What's your experience on Etsy?

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Oh hey, thanks! I usually take a peek at the profile of just about everyone who favorites stuff on my page so I probably saw your profile and didn't know it was you. smiley Thanks!

I found that you spend a lot of time wokring for Etsy ...for free lol I recently just found another market called storenvy. All listings are free to make and if you sell your items through your own store front, you keep 100 percent of the sale. If you sell an item where someone buys via marketplace, you pay a percentage ...I don't think they are charging atm though. PLUS unlike etsy you can link back to other sites ...etsy won't allow this if the site also sells your product. ...worth looking into ...storenvy.com

Thanks for the information! I will have to check that out. I love Etsy, but am always looking to expand.

Same here! I'll check that out, thanks for the tip, Janae. Good luck Nicole. smiley

Thanks for the information Janae! I´ll look for it too, since I won my domain name from dear hubby and it´s sitting there with no use...

yvw Lorien smiley

I saw the page but there is very small amount of digital art, although I really like it! Thank you Janae

I love this team in Etsy, is for newbies but its very supportive!


This may be a dumb question but if you only have a total of 20MB file uploads, how do you package digital kits? I mean usually the kits I have are over 20MB files when I get them from a designer's store. How is that with Etsy?

Thank you for the information. I really want to try out Etsy when I get my first kit done, it's so much easier than applying to a shop and I like the independence of having complete control. I had some misgivings though because it doesn't seem to be the first choice for most. I applied to that Etsy support group, Daniela.

Ella Joy - what I do when I have downloads larger than 20 mb is put them into separate .ZIP folders, and upload them separately. For example if I had 40 MB of files, I'd put them in 2 zips and upload them that way. You can upload up to 5 zip files or regular files that are 20 MB at largest each.

@Kerry - Etsy isn't particularly easy. I've had a shop up for around 9 months, and it's a lot of hustle if you want to drive traffic to your shop and actually sell much, and there is a steep learning curve on how to get found in their internal search engine. You need to have a lot of listings in order to get noticed. If you just want a place to park a couple of kits and will be happy with very occasional sales, by all means, Etsy is easy. If you're trying to make any money at it, though, it is a different story, I've found. I'm actually looking at starting my own site and breaking away from Etsy a bit, as some of their policies bug me.

Thanks Jess. I have looked into Open Cart, but I haven't even owned a domain before so it seems a bit daunting.

Yeah, I'm overwhelmed with the idea of trying to get a website off the ground, to be honest, and it may or may not actually happen. However, I would like to give it a shot if it's not too expensive, as it would give me options that just don't exist on Etsy.