What kind of digital contents do you buy besides digiscrap stuff?

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What kind of digital contents do you buy besides digiscrap stuff?

Ok, I guess this topic title is almost self-explaning, but the thing is: Last week I was thinking on how I am buying different kinds of digital content - if someone said me 5 years ago that I´d do that, I wouldn´t believe, lol. But, indeed, getting digital content is being cheaper and more practical than getting actual phisical products. So, my question is: Is it just me? Where you find deals for digital content that is NOT related to digiscrap?

What I´ve buying:
-Computer games: I use Steam, but I´ve heard that there are other places to buy them... The good thing is that Steam has already a brazilian version, so I have no taxes for buying in other countries, and don´t need to convert money to dollars.
-E-books: I haven´t bought any outside of Amazon till some weeks ago. But then, someone told me about a site called StoryBundle that was offering a good deal...

I do E-books, and just bought some conference videos.

My husband buys all his games on steam.

I buy ebooks and DVDs from Interweave online ... I prefer the online ebooks because I don't have to pay shipping. Shipping is a big issue right now in Canada when ordering anything that has to be mailed...I also have a Kobo which I love love love .... www.bookbub.com brings me lots and lots of free books if anybody wants to try it. Amazon.ca has free books once in awhile as well and http://www.amazon.com/b?ie=UTF8&node=2245146011 has links to the older out of print/copywrite books, old classics etc. I also order many of my mixed media products from Amazon.ca because they have free shipping and I can purchase a lot of items not available here in Ottawa and it's delivered to my door !! This is where I purchased my photoshop elements 11 on sale as well. I've ordered woodworking tools for my hubby and a little beanie baby sock monkey for one of my grandgirls. I've never tried games, as I don't play them much, I'd rather play with my elements

We use steam for games, I download free e-books from amazon, sometimes music.

Daz 3D models to pose and make images with my other things I make. I export as png image. I try not to spend too much so I stay away from their store LOL. Spent some money on Poser but have had trouble with that program.

I don't use steam but I bought download games, too. And crochet instructions. Or printables, like diary inserts or some inchies.

Digital Content: Some video games. Some through steam, others through gog.com (good old games, lots of older computer games)
Ebooks. I love not having to physically store them. Although, we still buy a lot of the kids books in paper.
Computer Programs: Elements, Office, ecal. Not a lot of reasons to purchase outdated CD's.
Magazines: I prefer digital. I hate having to recycle all the paper when most of it is ads.
Movies: I still prefer a hard copy, but my favorites are to buy the combo pack with the dvd/bluray and the digital copy.

As far as shopping goes, I prefer online. I like knowing I can find what I need without checking a bunch of stores.

I've bought Ebooks, Music, Photoshop and other programs like ACDsee (Photo viewing), Winzip for unzipping files. I can't think of anything else but I'm sure I'm forgetting something.

When I first read the title to this post I said to myself "what else is there?" LOL

But now that I've read your post I know what you mean...

I think just music and hulu plus... sometimes a book, but I like to get those from the library mostly. My husband also uses steam for video games. But that's about it for us!

Games of course!

E-books and Magazine subscriptions