a couple I'll eat at--one's Italian and has really good traditional pasta and the best calamari in town, and the other is a locavore pizza chain that sources all their ingredients from within about 100 miles of here and gets organic if it's available. It'd be fantastic if either of them delivered, but they don't. smiley

@Lorien- I had to google yakissoba smiley. It seems like it would similar to Lo-mein. Which according to google is also not even real Chinese. It looks good. I'm always nervous to try different cultures food.

@Holly - The area that we live in has become extremely commercial in the last 5 years and things that might be "special occasion" restaurants for some people have lost their appeal. On a quick count we have 15 national chain restaurants in a city of 40,000, with 3 others rumored (not including the fast food chains). Because of this, our local business haven't really had the opportunity to grow all that much. If any "local" chain opens, it's usually something that is popping up from out of Pittsburgh or Philly (I live in central PA). None of the places we visit regularly are really into local or organic, but everything is made with love and love tastes pretty darn good. If I could get a delivery I'd never cook, I live about 15 miles from the "city" in a town of 300, delivery is like a crazy thing people have never heard of.

hahaha....delivery in the small places is called hopping in your car to pick up your order hahahaha!

I'm in a town of somewhere around 40,000, and it's possible to get delivery from many places, either by their own drivers or through a local service that tacks on about $5 to pick it up and bring it to you. Unfortunately, they're still in their first year here and haven't yet convinced that pizza place to come on board with them, though they've got the 4 most expensive places in town on their list of places they'll deliver for, plus about 20 others...including sushi, Thai, Chinese, Mexican, Italian, BBQ, American fine dining, as well as a few chains like Chili's and Santa Fe Cattle Company. I'd still like to see an Indian restaurant here in town, and see them and the locavore pizza place on the delivery list--without a car, it's just too impractical to go pick up dinner on the bus (especially given that our buses only run once an hour M-F 6am-6:30pm, federal holidays excluded).

Lola's in LV. Best cajun food ever! The shrimp n grits are amazing.

There are so many I love... but we really love a local restaurant here called The Commonwealth. We also have another good one called Citizen Burger.

I live in a small tourist town and can't decide which restaurant I like most! They are all superb! I do love Indian food so much though, that I almost always pick that one first. If anyone eating with me/ us isn't keen on Indian I am happy to eat in any of the other restaurants here instead. My own personal restaurant has the best seat in town though ...I prepare my dinner and walk across the road to a little table on a reserve and dine outdoors right on a beach! ...Heaven!

I cant choose a fav either. It depends on my mood. I love sushi and have several restaurants near me. My fav is sushi point (similar to sushi train)- they make great sushi but prices are a bit high- don't go there when you're really hungry!!! Although they do regular coupons- just have to remember then first lol.

Sadly, my all time fav is no longer around- it was a local tex mex that did the most delicious steaks, enchiladas, burritos etc.

Hubby and I visited an amazing Italian restaurant once while on holiday. Id never had minestrone before but theirs was AMAZING