What kind of blog should I use?

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What kind of blog should I use?

I am thinking about starting a blog for scrapbooking/smash books. However, I'm not sure which blog domain would be the best. Any suggestions anyone?

I'm a big fan of Wordpress... it's just pretty intuitive to use plus there's plenty of free themes to choose from (choosing one has been the hardest bit for me!). I self-host mine (ie I've registered a domain name... or two plus buy some cheapy charlie web space) because I'm a tech geek, but working through a Wordpress account seems just as easy.

Blogspot or Wordpress, I´d say. IMO Blogspot is more intuitive, and comes with the advantage that you don´t need to sign in to another service if you already have a google account. Wordpress has some great advanced resources, and if you plan to transform your blog onto a full website sometime in the future, or if you have a bit more of tech knowledge (like Elouise said) it´s the way to go!

another vote for wordpress here! it is amazing how easy it is and how many plug ins are available to customize everything! i think it is much more easy to get a good looking wordpress site running than a good looking blogspot blog! Just set up a random blog (not so good looking) is easier in blogspot, but not if you are looking for pretty (imho).

But note that some of the most awesome pretty things at WP are for paid users and that they´ve been locking lots of things on their models that can only be used after paying - I was trying to help someone to get the look she wanted at her WP blog and coldn´t find a theme that would look like she wanted without paying. But I have to say that, if you´re willing to pay the customization at wordpress is awesome!

I like Blogger (it's "Blogger" that runs the blogs but the domain address is "Blogspot", so they're one in the same).
I like how it's integrated into Google - so it's one username and password and any pictures I upload are hosted through my Google + Pictures (formerly Picasa Web). It makes it really easy and convenient for me to work with, plus, I like that if I lock down comments to users-only, anyone who has a Google account can comment with ease and doesn't have to sign up for any extra accounts.

I REALLY like the Blogger blog editor because I think you can get some really nice results rather simply, and there are a LOT of nice workarounds on the web. Yes, with the type of editor they have, just anyone can slap together an absolutely horrid blog, especially if they have NO design sense. But, it is also capable of some really nice things - for FREE, and I ALWAYS like free! smiley
IMHO, a blog can look horrid on any service you choose, and it can look great on any service you choose. I have seen some really ugly Wordpress ones, too. (Honestly, about 85% of all the scrapbooking blogs I've seen have been hideous: with backgrounds not lining up properly, graphics spilling into the wrong areas, arbitrary navigation, bad tags/categories, lots of clutter, and poor planning - the non-scrapbooking ones do all the above and one worse: forced music *shudders*.)

I've honestly never worked with Wordpress, mainly because I thought it was costly and too complicated for what I wanted to achieve. I don't have all the time in the world and I am on a VERY limited budget (also, "Time is money, friend!"). I don't want to spend all day trying to figure things out - like, I don't like that I have to either look for a host or buy my own domain (not to mention the time involved in finding one that fits the criteria) to use Wordpress, where all I have to do with Blogger is sign in! Also, I don't want to download software to be able to blog. I don't want to have to code anything, either. Yes, I have some custom code on my Blogger blog (to get rid of some menus I don't like and to add my image map navigation, etc), but I've cut and pasted them directly from tutorials and free services around the web. Maybe it's that easy with Wordpress, but I've never gotten that far because the rest of it seems like too big a hassle.

But, I'm sure that whatever route you go there'll be plenty of people on here ready and happy to help you figure out whatever you need! smiley

I like wordpress.com. I've been using it for 4 years and I think it's pretty easy. I have multiple pages and I like the drop down menu available in my theme.

I like Blogger, it's really easy to use,
and of course you can customize it as much as you want,
like mine, I made every single thing in my blog,
that way everything can match! ^_^

I've used blogger but switched to wordpress and love it ... I did use a free theme but now use one that I pay a yearly small fee that gives me the choice of lots of great themes that are well supported .... which means any question is answered within a couple of days and sometimes by more than one person. Wordpress now updates their site automatically which keeps them free of server viruses etc. The themes are very versatile, help is great for wordpress itself as well.

Thank you all ladies! It will be a hard decision. But I hope to make one soon. smiley

for what it's worth, I use blogspot. I am 100% tech challenged and yet I can maneuver around by blog easily. After reading the comments above, I am now worried that my blog may fall under the category of somewhat horrible so I will be tweaking it in the next few days to hopefully pull it up out of the horrible realm…LOL

I use Wordpress, but, I would love to make my own graphics instead of having to find one that's close enough to what I want. I did manage to do it with one of my short-lived other blogs, but there was always one or two things that were just not quite right.

Other than that, WP is pretty user friendly. But, I've never used Blogger, either, so I'm no help! If you google the difference between the two, there's some pretty good places with will lay it all out there. Might help you decide.

Speaking of Blogspot, I've noticed several Blogger sites that seem to be too big for the screen and the text spills over into unreadable areas. Maximizing the browser doesn't help, either. Most are fine but some make it hard to visit.


I love Wordpress (wordpress.org). Wordpress.com is free & I used it for a few weeks back when I first started my blog but didn't like it too much because you don't have much freedom on what you can do to your site.
Wordpress.org is paid but you can do pretty much whatever you like to your site. Personally I like to have the freedom to design & use whatever font I like smiley There are a ton of free themes & plug-ins for it as well.
It really depends on what you intend to use your blog/site for & how much you want to invest in it.

I have both a blogger/google blog and a wordpress blog. I wish I could download the blogger program like you can for wordpress to put on a hosted website. I'm just more comfortable with blogger - its super easy to costomize and most people are familiar with it. I do like the functionality of a wordpress blog. I'm a total computer geek, so I am able to go in and edit code to customize the wordpress blog, with a lot of googling, whereas it was quite easy to find the same kind of information for blogger. I opted for wordpress just because they seemed to have better free storefront add-ins than blogger, so that really made my decision for me - otherwise I would use blogger.

I agree with the ladies here that blogger is very easy to use. I'm not good at all that and I find it a breeze.
I have heard tons of people say though how much easier wordpress is if you plan to have a personal website. Although to me, that isn't a problem cause my hubby is a computer guy and can do all that for me with either so I don't know the reality of how hard one is over the other. I just asked him if he could do it for me and he said yes. LoL

Dear Rebecca,

I have both a Wordpress blog and a Blogger blog. I really depends on you and your audience. I like both for different reasons. I have also designed in Wordpress. If you are looking for a more professional look then Wordpress it is. Wordpress also allows you to create a store. You might want to try both and delete the one you don't like. You can also get your own domain in Wordpress. Blogger isn't easier, but is a little more casual then Wordpress. I think it just really depends on you and your end goals. If it is just to record what you do and share, then either. If you are looking to make this a profession then go for Wordpress.

Hope this helps.

Blogger is my go to site for free blogs. I find it easier to customize then wordpress, and weebly is also a good site for free blogs as well.

Wordpress gets my vote