What's Your Favorite Animal?

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CATS !! ( or for wild animals i would have to go for elephants ) ..

Of course my dog would be hurt if I said anything else but him.. *L*.
but my close second is a manatee

I love dogs....specifically my girl, Sadie!!

My favorite animal is my Ollie. He is the best cat in the whole world. He keeps me company and he loves me.

Awww! That was my late cat, Gracie! I still miss her.

I love Wombats and Sloths!

I LOVE penguins

Cats... all cats. Domestic, wild, big, small, mountain, African...lol. We have 3 and I keep wanting to bring more home but one of our cats (my daughter's cat) is horribly mean and nasty and still hasn't accepted the last kitten we adopted a year ago. But the day my daughter moves out I'll be at the shelter scouting for more lol

For sure Cats. As long as I know we had cats in the house and when I went living on my own I took one cat with me.
My boyfriend ( now my husband ) didn't want to know anything about cats because he was raised with dogs.
But when he saw a baby cat he was in love with it.
So that's when we started looking for a little cat and now we have 4 walking in the house.

KuneKune pigs are my favorite.... and I have some on my homestead.

Otter or snow leopards or of course a bunny

For domestic animals, it's cats (we have 3 of them.) I'm also fond of dogs & horses.

For wild animals, tigers.

@Esther, we used to have a Bengal! She was crazy! She was an F7, so only 7 generations removed from the Asian Leopard. She was beautiful.

Otters! They are so darling. I just learned some otters will give rocks that are like our engagement rings.