What's Your Favorite Animal?

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The snow leopard is a new fav!

For illustrations I like foxes and rabbits.

I love cats and birds, but most I love dragonflies! Always looking for kits with those animals!

Owls, Foxes, Horses

I also love hummingbirds and dragonflies (if these count as animals) smiley

I love giraffes, flamingos & dolphins — but then again, I love most animals! 😃

Horses, by far. Palaminos are really pretty.
My kids love birds though.

Dogs and Meerkats are my favourite but I have a soft spot for most animals except Snakes which I have a phobia of (but I'm slowly getting better) and spiders.

Flamingo smiley

Basically anything cute hahahaha! My faves are cats, deer, rabbits, & foxes. Dogs....depends on the dog lol

My favorite animal is a ring-tailed lemur, and my second favorite is a red panda. I have a lot of favorites, though, lol.

I love dogs we have 2 maltese shitzus, I adore cats but sadly am allergic.

rabbits, horses, hummingbirds

real and fantasy: these are the most used or followed by what would be used the most if there were good ones:

butterflies, hummingbirds, owls, dragons (not cutesy ones, there is a real shortage in the scrapbook world), squirrels, bunnies, chickens, birds, horses, peacock, otter, giraffe, goat. ...

I grew with cats in my family and I detest dogs. My husband grew up with dogs and he is allergic to cats. So sadly we are unable to have any pets!!!!

A french bulldog.... I would really love to have one but cant afford to buy a pup.... I still adore them tho smiley

Oh! This is fun question! How many can say they love ALL animals? I do have a few favorites... Giraffes are my #1 favorite animal. I have a good friend from South Africa and I would love to travel there with her someday. I have seen pics of giraffes with their head and neck stretched into the dinning area of a restaurant and into the living area. I would not be able to contain my excitement! I love their eye lashes! Next, cats. I used to tell people I was part cat. Sometimes I still tell kids. They believe my story, when I was a small child I was very, very sick and to save my life they had to mix my DNA with cat DNA. Now, I'm part cat. Kids are always amazed and think it's really cool. I get a good laugh out of it.

Our dogs have been a golden retriever, a chow chow and now we only have a border collie. We did have four guinea pigs but hubby was allergic and my skin started getting red and itchy. At the zoo though, I like the penguins and giraffes.

Kate, we have drive through "safari" in the next state, that we visited, back in 2005. I have pictures somewhere of the giraffe sticking its head into the car window. My father-in-law still brings up that day. I was feeding the giraffe carrots and his long purple tongue would wrap around it and suck it into its mouth. It was amazing.

Giraffe Inside the Car

I love all kinds of animals but I have two hairless Chinese Crested dogs. I have attempted to draw them but have not been successful. If you could doodle a couple I'd be eternally grateful. smiley

@Katherine Neilley, That is the coolest thing!! I so want to go there.

@Katherine!!!! Oh!! I would love to experience that!!

If you're ever in the area... https://www.africansafariwildlifepark.com/

@Katherine, the park looks like so much fun! I've never been to Northern OH. I have wanted to visit Cleveland for a while now. There is a church there that I want to visit.

yellow lab smiley

I love Yorkshire Terriers, they're my favourites.