What's your favorite food?

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I *love* dark chocolate. I used to love all chocolates, but my lactose-intolerance has gotten worse the older I get, so when I finally realized it was the milk in milk chocolate making me sick, I switched to dark, and haven't looked back! LOL
Other than that, I don't really think I have a favorite food. I like all kinds! ... as long as it doesn't have anything I'm allergic to. smiley

I love food and cooking and trying new things. Eating food from different countries. I am not a big sweet tooth but my kids love to make all kinds of cupcakes. And I think Apple sauce is the same as Dutch Appelmoes. I have a cookbook from Australia and I was surprised that many things are the same as some Dutch recipes. My familiy love food from all over the world but I think French and Italian are the most popular. And I love mussels the Belgian way but I can't have them anymore because I am allergic. And we are eating a lot Indonesian food like (my mothers) Bami. October is my son's favorite month because then we can eat vegetarian pumpkin soup.

I could go on and on about food smiley

I love seafood! And if it's Italian I'm in heaven! I love to cook too! Unfortunately, my husband is a meat/potatoes guy - no casseroles, nothing with cheese or sauces cooked into it. He is straight 1 meat, 1 vegetable, 1 bread - and no fancying things up! Luckily, my sis is like me so we get together and have girls night to cook the things that our husbands won't eat - and we let them fend for themselves that night!

I made about 56 pints of applesauce this year for my grandson. Apples and pork do go together wonderfully and reading these posts have made me hungry!

It's hard to pick just one favorite food... love lasagna, and most Italian dishes, also Mexican. Enjoy a good steak and potatoes meal. Didn't like fried chicken when I was growing up, mostly because my older sister did a lot of the cooking because my mother worked, and she seemed to always start cooking late, and had the heat turned on too high, and the outside was burnt and the inside was undercooked... so that turned me off of chicken for years. I hate seafood of any kind, and don't care for most vegetables or fruit. Love a good bowl of chili or potato soup on a cold winters day. Grilled cheese sandwich is one of my favorite go to foods when I'm not feeling well or just want something quick and easy. Loved my grandmothers cinnamon rolls...every one in the family always knew when she was making them and showed up at her house. Others in the family tried to make them, but no one came close to the way my grandmother made them, even using her recipe.

My favourite food of all time is definetly Jigg's Dinner. It's a Newfoundland meal that is beyond superb!!

After that, I have taken a liking to Quinoa and also dhaal lately. smiley

@Marlene: What's Jigg's Dinner?

It's an awesome traditional meal in Newfoundland, where I am. It's similar to a New England boiled dinner, but not quite. The New England boiled dinner likely came from Newfoundlanders relocating to the area, and then not being able to find all the ingredients, it evolved. In Newfoundland, it's still a Jigg's Dinner, though it varies all over the island as to what it includes.

It usually consists of a roasted meat, or poultry, as one portion of it, and then there is the boiled part, which is salted beef, cabbage, carrots, turnip, potatoes,and sometimes bread or peas pudding, and sometimes raisin pudding. It's really really good, and if you are interested, here is a link:

Jiggs Dinner

This one is not quite the same as the one I make, but similar enough. It takes a LOT of work, but is so worth it. smiley

I like to eat lots of different things esp chocolate and strawberrys. Unfortunately most of my favourite foods have just become taboo for me as I have developed a lot of intolerences to all sorts of things. I am hungry just reading about all these yummy sounding foods. I make my sheppards pie a bit different again I use beef mince and often add some veggies ( diced carrot, corn peas) in a gravy style sauce then add a layer of sliced tomatos, mashed potato and a sprinkle of cheese on top like my mum used to make.

@Marlene: Thanks! I'm going to check that out! smiley

Don't have a favorite I just love to eat!!

My favorite foods are rice, pastas, and fruit. I don't eat much meat. I have 2 dishes that I make with meat, 1. wieners and sauerkraut with mash potatoes & peas (I don't eat potatoes or peas except in these two dishes) 2. fried hamburger, peas, & tomato soup cook together served with mash potatoes. I just started going to this Thai place and I'm hooked.
I also have 2 oatmeal cookies everyday with peanut butter on them. I live off of my home made chicken soup.

I love just about any kind of food. I just found out a little over a month ago that I have to be gluten free, so it is a whole new eating challenge.

Really, i love chocolate,especially when I'm sad or disappointed about something

Cherries! Love them - only fresh one though. I really enjoy seafood (I think most people that live in NZ do!), Cheeses, greek food and good old traditional NZ cooking (roasts, casseroles...).

Well, I eat everything and a love to try new flavours but if I had to choose, I would definitely say pastas (of any kind, any shape and in all combinations he,he,he..), risotos (mushroom risotos are my favourite) and of course souvlaki!!!

I'm a southern gal and was raised on a farm. My family also ran a café that featured good home cooking, southern style. I love country fried chicken, mashed potatoes, fresh cooked green beans or peas, cole slaw, beets, almost any kind of cooked greens, sweet potatoes. I also love French fries and sweet potato fries.

I have been lucky enough to live in many places and have had the opportunity to enjoy food from numerous countries. I can honestly say I love it all.

But I am not crazy about Brussels spouts nor uncooked cottage cheese, but will eat them both. I have lots of food allergies and have had to give up too many yummy foods including bananas, and b. pudding, b. bread; pineapple, peaches, coconut, all pork and pork products and the list goes on. But I LOVE FOOD.

Anita, I would fit in nicely if that is the typical food choices.

Mary, sorry to hear that you need to be gluten free, but I understand that it is very doable. Good luck in overcoming you new challenge. I loved making a game out of learning new foods, maybe that will help you.

Are any other members of your family restricted to gluten free?

Wenjoy, that sound delicious.

Growing up one of my families favorite was okra soup served with rice. Mom would add fresh okra, tomatoes, potatoes, carrots, green peas, corn, and sometimes green beans all from our garden or from soup base that Mom canned (everything except frozen okra and fresh potatoes).

I love making applesauce in my pressure cooker. My sis taught me how to do it safely. We freeze it instead of canning it. It is wonderful year round and all the grandchildren love it.

Anything Northern Italian!!

My favorite food is Seafood all kinds I can eat shrimp,lobster,crabs from soft shell to alaska and lately because money is tight I've taken to recreating the foods I see on commercials I figure just because I can't get to the actual restaurant doesn't mean I have to miss out on something really good so I recreate all those lovely dishes from Asian to Greek

A big plate of french fries, with melted swiss cheese (or cheddar and mozzarella) and country gravy poured over it!

A taco fried in the skillet...on a corn tortilla with mozzarella cheese, veggie taco crumbles, pinto beans, salsa, sour cream, sliced avocado, baby spinach, lettuce, any kind of green toppings like that...

Eggs and hashbrowns with biscuits...


Deserts: Choc chip cookies. Blueberry coffee cake.

TEA!!!! smiley

Annnnnd I simply looooooove to cook and bake! x

I just ate pasta with homemade sauce - definitely one of my favs. I keep the sauce very simple using tomatoes, garlic, onions and basil - and that's really about it. If the tomatoes are excellent quality, the simplicity works.

Peanut butter pie is at the top of the list for indulgences. And I can eat vast quantities of cherimoyas when I can find them.

For some reason...panzerottis, coffee, caesar salad (hold the caesar dressing) with oil and vinegar with a dash of salt and pepper

Anything chocolate, anything pasta, gnocchi, chicken fajitas and mint chocolate ice cream.

I Love Chicken Fajitas! Oh my goodness I'm going to have to make them sometime soon now. smiley

Jennifer, what are cherimoyas? Don't think I've ever heard of them but I live in the deep south (USA) in a small town so lots of thinks out there I never heard of , LOL!

Patricia, they are so yummy! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cherimoya A little hard to describe, and they need to be ripe - when they are, it kind of tastes like a sweet strawberry custard. They are pretty much impossible to find close to me, but they occasionally have them at Whole Foods in Toronto. I always look when I go into the city.

Sounds yummy!