What's Your Favorite Animal?

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What's Your Favorite Animal?

What's your favorite animal. I'm working on some fun animal illustrations for the new year, and I've already done my favorites, so maybe I'll include yours!

My favorite animal is giraffe smiley

I love all animals but my Grandkids love dogs and horses best. It's very difficult to choose. Have you seen the movie We Bought a Zoo? I only wish smiley

Wow...We love dogs. Cats. Mice. Bears. Birds. Bunnies.

My daughter loves dogs and horses. All animals really, but those are her favourites. Oh, and sloths.

I'm smitten with kittens:)

Dogs!! smiley But you prob knew that LOL

Hippo, pig & platypus!!! smiley

I love horses and butterflies smiley

I love sloths. I got to hold a baby sloth this year. All I could do was cry.

Oh man! I'm a HUGE fan of the wart hog! It is the underappreciated "ham" of the zoo! So funny to watch! smiley

Foxes, deer, skunks & bunnies are my favorites. Lol yes I think skunks are adorable and talk about being underappreciated too smiley Everytime I smell a skunk I refer to it as "Pepé Le Pew" having been there. Where we live I see all of these critters on a very regular basis. Surprisingly even the foxes. Just wish I had my camera with me during those times.

My heart melts over moosies and otters. Our house is full of moose decor everywhere, especially at Christmas time... And otters are just so darned cute and playful, who can resist those adorable little guys?

OMG!!! I just love my lil fuzzbutt! I have a little fuzzy noodle (ferret). She's such a little clown, and she is my fav!

Mine is a Wombat, found in Australia in the wild, they are so cute I think.

dogs and koalas

Pigs are my absolute fave! Such intelligent and emotional animals, and those cute piggy noses! smiley

If I had to pick one it would be owls. But I also love cats smiley

Definitely humans. smiley But at the zoo I always like to see the otters. Pandas would be a good one for animal illustrations though.

Cats, dogs, cats, deer, cats foxes, cats, hawks, cats, eagles...did I say cats?

I love all animals.. At home with have a dog and a parrot(Max), who is very attached to us. I don"t rise any more because Max would be to sad that we are no more there ( that will be a problem when we will be both dead)......for the wild animals, I would say birds, pandas(red and white-black),hippopotamus,

Great ideas everyone!!

@Melody: That sounds amazing!!

I love sloths. I got to hold a baby sloth this year. All I could do was cry.

@Jessica: Did you know some people have pet skunks? They're only allowed in certain states, but they sound like fun pets!

My kids favorites are penguins, giraffes, and turtles.

CATS!!!! Cats and more cats smiley smiley

I love random zoo animals, like meerkats, penguins, capybaras, gibbons!


Definitely horses & dogs (especially working dogs - Australian Kelpie, Australian Cattle Dog, Koolie, Border Collie), I also love goats.

Your answer made me smile. We love our new puppy who is another version of the cattle dogs---Mini American Shepherd.

Dogs and cats, elephants, lions, tigers, rhinos, hippos, flamingos, blue herons, cockateels, chickadees, cardinals, CROWS ... did I say crows?, kangaroos, koalas, parrots

Horses, barn owls and lynxes smiley

I just googled Mini American Shepherd - they are gorgeous dogs.