What's the best hairstyle for the fall?

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What's the best hairstyle for the fall?

How are you wearing your hair for the holiday?

I wish I could do the vintage style, but my hair won't do anything but hang straight or sort of stay in a ponytail.

I also wish I could get my hair to look like this...

I always like to try different hair styles, but it depends on the occasion of course smiley I love to wear my hair straight or natural curly, my hair curls by itself and I love that about my hair, perfect for all the occasions smiley

i like everything from curls to straight, but it does depends of the occasion and weather, even though my hair straights by itself i always give it a little help by straightening it smiley

Wow, you choose a playful, sultry, and sassy style for the holidays! I am sure you will achieve this style, it will definitely look great for the holidays!

You have been blessed with 4 dimensional hair, meaning that it is perfect for all 4 seasons!

Yes, you have to determine the style by the occasion, that's the only way to be!