What makes you happy?

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What makes you happy?

Hi everyone.

Inspired by Marisa's post in the blog A Happy Challenge I thought we could create our own happy thread. In last few months I read few books about this subject because even though I seemed pretty happy, I was mining something, like I wasn't reaching full potential of my happiness because I was missing all those little moments in my daily life. If you feel like this I recommend for you an awesome book by Gretchen Rubin "Happiness Project". It helped me to realize what I should do in my life to pay more attention to what matters for me and how to incorporate it my already busy life.

I heard before about the #100happy days challenge but I'm hesitant to do it, because I probably forget or wan't have time to think about it and post it somewhere (i don't use instagram). And just while writing comment on Marisa's post I thought: Why not to create a happy thread in our forum and then anybody can join and post their images or layouts or write about their happy moments when they have time.

My happy moment for today is being able to watch animal photography CreativeLive Course while one of the kitties is laying on my lap and purring up a storm. This happy moment includes also entering my image to CreativeLive photo contest. I always feel hesitant and have thoughts that my images are not good enough or the quality is not good since my entry camera can't be compared to all the professional one. But I believe one day will come when I'll be able to get a better one. So I took the risk and entered smiley

I'm looking forward to read your happy moments smiley

Thanks for sharing Ania! Looking forward to seeing other people's happy moments!

What a great idea Ania! My happiest moment of the day is usually the same each day. I'm the last one to bed every night, so when I shut everything down in the house, it's dark and quiet, and I peek in to each of my kids rooms to make sure they're comfortable and covered up. The peace it brings me to see their little faces resting... Of course I never get any moments like that during the day smiley

@Tiffany, this sounds like a beautiful moment. smiley

My Happy Moments are being with My Family all together which is so rare anymore. It was just at holidays or the Birthdays but now children are growing and Family has so many outside activities and it is so hard for all to get together. As I get older I need the closeness and instead it gets further. I am lucky if I see any of them even once a year at one holiday. Even my Daughter I see very rarely when she used to come and visit almost every week. So there went my Happy Moments to Sad Moments. So Sorry. Maybe I can find more Happy Moments.

Brenda I feel you on this one. I moved far away from my family 18 years ago for money reasons. We moved back home 2 years ago and financially it's been a struggle however the joy in life outweighs the sorrow now. My kids know their grandparent and some of their cousins. We now host family events which takes the pressure off of my Mom and we make a point of spending each and every Sunday with my parents. I hope you can find a way to be closer to the ones you love the most smiley It does matter.

Yesterday was a super happy day. I´m staying too much time at home, as I´m without money to going out often and adapt the two kittens with my "old" cats is being stressful. But yesterday was a traditional and fun geeky convention from my town, the "fan day" and for the first time we had a booth for ourselves to sell stuff there. The not-so-good part was that one of the ladies that work with me and has lots of health issues had made a costume just for this event but had a health issue and couldn´t go... she tried to live home twice and twice she felt ill... But we were with her stuff there anyway... This is one of my other partners and some of our geek stuff

It´s so cool to hear our costmers say things like "you´re better in each event you go" and people organizing events through the year saying "we NEED to have you in our events" and even offering discouts to us... smiley

I think I am happiest when I am out walking in the fresh air, in the park where there is no traffic to interfere with my train of thought, surrounded by trees and plants and grass....we still have snow, got lots more last week but I know it has to come eventually ... it has been a long, long winter and we don't have the worst of it here....

Such a long winter Susan. I love walking with my dog in the woods and she is missing it right now because walking through 3 feet of snow is too hard on me. Spring where are you?

Family, especially our grand kids.

I have several things that make me happy, first of all my family, it makes me happy to see them happy, they are my #1, second of all, it makes me happy to know that people loves & enjoys my work, it makes me think that everything I've done is being worth it! smiley

I'm so happy to see everyone joining this thread.

I was working a lot last couple of weeks and totally forgot about stopping by and sharing my happiness. In last few days weather is beautiful and I enjoy walking around with my camera and taking pictures of beautiful flowers. Also past week I went to Bloedel Conservatory where I had a chance to photograph beautiful exotic birds and now I can't wait to edit those pictures and create pages with them.

Here is link to my pages from one of my Spring Photo Walks

My guinea pigs, my rabbits, my dogs. I also love nail art and getting new polishes. I get such joy from getting that elusive colour or effect.

My happy is just seeing people smile back when they see me smile at them...

@Marie, I love that to smiley In Poland (where I'm originally from) people don't do that, they just look at you like you are crazy. Since I moved to States I smile to others much more and I find myself smiling back to other people all the time. It is such a nice feeling.

Thanks for the information on the book, I have been looking on the internet for something like this, I am going to get a copy for myself and pick one up for my daughter as well.

Also cute picture, cute cat.

it makes me happy painting, i love painting, and things i have to use, like colors, i enjoit doing that at leat 30 minutes at day smiley

I recently have started to fully recover from a really bad period for me (and my unfortunate husband) and my mental health is finally starting to feel healthy again... and I've been depressed for at least 10 years now. So I live out in the mountains with the Mr., a dog and two cats and it this place has god written all over it. I'm not a religious person, but it's beautiful and especially right now, my roses are blooming and the outside smells like a madhouse of flowers and trees. smiley

@ Jessie, from your description the place you live sounds just amazing and magical.

I just met with my friend from high school. Now when I live in States and she lives in UK it is so hard find time to meet. We are both visiting our families in Poland right now. She surprised me with a phone call letting me know she is here as well! Such an amazing surprise and I can't wait to hang out with her and another mutual friend tomorrow, before she heads back to UK.

One of my favorite things to do, is to go to the flea market with my kids. You get to see so many creative and talenetd people, and items you would never see anywhere else. I just love it, and could stay there all day long!

Moments that I feel peacefully and when I make things that I like...

My happy is seeing my kids and husband smiling

I'm the happiest when I'm holding a baby, puppy or kitten.

Oh we just moved back to California and it makes me so happy. I love the sun, cool breeze and birds singing outside of our place.

Thinking about the persons in my life and thing I´m grateful for makes me happy. Also lots of colors help my mood change to more positive so creating something with colors helps me a lot to feel happy too! I like having crafting sessions with my kid so it doubles the happiness!

Hi Ania, this is a lovely idea! I have to admit I am struggling with happiness at the moment, but this has made me think that we can always find something to be happy about even when times are tough - so I shall make an effort to find something every day to celebrate happiness! I look forward to sharing some of these things with you and finding out what makes you happy!

Mandy I know how you feel. I had times when it was really hard for me to find things that make me happy. There are days when I still struggle with it but making the effort to look back at my day and find the things that made me happy helped a lot to get through the hard times

Good topic to ressurect ladies!

Some months ago (I guess three or four, but it seems ages now!) I started volunteering on a cat shelter. Working there makes me so, so, sooooo happy that I recomend volunteering on a shelter for anyone who likes animals. I made lots of new friends, the rescue cats and kitties are more than cute, and the shelter REALLY needs any kind of help to run smoothly. Sometimes, going there to pet the cats are already really useful smiley And we feel so proud when we see a cat going to its forever home. I love it!

seeing or talking to family... good food & having enough money at the end of the month... I usually run out of it long before the month does & the fact that my name isn't in the obits that morning...LOL

Sunshine on flowers, butterflies, rainbows, and any fluffy baby.

My family